Russell Armstrong’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out

I’ll probably regret this post as I am actively avoiding the Taylor Armstrong Circus,  but I ran across this series of comments on a Perez Hilton post by someone named “Just Kelly”.  They were posted on January 26th around midnight. They seem to read true to me. At least her truth as she knows it. I know y’all are interested and tweeting away about her book promotions today, so here they are without  commentary…

Update: I’ve gotten a couple of emails saying that Kelly did in fact date Russell. I believe it.

Finally someone is speaking the truth… Thank You. I never believed for a minute the insane allegations she made about him or the abuse. I have voiced that many times and never backed down, no matter what the backlash was that came my way….I knew she was full of it, and held my ground. How do I know this? Because I lived with Russell for the year prior to him meeting Taylor….When I left him and and moved back to Texas after I caught him with another woman that was it for me. Russ loved the ladies…Granted, he did his best to get me back, and even flew to Dallas to attend a charity event with me in hopes I would return back to LA with him…I refused. Two months later he called and told me he had met someone and I was happy for him. Any intimate feelings I had for him were gone, but I did wish him the best. Another month past and I received a call letting me know she was pregnant…I again, wished him well… con’t
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Now, let’s look at the facts, you are going to tell me he broke her jaw, beat her so violently on numerous occasions that she couldn’t function, yet never left a bruise? IN 6 YEARS! ~ No way. His son’s never witnessed it, the camera crews never witnessed it, nor did ANYONE else. Even those living under the same roof. And let’s not forget, there were never any police reports or medical records to substantiate her claims. Sure, she has her “Bruised eye photo’s”, but I find it funny how the media never shed light on the lasik surgery she had at the same time (early July) the photo’s surfaced. Google “Lasik Surgery Bruising” and your mouth will drop, the images are identical to what she claims to be abuse from Russell and what we saw at the “therapy session” at SUR. Let’s not forget, it was only when she was being questioned about the abuse that she showed up with the bruise. After 6 years of him never leaving a mark on her body and being turned away from Kyles party for accusations of abuse you honestly think he went home and gave her a left hook to the face? Come on people, open your eyes !

Understand, he loved being a Dad. When it came to his children he was an outstanding Father. They never wanted for anything and due to the circumstances with the Mothers of his boys we had them every other weekend. During those visits, the boys had free reign to eat whatever they wanted and were spoiled rotten…. When I heard her state that he “Grabbed her by the neck, LIFTED her up against the wall and told her he would kill her if she ever served his children a meal without a vegetable” actually made me laugh out loud. All 5’9″ of him? ha.. So, that is complete and utter BS. Taylor is not a petite woman… con’t

Look, I will be the first to admit he was no angel. He loved to live the jet-set lifestyle and never settled for anything but the best. But, he was not physically abusive in any way, shape or form to me. Our relationship was tumultuous, and we had some over the top arguments, but he NEVER raised a hand to me…. I gotta give it to her though, the woman is good, very good. When it comes to manipulation and trying to keep the focus on her as much as possible she wrote the book (no pun intended). I feel she is a sociopath that will stop at nothing to get what she wants. That is the scariest part of it all… con’t

Yes, she is a documented con artist, a fraud and actually presented herself as an heir to the Ford Motorcar family to gain investments from numerous well to do Florida businessmen. Which is all documented and she is in litigation for at this very moment…In regards to the show, last April I had business dealings in LA. I adore Lisa and decided to have lunch at Villa Blanca. She was there. She came over to the table and I of course, gushed about how wonderful she was and let her know I was Russell’s ex. She asked me point blank “Did he abuse you as well?” That totally caught me off guard…I said,”What? Russell? No… He could be an ass, but he never abused me physically if that is what your asking” I was completely taken aback, and realized at that moment what was about to take place…It was a horrible feeling…con’t

