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The Kandi Factory Sneak Peek, And a Spoiler?

Kandi’s new show on Bravo premieres on Sunday at 10 p.m. I believe it is a half hour show, and it has an hour block on the Bravo schedule with nothing in the description so it’s hard to say for sure but they may be showing two episodes back to back. On the preview above there is one male and one female who vie for the opportunity to get a song and a video produced by Kandi. From the blurb on Kandi’s website, it’s a competition where only one can win.  When we tune in on Sunday we will have those sorts of questions answered. But there is one thing I need to know before then…

Is NJ Army Wife the female contestant shown on the sneak peek? Sure looks like her with a makeover and a face full of makeup! Am I wrong or was my source giving me an exclusive look at the winning audition?


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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Why am I always the last to know these things? 


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Snooki is Knocked Up!

Is that leopard sash hiding a baby bump?

Page Six is calling Snooki a liar. According to Page Six, Snooki is about three months pregnant and lied to GMA’s Lara Spencer on February 2nd regarding being knocked up.Snooki has been denying the pregnancy rumors for several weeks.  On Live With Kelly!, or whatever they are calling Regis Philbin’s old show, Kelly mentioned today that on a recent appearance with JWoww, Snooki refused to play a game where a balloon is placed between two people and they have to hug it until it pops. Kelly says there was a lot of speculation then Snooki was indeed pregnant. On Wendy Williams, Wendy offered the girls alcohol and Snooki appeared to take a sip. Wendy then said “Oh you really aren’t pregnant!” and Snooki agreed. Taking half a sip of a beverage is not going to affect a pregnancy, so Wendy’s little test means nothing.

According to Page Six, Snooki was lying because she was shopping the story to the tabloids. They allege that she has sold the story to US Magazine. Snooki’s pregnancy was a major pain in the ass to the MTV production team. Snooki and JWoww have just started filming  their new spinoff in Jersey City. The whole point of filming Snooki is apparently to watch her get wasted and show her ass (literally). So now what?  There have been lots of pictures of Snooki in Jersey City lately. She seems to be dressing to hide her belly for a change. If I had to guess, I’d say she’s pregnant. One thing is for sure, watching Snooki to see if she is eating pickles isn’t going to tell us anything. What do y’all think?

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Meet The Real Housewives of Vancover

We won’t be able to see it on TV here, but maybe hulu? These girls don’t look like they are going to brawl. Nice digs.


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My Top Five Guy Picks for American Idol

Joshua Ledet

Two singers from Georgia are among the top 24 contestants in this season of American Idol. Aaron Marcellus from Atlanta and Phillip Phillips from Leesburg competed on Tuesday night’s show. I’m banking on both of them getting through to the top ten. I worry a bit about Aaron after hearing Joshua Ledet. Aaron and Joshua hit the same fan base and this could pull votes from Aaron.

So here are who I think (hope) will be the top five guys.

Aaron Marcellus sang Never Can Say Goodbye. This violates my rule about singing songs about leaving on a competition show. That said, he did very well and got the first standing ovation of the evening from the judges. He owned the stage and seemed comfortable playing pat-a-cake with the groupies in the mosh pit. He seemed happy and relaxed with no nerves and that is always a good thing. I didn’t get chills or teary-eyed.  (7.5)

Phillip Phillips sang a haunting version of In the Air Tonight. Kind of like if you were really, really stoned listening to Phil Collins. I sort of felt like I was a sloth on quaaludes listening to sing. I am tryinng to remember what I heard him sing before. It was vocally really good. He’s cute. (8)

DeAndre Brackensick sang Reasons relatively well. I didn’t like it as much as the judges but I liked it a lot.I think he overuses the falsetto thing. I like how he sounds in his normal range. He will go far this season with a good voice and great looks. (7.5)

Creighton Fraker sang True Colors and gave me the first goosebumps of the evening. I loved it. I love the song . The judges silly little happy comments referred to hating to have to lose someone with such a great voice. Randy and Jennifer both practically said he’s weird. (he is) On vocals alone though he was my favorite so far. (8)

Joshua Ledet stole the show with You Pulled Me Through. He was perfection. I wasn’t planning on giving a ten, but if that’s not a ten I don’t know what is.  We can just end the show and give him the title. (10)

Who do you agree or disagree with? Leave me a comment!

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Real Housewives of Miami Filming Season Two, Drama Already

Alexia Echevarria and Marysol Patton.

Filming has begun for the second episode of Real Housewives of Miami. Four of the original housewives are returning including public relations agency owner Marysol Patton, political fundraiser Lea Black, art curator Audriana de Moura, and editor of Venue Magazine Alexia Echevarria.  Larsa Pippen and Cristy Rice are not returning.  Alexia will have a more limited role in the second season because her son Frankie, who just turned 15, was in a very serious car accident last August when coming home from school.  Frankie suffered a very serious head injury, a crushed pelvis, and numerous broken bones. Frankie is making remarkable progress but is still involved in a very rigorous series of physical therapy sessions several times a week. Alexia has been caring for Frankie around the clock since the crash. Frankie’s treatment will not be filmed.

During filming, a lawsuit was filed against Alexia and Marysol. Click through for the tea!

Sadly, that is not all of that Alexia has to deal with. Both Alexia and Marysol have been named in two lawsuits filed by two diet clinics in the Miami area with very similar names.  The two clinics,  Dr. Gregg’s Weight Loss Center that Marysol’s PR firm represents and Alexia occasionally acts as a model/spokesperson for, and Dr. G’s Weight Loss and Wellness Center, have filed suit against the other.  Dr. G’s lawsuit names  Alexia and Marisol and others in their claim that Dr. Gregg’s clinic infringes on their trademark which results in confusing customers. Ya think? I’m already confused.

I don’t see what Marysol and Alexia could possibly have to do with trademark infringement, they didn’t name the company.  Marysol apparently agrees as she released a statement that said, “I don’t know why we’re involved in this. I’m a publicist. It’s my job to represent clients. Alexia’s just a model. I assume Dr. G’s sued us because our names would bring attention to their lawsuit.” I assume so too, Marysol.


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