How Much Does Nene Leakes Make On Glee?

I know some of you have been wondering how much Nene Leakes gets paid to be on Glee? It’s been a hot minute since my last Nene Leakes post so here we go again! Part of the reason I am posting so much about Nene lately is that I have great west coast sources. I know the Nene fanatics think she is getting rich off her Glee episodes. My theory was that she was just happy for the exposure more than the pay. That said, a source told me today that she is making $7,260 per episode plus airfare, accommodations, etc. That is SAG scale pay, or minimum wage. Another source previously told me that she had no outrageous riders on her Glee contract and made no diva demands. That is a little bit surprising, but Nene does not really have any credentials to bargain with as a serious actress so it makes sense that she start on the first rung of the ladder. It was smart of her to snap that pay up and not try to negotiate. Also, she makes $10,000 per episode of RHOA so that seems about right. She was paid $4,538 for her appearance on The Game because it is a half-hour show. Also, if you recall I reported that Nene brought in $16,000 for her role on The Apprentice which would have been two weeks and a couple days at that time. As a side note, that is the approximate amount Teresa Giudice will be paid on the upcoming season of The Apprentice.  No one is getting rich off of that “Trump check”. In fact, many celebrities opt to donate that paycheck to the charity they are raising funds for on the show. So now we know the latest tea on Nene’s income.

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20 responses to “How Much Does Nene Leakes Make On Glee?

  1. I thought Nene would have made a lot more from Glee. But I agree it is good exposure. I just hope she knows to save her money, fame won't last forever.NJB

  2. I'm not Nene's biggest fan, but those numbers you are quoting for Nene's Glee appearance are really low, I mean really low. I have a friend in the business that makes more for one line gigs than what you are attributing to Nene's income. Check your source Boo.

  3. Josie, you sound like a hood rat….BOO. Who are these "friends" you speak of, Marlow? Those 1-liners are promises they're making to old men (selling part of their soul). You're an idiot and have no clue what "scale actors" like nobodies like Nene make on big shows. You sound like you're building a house next to Chateau Shereé. And if you're asking who gonna check me? The answer is me Boo boo! So when your at Chick-fil-a eating dinner, remember this, Nene made $7260, more than you made in fiscal 2010-11! Oh shit! I'm assuming that you know the definition of fiscal, my bad.

  4. vp

    Nene is doin' good!I think she knows she's hot shit in Atlanta, but LA she has to warm up to, so she checks herself. She's a smart lady.

  5. @ Anon 9:37, Josie is either uninformed or misinformed about what is or isn't "standard/scale" pay but perhaps her friend has exaggerated how much money he/she receives from his/her one-liners. At any rate was it necessary to be so rude and condescending towards her? In one breathe you're referring to Josie as sounding like a hoodrat because she used the term "Boo" but then you turn around and leave no doubt that at minimum you're not a very nice person by attempting to put Josie down, insinuating she's ignorant and impoverished. I can't see why Josie's post would elicit such a visceral and base response from you? Did being mean via the internet make you feel as if you'd accomplished something positive for the day? Perhaps you should try this little trick when you think of doing a mean & totally unwarranted thing wait 24 hrs. then if it still seems like the correct course of action, by all means proceed. If not go pray, read a book, take a long luxurious bath, whatever but don't attack strangers via the internet just because. Anon 9:37 it just wasn't a very nice or adult thing to do, shame on you. And please don't don't "come for me" now, :). Any negative or adverse comments from you will just be taken on my part…As well now I've been told and yes, you checked me, :( but I will not engage in an online argument with anyone. I just believe we could benefit from being a little more enlightened in our interactions with one another. No need to be mean to a stranger.

  6. In all sincerity, I never took NeNe's Trump Check comment for honest to gawd's truth: I just saw it as hyperbole so that she could get in the hot one-line zinger during her Tv argument with Sheree. Never believed that she made that much money given the premise of the Celebrity Apprentice show, but the comment did make for the memorable "NeNe-ism" of this RHoA season…and I imagine that possibly could have been her real intention all along.

  7. Anon 2:15, I think Josie opened the door for some get back after riding in here question my sources. To me it read like one of my sources coming in to set the record straight. And lord knows, I don't hold back on the drama here. The whole purpose of the post was more than to just get into Nene's pocketbook and look around. I had access to the figures and thought it would surprise some people who think that Glee pays guest stars a ton of money. One of the reasons I was so impressed with Nene getting the part was because so many established stars beg and plead to do Glee. Especially, when it first started. They are not doing it for the money, they do it to get themselves out there on a hit TV show in a prime age demographic. And trust me when I tell you, Josie, that my sources are PRIMARY sources, not second-hand information based on what somebody's cousin Darrell made on an over-five part on the Young and the Restless, boo.

  8. Nene is not rich off of "Trump checks", but she is getting there through Trump connections. I think we all knew Nene wasn't rich, but I took it as her dealings with Trump was making her rich.

  9. nene will never be rich she spends to much on designer clothes and shoes, nene and marlo will be on government checks, living in subsidized apartment when they get old

  10. In the beginning NeNe wasnt into fashion like she is now, she was photgraphed at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, I just hope designers are sending her clothing and she is not spending much of her money on this stuff. Otherwise she is no different than Sheree…spending money she doesnt have trying to impress people she dont know or that dont care anything about her

  11. Sorry if this is a repeat question. What happen to NeNe's interview job – on Fox 5 maybe… I'm new to this sight and have read 90% of it but nothing about this.

  12. I love NeNe because she is real. Her only down fall is that foul mouth. She need to stop cursing!!!! Nene please ignore the haters!! Keep doing what you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. According to Celebrity Net Worth NeNe Leakes makes $750,000 per season on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the top money maker of all The Real Housewives franchises. I do not know how much that works out per episode, and reports are she will make $1 million for the next season of RHOA which she says will be her last. The producers MUST make a ton of money in ad revenue to justify that kind of salary.

    • Does your last line give you any insight at all to the validity of “Celebrity Net Worth”? Perhaps a tiny inkling? I’m just curious. Do you read a lot of Media Fake Out stories, too?

  14. -brad

    NeNe is awesome!

  15. sqeakyvoice1961

    I love NeNe she is the most relevant housewife on tv. As long as she is on the show I’ll be watching . Anytime I here she’s on a show I make sure I watch it . Because i can’t wait to here what she going to say. She give it to you, all the emotions, sad, shockness, laughters, upset, crying and awh-ha moments. Especially all the lol, and shouting because I have gotten into the show a little bit, but I love it. She’s so damn REAL, its ashame. Stay kool NeNe, KEEP STAYING TRUE TO YOURSELF. I don’t have cable now I lost my job of 16 years, 10 months ago, and I had to cut back on some things , but my family knows that I love me some NeNe. So , some family member record the show. Or I go to other family members house to watch the Housewives of Atlanta my favorite. One more thing It’s rude and disrespectful to count another persons money. And its irresponsible and ignorant to talk negative about someone especially on a public forum that you don’t know.

  16. I had too to much of that Nene an more God please tell Nene to go away ….. Far away . Please,LoL !!!

  17. Glory in jersey

    Mrs. Leakes will run her course and then it will end. Hopefully she is putting away the money she’s making. I’m not being mean, it’s just the way it goes. In a couple of years there will be a new “nene” to take the old nenes place. People are always looking for better or newer. Unless you’re an Angelina Jolie-Pitt or brad Pitt or bill Cosby or a great actor, you will be put out to pasture.

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