When the season began and I watched it all unfold, I was disgusted. Yes, her cast mates had a storyline to keep viewers interested and ratings soared. Now, they don’t. So their true feeling are beginning to surface. I applaud Camille for calling her out and as soon as I saw the limo ride where he said “What she (Camille)is saying is an out and out LIE”, I knew he was being truthful. Taylor was a deer in headlights and could not get Russ out of there quick enough when Kyle said “Camille was only repeating what Taylor has told all of us”. He was floored… My heart broke for him because he didn’t deserve it. We are talking about a man that knew the legal system like the back of his hand. He had been sued more times than you could shake a stick at…He NEVER would have threatened a law suit against Camille unless he knew, without a shadow of a doubt he would win…Problem was, he didn’t know it was his wife that was filling these women’s heads with lies and stories to gain attention for her own selfish motives….con’t

I have watched the reunion previews and one image stays in my mind. There is a part where Andy asks her about the suicide and makes reference to him possibly being murdered. (Something I have felt and even stated). The grin she displays on her face, gave me the chills. When someone hangs themselves they are not bruised down one side of their body, much less, able to touch the floor, which Russ was able to do…Then we can go back to the Dr.Phil interview where he asked her about a life insurance policy and you physically see her body language change. Her comment after that was “He said we would be taken care of if he passed away” and Dr.Phil said “Were you” and you could then hear the anger in her voice when she responded “No”. It was beyond disturbing… Her story does not add up, her lies outweigh her truths and my suggestion to anyone associated with her would be to run as far away from her as possible. She is dangerous and in my opinion, evil walking. I could go on for days with facts, photographs and more proving this woman “Shana Hughes” is a ticking time bomb. I am just grateful someone finally spoke up in their inner circle to show her true colors… Rest in Peace Russ, you will be justified.


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  1. Great find. I am staying away from tweeting Taylor directly or retweeting if she is captured as @taylorarmstrong versus just her name. I so despise her for her lies and inconsistencies. I have lost a loved one to DV and can't stand her abusing that cause just to get her hands on money for her greedy self centered lifestyle. I do believe she is a sociopath and just in case she is unstable enough to cause herself harm (although don't believe she is capable of that, others yes, herself no) I stay away from a direct frontal attack.I figure if she goes searching for comments not in her TL then she deserves what she gets. She is doing great harm to innocent kids and I can't sit back and do nothing. This ex GF sounds so dead on about Taylor and her fraud. Thank you for posting this info.

  2. vp

    I'm sorry for this person's loss, she must be grieving her friend and former love. However, to say of RA that it is impossible for him to abuse a woman is naive at best, as he has been convicted of battery for domestic violence and has had more than one ex file a restraining order against him citing violent acts. Domestic violence does not define the victim OR the abuser. I would never do that to a man's memory. RA was more than his marriage, more than his work and much more than a TV show. But I can't help but thinking all those close to him & associated with the show are choosing very unhealthy ways to grieve, with blame and public anger and character assassinations. Clearly Taylor is a mentally ill person as was Russel- at least at the time of his death. I am confused when I hear yet another RA family or friend publicly deny Taylor's claims. There is more than enough evidence that abuse did happen and therefor this is just keeping the dialog alive because Taylor WILL respond. This will never end. When will these people realize they are ALL a part of this circus and bear responsibility for it persisting? And when did it become necessary for everyone to have their feelings publicly validated? Are we that narcissistic of a people that we no longer feel comfortable having a profound experience unless someone is watching? Its the perverse exhibitionism of emoting for public consumption with no true & healthy connecting. (And yes, I see the irony of me making this comment on a blog. Point taken.)

    • No money for Beverly Hills

      I was abused for five years. No one would have believed me. He was so easy-going on the surface and I was a strong woman. I never called the police, because we had a little boy. My ex was smart enough to punch and kick me where it wouldn’t show. Never the face. If I had a bruised arm or leg, I covered with concealing clothes. It wasn’t until he nearly pushed be down a flight of stairs with our 2 year old son in my arms that I had the courage to leave! I regained my balance, walked down the stairs, pick up my purse and walked out of the house and out of that SOB’s life forever! I still made sure he saw his son every week and never told my son about why we divorced.
      So, yes, it is very possible to be seriously abused without anyone seeing I or hearing about it. Bruised or broken ribs don’t show. I’m proud that my son is a wonderful husband father, because he did not grow up seeing his mother harmed. The crazy thing is that I still loved my husband when I walked out the door.

  3. Russel beat Taylor. End of story. I find it no reason to not believe her. You cant judge a situation unless your in the situation yourself. Just cuz he didnt beat this Kelly woman doesnt mean he didnt beat Taylor.

