Nene Leakes on Glee, Indefinitely!

Behind the scenes of Glee
 with Nene and a Cheerio

Nene Leakes did not break Glee after all. In fact, her Roz Washington character has gotten such good press that she is on for the remainder of the season. My EXCLUSIVE SOURCE from the set says that her role was being tested out for public reaction and that Nene passed that test with flying colors! So, she may not be on every episode but she is recurring this entire season (after the hiatus). It seems like all of her appearances on shows like The Talk and Rosie really paid off. Nene will be in L.A. filming Glee all week and will also be co-hosting two episodes of The Talk. I don’t know who is handling Nene’s bookings but whoever it is, is doing a fabulous job!
But that’s not all, word from my insider on the set is that Nene’s role is likely to be extended into next season. There are also rumors that next season may be Glee’s last so Nene may be there until the end. It sounds like Mrs. Leakes may have found her niche. The cast and crew are simply over the moon about her. Kevin McHale (Artie) saw tonight’s episode yesterday and tweeted, “Whoaaaaa. dear , u are amazing in the new GLEE ep! This woman needs to be on every week.” Chris Colfer and Lea Michele are also very vocal about their love for Nene. The crew also loves Nene because she didn’t come in with a big rider with lots of demands like other guest actors tend to do. It would seem as though Nene Leakes does actually know how to behave! Good for her. The plot for tonight’s show and some of Nene’s zingers are behind the jump.

Nene Leakes and Jane Lynch
on the Glee set.

On tonight’s episode, Nene will be coaching the Cheerios!  Since Sue Sylvester is busy trying to buy some um…”baby juice” from the boys in Glee and Mr. Schuester, Nene steps in with the girls. In what I think will be the best line of the show, Nene responds to Sue’s announcement that she wants to give birth by saying, “with whose Hello Kitty?” Lines like that are going to force me to become a Nene Leakes fan, get a lobotomy and STAN for her all over the damn Internet. I’m just sayin’. Nene also gets into it with Sue telling her that at her age she will give birth to a grandchild, and that she has old wrinkly boobs. The poor Cheerios  do not escape the wrath of Roz Washington either. Roz comments on the girls “donkey booties” during practice.  You would think that Roz battling with Sue, and Sue trying to get herself knocked up by the boys, and the girls (mostly Santana) making smart remarks about Sue’s vagina would be a great enough show. But wait, there’s more, this is the Ricki Martin episode! Ricky sings Madonna’s  La Isla Bonita, a Spanish duet with Naya Rivera, that is already stirring up a lot of positive feedback and it hasn’t even aired yet. Tonight is going to be good y’all. Glee airs on FOX tonight at 8 p.m.

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12 responses to “Nene Leakes on Glee, Indefinitely!

  1. OH NOOOOOO!!!!!! Please tell me that doesn't mean The Felon will be the new resident evil!!!Don't care for Nene – but happy she has "graduated" … hopefully this means positive changes for her sons as well.

  2. Pam

    Happy for NeNe. The producer/whatever on WWHL said NeNe got a round of applause from everyone on the set when she did that take shown in the preview.

  3. BSB, Straight from the A is reporting that Bryson was in a bar fight at a bar where he was "the promoter" over the weekend. Sounds like he got his head bashed in and has a broken jaw. He's been tweeting from the hospital. Nene tweeted in response to Media Fake Out's rehash of the SFTA article that they didn't know what they are talking about. Bryson's tweets btw are illiterate. It's sad.

  4. I don't like Nene and I don't watch Glee. I hope she leaves RHOA and stays on Glee. Just read your post on Bryson and I agree it is so sad. It seems like he is not qualified to do anything productive. I hope he gets his act together soon.

  5. NeNe keeps winning. If she leaves RHOA, the ratings will be like RHODC. Nobody wants to see Sheree, Phaedra and Kandi dike out on each others asses all day.YUCK

  6. Tamara …WOW…I didn't know about Bryson. Well damn – I guess the die is cast. Sigh … seems as if he is headed for nothing but trouble! I hope the younger son fares better. I don't know too much about Nene and her son … but did Greg raise Bryson?..or was he older when Greg and Nene married? On one hand I understand that once your children are adults, they are on their own with their bone head decisions .. but it seems Bryson never had a chance. I remember an episode where Nene is speaking to her younger son about looks..and something Nene said about her nose…wanting a nose like the younger son – and Bryson looked like someone punched him. He always looked so sad .. it's a shame.

  7. Pam

    I tried to read Bryson's tweets and needed a translator. I wonder if he just does it for street cred, as surely the Atlanta Schools have teachers that can teach actual English. heh

  8. vp

    I'm so happy for Nene! I can't wait to read about this when MTO reports on their "exclusive"!

  9. I might not like NeNe, but she is doing her thing, unlike Sheree, who is looking for hand out.

  10. So happy, for NeNe. She is doing a really good job on Glee. Never watch Glee until she came on the show.

  11. Indefinitely.Indefinitely.Indefinitely.

  12. That's what I said! ;)(No spell check for titles)

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