Whitney Houston and Ray J Together Until She Died?

Apparently, I am the last person on earth to know that Ray J (of Kim Kardashian golden shower fame) and Whitney Houston have been hooking up for years. Ray J was recently  interviewed by Kevin Frazier on The Insider about his relationship with Whitney and his past relationship with Kim Kardashian while on a book tour for Death of a Cheating Man. Kevin asks all the questions you would want to know about his intimacy level with Whitney and how the infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian was released.  I guess I have been living under a rock since 2008 or so because I had no idea that Ray J was with Whitney when he was filming that deplorable For the Love of Ray J show.

Ray J was not with Whitney the day she died. It was his sister Brandy’s birthday and he was hanging out and partying with her. I read the reports that he ran to the hotel room as soon as he heard but was not allowed in because the police had secured the scene. When I read it, I was probably the only person in the world who wondered what the hell he was doing there. There is a seventeen year age difference and and she was A list and he falls on the D list somewhere well below Kathy Griffin.  In case you too have been living under a rock, there are some pictures of Ray J and Whitney below the jump. 

A couple of pictures from a night out in 2008:

Whitney and Ray J Summer of 2008

Whitney and Ray J Summer of 2008
Whitney and Ray J out to dinner in LA
February 3, 2012

I’m sure I must have heard about it, but it didn’t seem particularly newsworthy at the time?


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10 responses to “Whitney Houston and Ray J Together Until She Died?

  1. Guess I'm under the rock that is UNDER your rock – cause I didn't know either … and I didn't know who he was!! ROFLMA

  2. I knew about the…."special" relationship between those two (my guess is cut buddies) but I didnt know it was going on for that long. Ray had just broken up with a long time girlfriend when he stated those Love of Ray J shows, so I guess he cheated on her with Whitney?? Who knows. I think Ray was giving Whitney the D, and also leeching off her fame to get pics with her. As well as being a horrible friend/lover/whatever, because who takes an addict to a bar or club??

  3. Ray J and Whitney had a great friendship, for many years. I don't believe he has to leech off of anything Whitney. He comes from a family, who earned their money and who are a very hard working family. His mother is his and brandy's manager and have been, from the begining. His parent are very intelligent and well known in our community. He didn't take Whitney to the bar, he met her their.

  4. Wow, hey Ray J's mama!! Nice of you to join us here on the blog to defend your baby! (If you watched Brandy and Ray J's reality show, you know mama Sonya would do this..)

  5. vp

    (of Kim Kardashian golden shower fame) Wha…? Was there actual, gulp, confirmation of this? Ray's mama, is this how you raised your boy???I wonder what the chicks over at RHOBH think about this, some claim to know Kim K and fam…I mean, if Kyle got so pissy (intended) about one of Brandi's sons peeing in the grass…

  6. lolololol @ vp you mean other than the video that brought the whole Kardashian plague upon us?

  7. I am not Ray J mother at all. I have known the Norwood family. If you watch Brandy and Ray j reality show, you would know that Sonya would never hide who she is.

  8. Ray J is the dumbest ass!Good Lord

  9. Oh, my bad. Hey Brandy….

  10. Oh my Lord, is he retarded? Son must be the least eloquent adult I've had a displeasure of listening to in a looong time.

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