  4. great post – I never believed a word that Taylor said.

  5. Ummm… if Russell would "never lay a hand" on anyone, then WHY did he plead GUILTY to a domestic battery charge in 1997??? And this woman accuses Taylor of not keeping her facts straight…Plus, two women besides Taylor filed restraining orders against him.

  6. Russell beat Taylor is not the "end of story".Many people are very suspicious because Taylor's story does not add up.Just because the person who tells us that they say it is the end of the story found no reason…maybe they didn't look.Just because they don't want to question what appears to be a very suspicious story since the woman was photographed almost every day in 2011, including the day and the day after she claims that she suffered an eye-damaging beating……they don't care that every Bravo viewer saw Taylor lie about who her daughter's GodMother is….and the fact that Taylor changed her name about six times for a variety of strange-sounding reasons….UH-yeah, Taylor's stories ended for me when I realized that she is a pathological liar and she makes a horrible role-model for abuse victims, which anyone would tell her, yet she claims she is telling her story for abuse victims. (even-though the fact that a known liar such as herself makes abuse-victims look bad by association!)

  7. Ivy

    It's Taylor's word vs. a dead guy. Taylor is a sociopathic liar. I believe the dead guy.

  8. I've watched enough Law & Order episodes to know that one thing a victim of domestic violence or rape does not want to be accused-of is lying. (but they always do on Law & Order!)In season One of RHWOBH, Taylor was outed as a big, fat liar of the flaming-pants variety.This season, the liar claims abuse. She says that her purpose is to help victims. How does continuing the stereotype of "lying" victims help survivors?(even liars do not deserve to be abused. But people who abuse their spouses don't deserve the death penalty either-(usually), do they?)

  9. Pam

    Glad you blogged this, Tamara. Russell may have been abusive behind closed doors, I have no idea what went on. BUT, and a big BUT, at that, Taylor's lies do not add up and how she has disparaged this man after his death when he has NO VOICE is shameful. She is getting blood money from everyone that buys her book of lies. I am going to donate the money that it would cost me for her book to a DV shelter where it might actually truly help someone. No lives will be saved from her book, only her pocketbook if people support her in her quest to totally destroy the reputation of the man she "loved" by purchasing this book. Having lived in a marriage that was full of violence and mental beatdowns, I resent her thinking that she is the savior of women by writing a book. Hell, she was on the board of a DV charity and she stayed in the marriage for 6 years?? What kind of advice could she possibly give anyone that would be believable or helpful?Can you tell I don't like this woman? I think I detest her more than any other howive. I need to go to bed and stop thinking about this vile POS.

  10. Kelly left a comment on a Reality Tea article 8/10/11…before Russell killed himself…before Taylor's book.Kelly10 Aug, 2011 at 2:50 pmUntil I see it with my own two eyes, I will not believe it. Reality Tea also needs to get their facts straight… His ex-girlfriend Millette, that obtained a restraining order refused to leave his home. They literally drew a line down the middle of the house because she did not want to “abandon” the residence. It was a War of the Roses scenario… She was not scared of Russell. That is a joke. She needed that for court. The ex wife Barbara, is the same way… I should know, I lived with Russell for a year after he broke up with Millette and before he dated Taylor. This is what I don’t get… These women are not looking at the big picture. NOW is when they all decide to take him down? Hmmm….First, they all have a child with him, and none of them work. Let’s see how this all pans out after the season starts…I believe her.

  11. Domestic battery is physically touching, in any way, a person you live with (family, friend, roomate) or a person you are romantically/emotionally involved with. It is considered a crime, and even spitting on your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend is considered domestic battery. Visible injuries do not always need to be seen for someone to be arrested for domestic battery.I am going to get a ton of sh*t for this but…some women use this type of claim falsely.

  12. LOL check this out Ms Diamond is re earning some fans back from backing the Salahi's and catching Taylor in more lies LMAO. TAYLOR FUNNY~!

  13. What about the violent text messages Taylor received from Russel even Lisa had seen it.

  14. Ivy

    She probably sent it to herself from another phone. And I don't know that a text message can be described as "violent." The only part of the text I remember off-hand is "psychotic bitch," which as far as I'm concerned is pretty much right on.Is anyone else bothered by the fact that she's dragging her daughter to these book signings?

