Project Runway All Stars: At Least There Was a Hot Guy in His Underwear

Okay, so for some reason I got distracted by other things last night and forgot to watch TV. So today when someone mentioned Project Runway, I dashed off to go watch it.  As soon as they described the challenge as taking the clothes off the backs of strangers to make a new garment, it was obvious they were ready to give Mondo a win. And give it to him they did. Rami’s shorts outfit was perfectly tailored and should have won. Mondo’s outfit was something an extra in Flashdance would have worn.  I really thought Kenley should have been top three. Again this week there was very little workroom interaction with Joanna and the designers. She basically talked to the winner and the loser and left. The audience knew from the first few minutes that Mondo would win.

It was equally when the show became the Anthony L. Williams show that the sassy mouthed homeboy was going home. I don’t think I have ever seen that many talking heads one contestant on a single episode.  I told y’all in my first post about this season that Anthony went home early and seemed bitter about it. Now we know why. How the heck could Jerell not get the boot for that “coming to America” ensemble?  Sure, Anthony didn’t adhere to the  rules very well, but I had the same fear for Kenley when I saw her dress. I wasn’t sure if it met the 50% rule. Also, I wondered when they made the rule how it would be enforced. I’m not Anthony’s biggest fan but even I say he went out dirty. I’ll miss his smartass comments.

The best part of the show was the hot guy Anthony stripped in the park for no reason other than to see him in his underwear. Loved that Austin got his number. The worst part was the stupid hockey player “judge”. A supposedly straight hockey player who interned at Vogue?  Nothing about him made sense.I found him incredibly unappealing and his commentary was worthless. Well, except when he described Jerell’s hot mess as “Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani at Burning Man on Acid.”  I’m not impressed with these judges. I am even less impressed with the editors of the show. There is absolutely know doubt about who wins and loses well before the show even gets to the halfway point. And I really need to see more of the workroom. When Austin’s outfit came down the runway, it was the first time I had any clear concept of his look. Same thing with Kenley.  And those haters need to lay off of Kenley. Sure she is crazy as a bessybug. What’s wrong with that?


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6 responses to “Project Runway All Stars: At Least There Was a Hot Guy in His Underwear

  1. Project Runway All Stars is dreadful. The host and judges are boring and bland. I imagine the ratings are tanking each week. Does anyone really care who wins, and do you really believe that hot underwear guy really gave his number to Austin. I think not.

  2. Tragic show. What were they thinking when they came up with this?

  3. I was so upset, and not just because I love Anthony. Rami's shorts set was dreadful and that thing Jerrell made hurt my eyes.I somehow missed last week with April getting auffed. I thought her dress was a cute mess. But she was another expendable in the Mondo/Scarlett redemption show.

  4. Jerrel should have gone. i can't understand why they decided to enforce the rules for once at poor anthony's expense. He made me lol so many times this episode. I think my fave was when he said of Kenley, when a black person thinks you are loud you are loud. And I so get where he's coming from as an italian american in NY – kp

  5. Anthony and Mondo are ( were ) my favorites. Anthiny did NOT deserve to go home. bummer. I loved his funny comments. This show has sucked ever since it left BRAVO.

  6. Funny comments aside Anthony should never have been asked to be on an Allstar show, his taste level is questionable and somewhat on the tacky side. The producers of the show knew full well Anthony had no chance of winning (no way would they take a chance of showing his collection)and it was wrong of them to give him false hope and also delude him into thinking that he deserved to be an Allstar. I'm sure there is a market for his particular fashion sense but unfortunately it's a little more low brow than I believe Anthony realizes. Nice person but very base fashion aesthetic.

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