Glee Goes on Unexpected Hiatus

Nene Leakes on Glee

On the last episode of Dance Moms, coach Abby Lee explained to Chloe that it is one thing to be on top of the pyramid, and a whole different thing to stay there. I’m one of the few people that actually likes Abby Lee and understands why parents will do just about anything to hire her as a sometimes cruel dance mistress for their kids. Right about now Glee could use Abby Lee to whip it back in shape. It seems that Glee started out in season one on the top of the pyramid and somewhere around the second season started to falter. I stopped watching it without really even noticing. The show got a bit too full of itself when Hollywood stars and major musicians wanted to be on the show. What once was a show about a high school glee club trying to fit in at a middle America high school that had cool musical numbers, became a show with big name guest stars and major pop stars and the storyline was an afterthought. After season one, it no longer even mattered if you had seen the previous shows because there were no important story arcs from episode to episode.  Each week was either a tribute to some musical artist, or a preaching platform on a social issue. A once good show, has become at best mediocre. Last week’s Michael Jackson tribute did well with an increase in ratings of 16% from the previous episode, and Smooth Criminal is selling well. Still the uneven ratings has led to the cancellation of the spin-off that was in the works, and now  the show is going into a 7 week hiatus.  With both Glee and Idol faltering in the ratings, Fox has decided to focus on half-hour sitcoms for now. Glee will air this Tuesday, then the Valentine Show and finally on February 28th  the last show before returning April 10th.

This news comes as Nene was preparing to fly out to film scenes next week. It’s not clear whether that will still be necessary. Nene will be appearing in the Tuesday’s episode where she tells  Sue Sylvester  she has old, wrinkled boobies and wonders whose “hello kitty” she will use to have the baby  Sue suddenly wants. She also tells the girls they have “donkey booties”. In other words she’s still playing herself more or less. Even if there is no filming next week, Nene has already booked herself two co-hosting days on The Talk next week so we can expect her to fly out to LA anyway. It just may not be a particularly gleeful trip.


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8 responses to “Glee Goes on Unexpected Hiatus

  1. I never was a Glee fan. As a graduate of a top performing arts high school, Glee is elementary at best. Yes, we were/are that good!;)About Mrs. Leakes? I respect that she knows RHOA isn't forever. Maybe it's just me, but I think she's growing tired of playing the Sapphire role, seeing the bigger picture. While she has an overall brash personality, I don't think she wants to be stereotyped as that only; even if that's all she knows…Regarding your blog, I've been a daily visitor (as you can see *__~). I'd rather read about RHOA than watch RHOA. After seeing just ONE season, buffoonery isn't my MO. So to know there are others like myself whom feel the same is refreshing. And I feel your frustration regarding other sites stealing your content, pics, etc. Aren't you flattered? You're developing a name for yourself. Google recognizes it, too: Your blog comes up along with other famous Tamaras in the search box.*__*Finally, as a fellow writer, my only suggestion to you would be to proofread more. Overall it's an easy read, but sometimes it's not a seamless transition. No major worries (and hopefully no hard feelings), I blame that on the creative process; I'm guilty of the same, typing too fast with a myriad of thoughts that have to be written coherently that I'm anxious to express.LOLWith that said, kudos!

  2. Hey Tamara! I thought Nene was co-hosting The Talk?I have never watched GLEE, as I thought is was a FAME rip off … hopefully the show can get back on track though.

  3. It is The Talk. I could not sleep last night and decided to write well before the sun came up this morning. My brain was not on yet. Thanks.

  4. You're welcome :) … I've done that too. Have a good weekend!

  5. I've never watched one episode of Glee; it just wasn't my flavor. Hollywood knows how to mess up a simple things when trying to "go big" too soon. Some viewers want simple. They need to get that.

  6. Pam

    NeNe tweeted tonight that she was filming Glee in the morning. Truth?

  7. LOL … did anyone watch WWHL? They had a poll as to which HW they would like to see next on GLEE.The guests were Sarah Gellar and the creator of GLEE. (Andy's ass kissing of Nene was nauseating)… anyhow, when Andy told the poll – Sarah and the guy got all excited and the GLEE Guy said he knows who **HE** would want…At the end of the show the winner was announced..viewers picked Kyle with Kim Z coming next. Well you KNOW who the GLEE guy would love to have … Kim Z!!…I LMAO.Andy added he'd love to see Kim Z come in as an opposing coach on GLEE.Wonder if Kim is next for that show?

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