  15. Tamara, All about the Real housewives, used your story and actually credited you and linked your website.I just wanted to make you aware in case you didn't know.

  16. Oh you mean copied the whole thing over there and then linked as the source. Well um, at least she linked? I try to pick highlights of someone else's post and then link to the full post. If the entire thing is there, then just a link, it's well… not really the kindest way to do things. But again, at least she linked!

  17. There is something about Taylor's story that does not sit well in my soul. What this woman writes, however, rings of truth. In all my years on this earth I've learned to trust & listen to my inner-self. When she describes the limo ride, after being rejected @ the white party, now it makes SO much sense. Had Russell actually abused Taylor & knew that she'd told others, he wouldn't show up at group things, but he did. Why? Because he knew he'd done nothing wrong. Like the writer said, he just didn't know his wife was going around telling lies about him. And this is what Russell was afraid of, this is how he knew Bravo was going to try & convict him in the court of public opinion. Taylors smirk when Andy asked if she thought it might be murder? Her weird answer on WWHL last night about "maybe that's what was wrong with our marriage" (re:Alexis setting Jim's alarm every morning). I know if my husband killed himself I would/could NEVER make such a snide, sarcastic remark about what was wrong with our marriage. I hope someone gets to the bottom of this & I hope Taylor is held accountable. I also hope someone gets Kennedy away from this sociopath – she is DANGEROUS.

  18. Ivy

    Also, Bravo has some serious editing to do if Taylor is now admitting (per Dimond's interview) that Russell did NOT give her that black eye, since both they and Taylor deliberately implied that he did. At the Sur opening, Lisa said to Taylor (referring to the bruise) "Is this what it took for you to leave?" to which Taylor replied, "Unfortunately, yes." Meaning the bruise that she now admits she got from lasik surgery. These people are despicable.

  19. Ivy

    Oh, and Kyle: "Well, I think that black eye says everything!" Seriously? Do any of these people have a conscience?

  20. Man, being an abuse victim….I couldn't believe all Taylor's inconsistencies…and it seriously disturbed me. I was glad for Camille's coming out and confronting her. As things unfolded, it seemed like poor Russel was some sort of unknowing puppet for his sick wife and their therapist….What a JOKE! It seemed like her was Taylor's date the night of her um….black eye. Also, I agree that the text she showed to Lisa was likely sent from herself to herself. Not hard to do. I think a teenager could figure out how to do that. Seriously. The whole thing makes me SICK.

  21. Can't say if it's realor not,don't have a clue…….but the signs for attention are all around her……just pray for Kennedy to be safe,people that do these kinds of tradagies for arts ion,usually don't stop with one…pray for Taylor,she might beer own worst enemy…..peace…..

  22. Ivy

    I'm totally off this show. It's very clear to me that Russell Armstrong was being framed for the purpose of permanently destroying his reputation, not only by the executives at Bravo but the entire cast of RHoBH as well. Brandi and Camille seem to be the only ones who seem unwilling to toe the party line, but I'll bet even they know things about this case that they're legally bound not to discuss.It doesn't surprise me at all that Kyle the Spineless participated in this charade, but Lisa surprises the hell out of me. I thought she had more character than this.

  23. Ivy

    Russell was still alive when they filmed the SUR opening scene, (the scene where Taylor displayed to the entire world the black eye that we now know she did NOT get from Russell), with the complicity of that quack doctor and the entire cast. Can you imagine how he felt when he got wind of what they were up to? I've known some pretty horrible people in my life, but these people are beyond my entire realm of experience or comprehension.

  24. bsbfankaren

    I have never believed that Taylor was abused, and the few times a wavered because a show insider I knew at the time insisted to me it was, a simple Google search would cast more then a little doubt on what Taylor was saying. The fact that she wrote a book before Russel’s body was even cold, just turned my stomach especially since his older children were going to have to deal with Taylor’s lies when they were not even involved. Unless Taylor actually admits to what she did, I suppose the public will never know for sure, but Karma will get Taylor in the end, and that is all his children have to hold onto at this point.

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