Taylor Armstrong Receiving Death Threats on Twitter

Taylor Armstrong shields herself from the taunts
of paparazzi after leaving a restaurant due to
hateful tweets she read during dinner. INFphoto.com
Last night, on the first episode of the reunion of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we learned that apparently RadarOnline is the go to gossip site of choice for the RHOBH.  Tonight, RadarOnline is reporting that Taylor is receiving death threats toward her and her young daughter on twitter. The FBI has apparently been made aware of the complaints. The report is, not surprisingly, very support of Taylor Armstrong. Bravo essentially gave RadarOnline an extended free television commercial on the reunion show that aired last night.
It was just over two weeks ago that Taylor left a restaurant visibly distraught following a string of hateful tweets sent to her via Twitter. I posted about that incident here, suggesting that Taylor is in deep trouble emotionally and that these sorts of tweets are unhealthy for her to read. Unfortunately, the mean tweeters have upped the ante since that event.
On Sunday night, Taylor Armstrong received two threatening messages. Both sent by a now deleted twitter account in the name @Hardboiledpeggs. The first one said, “see u on February 7 ill be there with a book and a rope so i can kidnap u.”  Taylor replied, “Don’t ever contact me again.” Um why didn’t she block the person? In the second one, @hardboiledpeggs wrote, “turn around bright eyes every now and then, kennedys dead”. Taylor replied, “You are disgusting! The most horrible msg.” It seems some people will not be satisfied until Taylor is dead. They also think that they can’t be found if they use a disposable twitter account. They are wrong. When they are found, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Taylor will be in New Jersey for a book signing on February 7th to promote her new book Hiding from Reality. Security detail has been increased for the appearance.
Tonight on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN, Russell Armstrong’s sister made an appearance to express her displeasure over the reunion show that aired last night. Laurie Armstrong Kelso stated,” We are outraged as anyone would expect. It’s unfortunate and sad. It’s devastating”. With regard to Taylor suggesting the show saved her from Russell murdering her in a murder-suicide. “We have our ducks in a row. Apparently, there is nothing we can do, but we do have plans to go forward with counsel because this is not fair.”  Then, Alexis Tereszcuk, a RadarOnline staff reporter, was asked by Velez-Mitchell, “Do they have legal options?” Um ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Now RadarOnline staff writers are who we go to for legal counsel?  If you are interested, Alexis said the family of Russell is SOL. The sister ended the interview by saying, “This is all a very unfortunate situation. At a time that we could have all used everyone’s support even Taylor’s…”  Then in true Jane Velez-Mitchell the show abruptly ended.


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10 responses to “Taylor Armstrong Receiving Death Threats on Twitter

  1. Very interesting about the tweets because she normally blocks people on twitter for any minor criticism. I'm curious as to why she didn't block this tweeter after the first tweet. I was also disappointed, but not surprised by the very short segment on issues with JVM with Russell's family…gotta feel bad for the kids involved in this mess.The picture you posted on a side note, that is Taylor's mom in the backround. Just an in case ya didn't know…Thanks Tamera for posting

  2. vp

    Law enforcement always says if your are threatened or in receipt of communication you do not wish to receive you should 1st tell the person "do not contact me again". Taylor has prob had a few stalkerish "anti-fans" and is going by the rule book. If contact persists after it's been communicated that it is unwelcomed, it can immediately be seen as aggressive. Of course a threat is a threat, but if the person says it was a joke then that could be up for debate. BUT if they persist after being told it is unwelcomed, it's harassment. "When they are found, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."Amen!

  3. It's unfortunate when fans take this shit too far. WD

  4. Good point, VP! She has probably had this happen before and been told what to do. WD,the vitriol against Taylor is AMAZING. I get that lots of people think she is a horrible person who has done horrible things, but they crossed the line into batshit crazy long ago and are now in need of inpatient treatment themselves.

  5. I forgot to say to Ellijule, thanks for the info. I thought it might be Taylor's mom. I have deliberately not followed the Taylor drama too much. :)

  6. I too at one point thought Taylor was lying. However at the reunion Lisa confirmed some of Russell's behavior. His family is in denial and it's sad. I feel guilty for not believeing Taylor

  7. I am so conflicted on the whole Taylor mess, mess is the only word I can think of. I read your blog about Taylor (well I read all your blogs, lol) and after that I stopped retweeting any negative tweets that had @taylorarmstrong and didn't send any of my own re her as I normally do. I stay away from being vile but do comment directly to the players while watching the shows. So even though I think Taylor is a liar, I did agree about her being sick and as Kennedy's only parent, I thought it makes sense to not add to Taylor's craziness as ultimately it is Kennedy who will suffer. I care not a hoot about Taylor but I do care about her child.When I saw the tweet from hardboiledpeggs I was actually disgusted and felt that had gone way to far. As much as I can't stand Taylor, I felt the tweet was so file and so I did tweet a support message to her that what had happened went way to far and no one deserves to have their lives or their child lives threatened.Now I have to also confess that I wasn't sure that it wasn't Taylor herself who orchestrated the tweet and I still believe it possible as part of her sickness and need to lie and make herself a victim. I think Taylor is a con artist and nothing so far has dissuaded me from that. As part of her con artist persona I do agree she has a mental illness that needs treatment. I can buy the argument of telling the tweeter to stop but can't understand why after that the tweeter wasn't blocked. I think Taylor sort of relishes this attention as part of book sales and her continuing saga about putting her self forth as a victim in order to gain attention and most importantly for Taylor money.I will still stay away from Taylor and tweeting her and wonder why like I even continue to follow her, sort of like a bystander held captive by the site of a horrible accident before my eyes. I just hope that Taylor gets the help she needs and that Kennedy has support systems in place to protect her from the madness that both her parents created and that Taylor continues to exploit. Thanks again Tamera for reminding us all how sick Taylor is, as a Mom myself I just have a visceral reaction to the harm that I think she is doing to her daughter and I have to restrain myself from speaking out to her about what I think she is doing to her child.

  8. Thanks for the very thoughtful comment, Barbara. You bring up lots of good points. Especially the one about agitating Taylor does no one any good but is also harmful to Kennedy. I had to unfollow her because she goes on retweeting binges. I may follow her again, just because I worry about her.

  9. I don't believe anyone should feel guilt about not believing Taylor. If she was truly being abused, she made a major cover-up; victims are brillant at hiding it. Myself, I find it hard to see Russell as an abuser and my own father was one; you'd think I would know. It seems only time will tell here as there seems to be no clear proof in either direction. Why law enforcement and child services have not looked into this is beyond me. Especially as Taylor does seem so very unstable. Also, there are at least a few police reports documenting fights and such at some point(s) in these type relationships (even if nothing was done), but I haven't heard of any in this case.

  10. Isn't this picture from when RUSSELL died? Not her hurriedly leaving a restaurant. This looks exactly like a picture that was taken when she was rushing to the funeral home when RUSSELL died? TAYLOR is a good actress she should be on BROADWAY. Now how can you suffer a broken jaw & set it yourself over the toilet. And even if she miraculously set it herself, Doesn't it need to be wired shut so it can heal. On the reunion it seemed like she was making up lies as she went along. Especially when they asked how often did the abuse occur,"Oh about every 6 weeks." Seems more normal to me to say about once a month.

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