Nene Leakes on Glee, What Happened to Her Hello Kitty?

So what did y’all think of Nene’s performance on Glee tonight? I thought she was good. However, it seems that the scenes were shot several times from the front and the back and many of Nene’s lines were spoken from angles where we could not see her mouth moving. This means she did lots of voice overs.  Also, in the advertisement for the show, Nene says to Sue regarding her pregnancy dream, “with whose Hello Kitty?” yet on the actual episode tonight she said, “with whose vagina?”.  I wonder what caused that edit?  All I can imagine is that Sanrio threatened legal action against the show after viewing the promo? So that explains at least part of the obvious voice overs and awkward editing.  It is weird that the version with “Hello Kitty” is still running on the website. We will probably never know what happened there. So what is your opinion of Nene’s performance tonight and why do you think the Hello Kitty reference was pulled at the last minute?
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Because I saw these and these and wasted time watching them. I felt compelled to share.


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15 responses to “Nene Leakes on Glee, What Happened to Her Hello Kitty?

  1. Can you honestly tell me how do you know that there were voice overs? Were you there? You and your speculations. Lol

  2. It is possible that the scene was shot twice. One scene using the exact script and the other scene with Nene improvising. The one with the "Hello Kitty" is funny. It also targets RHOA viewers for advertising purposes. The fact is Glee is trying to pull in viewers that would not ordinarily watch the show. A lot of the polular shows on Fox are suffering in ratings. I wonder if Nene has already moved to LA. I noticed on the web that she had her younger son with her.

  3. Of course the scene was shot multiple times. They always are and sometimes they use a whole take and sometimes they splice a bit. The editing on the scene with the cheerleaders was very choppy with obvious voice overs. In the version they used on the promo, which was hysterical btw, Nene's mouth is shown when she says the Hello Kitty part. They liked it well enough to put it in a promo and then voiced it over for the broadcast? Very odd. Sanrio must have come after them. The weird thing is they have had loads of procduct placement for Hello Kitty before. I was sad they cut the best part!

  4. Okay new theory, (she says to herself) I did some googling and there was a blog or two that didn't understand the Hello Kitty reference in the promo. Apparently these bloggers thought that Roz was asking who Hello Kitty was. Actually, I think it was just WetPaint and then other blogs stole their blog and reposted it. Clearly the Hello Kitty comment was an ad lib because Nene says it all the time. Perhaps after some reaction to the promo they thought the joke was too "insider" to the RHOA fans and no one else would get it? /end soliloquy

  5. I thought she did a good job. I was so waiting for the "Hello Kitty" and was let down when she said vagina. And I too believe it was changed because of a threat to be sued.

  6. I think that is funny that the mainstream viewer wouldn't know what "Hello Kitty" was!! ROFLMAO … but yeah, I think that Sanrio prob nixed that – since Hello Kitty is supposed to be a wholesome product … LOL I thought the previews were funny too. I don't watch GLEE, so didn't know they'd changed anything.I'm rooting for her though … it would be cool if she crossed over to primetime – and left RHOA. Now, if they'd get rid of The Felon, and recast RHOA it might bring new life to RHOA.

  7. Guess there's something wrong with my sense of humor because I don't find NeNe calling her vagina "Hello Kitty" funny at all. Then again, I haven't found NeNe to be that entertaining for a while.

  8. I don't know why I think it is hysterical. I just do. I saw the scene on WW this morning, they showed her mouth saying Hello Kitty but voiced it over with the vagina version. I also don't know why this is bothering me so much. I MUST know why they did that! :)

  9. Ivy

    I wonder how many times she had to say "vagina" for the voice over LOL!

  10. See? Ivy understands me. I wonder about these things. I think vagina was in the script, and nene did an ab lib version with hello kitty. Then FOR A REAL I MUST KNOW they edited it with a voice over. Because I can't see them asking Nene to do pick-ups just saying vagina. Though it is a funny image.

  11. One viewer asked, if Nene's son is here in L.A with her. I saw a picture with her, son and Greg attending a a fund raiser event together. I think him and Greg go's back and forth.

  12. Nene still "lives" here, but she travels so much it's hard to call anywhere home. He tapings for Glee are usually 4-5 day trips although the first one she went early for acting class and for this one she went to San Fran? (i think) first for a charity event. The woman is pretty much always booked. And she and Gregg are still together.

  13. i think she's great on the show. and i'm just guessing that the hello kitty was in the promo's to be commercial friendly, and was never going to be in the actual show, being that you can't run a commercial with that kind of language. i just figured that they wanted to use the line, yet keep the vagina part out of it. but that's just my opinion.

  14. Well that logic really diminishes my big conspiracy theory! But then again running it at the end of the show is a commercial and all the glee commercials are during nighttime. AND Wendy Williams played the vagina version this morning…Plot thickens.

  15. When she said that Sue was as old a a hill, I hit the floor!!!

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