Jim Bellino Wants To Set The Record Straight

On tonight’s Real Housewives of Orange County, Peggy apparently says some things that Jim Bellino doesn’t like. Also, he seems pretty angry at some reality bloggers. So much so that he has already put up a blog dated February 15, 2012 (he corrected the date during this writing) to refute both the claims by Peggy and by bloggers. Until he tweeted his blog I never knew anyone was even talking about him. For those who pay even less attention than I do to RHOC, Jim is the “super religious” half of the “super religious” couple and is married to Alexis. At the end of last season Alexis found out at the reunion that Jim had been with Peggy in the biblical sense before he married Alexis. Apparently, this never came up in conversation.  Peggy is only in the first few episodes and apparently jumped ship after realizing she was getting the jealous old girlfriend edit. So tonight, Jim feels the need to deny a lot of allegations about that and some of his business deals AND he even produces a birth certificate to dispute allegations he had a name change. In a previous blog he made a subtle reference to Russell Armstrong writing, “Yes, I chose to be on a reality show, but I did not choose to be crucified, and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to drive me to my grave.”  He’s not even ON the show anymore and he is already making noise like he is going to be the next Bravolebrity driven over the edge. Might want to let Jesus take the wheel, Jimbo.  I can just imagine the type of Valentine’s Day Alexis is having with Jim admitting to being on his tenth rewrite of the blog entry.


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  1. I'll say this, as quoted from his blog: "In going through recent Internet searches for my name, I have found stories that have shocked and awed me—I have unveiled preposterous claims."There's your first problem Jim, you were SEARCHING for yourself online. What did you think you were going to find? Jesus and his loving angels singing your praises?If you didn't think that people who don't like you wouldn't go out of their way to make up stuff about you then you need to wake up to the real world. Keep the faith Jim, because I don't see it getting much better, especially when you wife doesn't act very "Christlike" on TV.Peace

  2. vp

    I've never heard any of the rumors he says he found. That being said, every time Tamra, Peggy or Vicki start in on Jim, who has been off screen for most of the show, I think it makes them sound unbearably shrill and ornery. They turn into 80 year old women before my eyes.

  3. Tamara, this is off topic as hell, but can you explain something–On RHOA, Phaedra brought Marlo into the fold on one of the earlier episodes as one of her friends from the gym. But now Phaedra is acting as if she doesn't know/like Marlo. When just earlier in the season she was saying she likes her. Was the way Marlo was brought in just a whole thing made up by the producers?

  4. And does Phaedra, as an attorney with access LexisNexis, WestLaw and GA records, really expect us to believe she did not know about Marlo's charges before Kandi pulled them up on the blogs?

  5. Anon, it IS off topic, and I would have gotten it just as fast under a Marlo post. :) Yes, Phaedra introduced her just for the show. Phaedra did not know her from Adam until she was recruited. There is a whole post around here explaining that the girls chose Marlo over someone else. It's called Nene Leakes Seems Oddly Angry with Phaedra and Sheree. Link on right of the screen.Also Phaedra is very friendly with ATLien of Straight from the A, the blogger who posted the mugshots. She would have known way before Kandi. Kandi showing the site to Phaedra was a made for TV moment. :)

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