Ted Turner, Atlanta Billionaire I Almost Know.

Ted Turner looking good at 74

Okay, so moving on to a new topic. I was just sitting around thinking about all the elderly billionaires I know in Atlanta and my friend Ted Turner popped to mind for some reason. One time when I was on a church youth group excursion to TURNER FIELD to watch the Braves play I noticed he had lots of empty seat near him. So I walked down and asked if I could join him. I was about 15. He said “No, I don’t think my wife would like that”. So he’s a friend in my head. A friend who doesn’t share, but still. He’s NOT 80 though only like 74 or so. Phaedra Parks was recently very involved with his Captain Planet Fundraiser. I’m sure she knows Ted well from working on fundraisers. He surely could afford to buy some Chanel bags and a townhouse in Midtown. HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING,if it were 74 year old penis, would that make it better? I mean it works for Hugh Hefner…I’m of course not trying to imply anything here. I was just thinking about billionaires in Atlanta one might blow for Chanel bags for some reason.  I bet lots of girls would blow Ted Turner for a closet full of Chanel bags. I’m not one, but if that were the only way I had to survive and I squinted a lot, I  I would probably ask for better weave first thing.


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  1. Oh, you know you've done worse, and for free.

  2. vp

    BAHAHAHA!I know this is a joke but you have a point! How many billionaires does ATL have? GA? I think it's 5 or so…(Ted ain't one of them anymore!)Then again people just throw this around like it's nothing these days. And they embellish. For instance I've seen many people say that Adrienne Maloof is a billionaire. Um, no. Her dad made about that and then when he passed away it was split up in trusts everywhere. Now, she is still RICH. (VERY RICH) But she's just not a billionaire. And I've seen her in season one let an opportunity to correct this on an interview PASS BY.My point is, Jane Fonda is a c*ck block. No, wait. Was that my point? Well, it was one of them…the other is when you get into the hundreds of mil, it all starts to look the same from 500mil plus, I'd say. So, I think you have a lot more candidates for your closet sponsors than the Forbes list. And with all that squinting and kneeling, you are going to need to botox so you don't get crow's feet (and maybe some knee pads).

  3. Bless your heart, VP. truly. Ted is still in Atlanta frequently. I count him as a local. While your other pontificating was …well long, Ted is still considered an Atlantan. :)Trho, I think you may be projecting a bit dear.

  4. vp

    No, I agree he's still an atlantian. I was just referring to his pledge recently to give half his 2 Billion away to the UN (he's already given almost a billion) left some speculating he might lose his Billi status…It was a great blog and I know we all love us some Ted in the ATL.

  5. we DO love us some Ted. But we each have our different ways of doing it.

  6. Ivy

    Even when I TURN 74 (or 80) no way am I going near a 74 (or 80)-year-old penis. I'm sorry, but that's just gross.

  7. Hmmm, I find him strangely attractive. Maybe Marlo isn't so ick after all.

  8. even if marlo is messing with a man that old she has a townhome and cars in which is ownssheree married a nfl player and lives in an apartment or condo (why do people keep saying townhome?)and her son sleeps on an air mattress (sheree didnt deny it, i dont recall…it was so much jibberish maybe i missed it)but she stays deck out with designer bags and shoes and nice car…but what does she own and please dont say that mound of dirt in her mothers name

  9. Amen! Marlo has soo much money, but her weave is Crazzyy. I know there is plethora of qualified hairdressers in Atlanta. There is no reason for her to walk around looking like that. NeNe is loud , obnoxious, and rude, and apparently not as rich as she claims, but she always looks fabulous.

  10. marlos weave looked crazy when in that side braid…i just figured she had a half weave/fall/wig and he real hair was frizzy likely due to the water when they went on the boat otherwise her hair has looked fine to me

  11. Ooooooh….that would explain the Turner daughter connection when they were at the fundraiser! If she balling' like that then that explains a lot! Her grind is tight then.

  12. ok tamara. i guess you have finally made it cause now the trolls have come after you in force. what are they trying to have happen, since this is after all, your blog? handle your business girl, just handle your business.chitown shelley

  13. WOO43, that charity event scene with Marlo and Nene did seem a little out of place didn't it? Shelley, ever since they outlawed dwarf tossing, Whack a Troll is by far my favorite game. Much less likely to break a name and very amusing to make them flail around this way and that. :)

  14. It's so amazing to me how women can come after Marlo's past BUT don't own a Chanel bag, can say they have been somewhere on someone else's dime, own a townhome or perhaps even their own car. This is Atlanta and there is a man on every corner willing to depart with his cash for whatever reason. I don't condone hoing, but I also don't condone letting a nigga knock your walls out and leave you with nothing to show for it but some children and a half ass written blog that is tended to daily. I'd say she has the better deal going right now…And if you're a grown ass woman and willing to be honest, you'll admit that we have ALL done some hoe shit in our past. Some got paid and some are bitter so they talk about the ones that got paid. Hell, ANYTIME I get broke I think about that pussy I gave away for free and get highly upset. Just keeping it real. Not mad at you at all Marlo! She understands that there is a goldmine between her legs and if most BLACK women understood that and stop trying to be a down ass ride or die chick for these no – nothing ass niggas who have nothing but bullshit for us in return, we just might not be so mad at Marlo's point of view

  15. Matter of fact, PLEASE give me a Ted Turner and I will gladly dump this broke ass nigga I'm dealing with right now. Love is so over rated…#teammarlo

  16. It sounds to me like you not only "condone hoing" but you are ready to sign up for it. That is certainly an option I suppose. I can't imagine why all the successful women of any color bother to educate themselves and become financially able to take care of themselves and their shoe habit when they could just be a ho! You go get yours, girl!

  17. I get why Marlo found 80yo dick appetizing, but what man with all that money wants a worn out really-not-that-attractive woman? If he was truly all that rich – couldn't he 'get' all the 20yos with bitchin' bods he wants? Men never fail to amuse/confuse me.WD

  18. Not really Tamara. In fact, if that is what I wanted to do, I could have about three men paying my bills as we speak but I chose to get educated and am typing at work as we speak. my point is this – we have all done some hoing at some point – for free. Marlo chose to get paid for it. I'm so not mad at her for living HER life while you write about it.

  19. So because YOU see being a whore as a valid career choice, I shouldn't write my opinion about it? Got it. Please, give me more subjects you'd prefer I didn't write about. Since apparently you think all women are whores, are we all felons too? Are there no women who have values and standards, in your distinguished opinion. This is all very interesting.

  20. You're totally missing the point. And yes, it would be a good idea for you to find other subjects to write about because quite frankly, what goes on between Marlo's legs is none of my business. You're judging her and I'd like to take a look into your closet and see how many skeletons come tumbling out.. Pot? Kettle?

  21. I just think it's real wack to sit back and speculate on someone's past discretions…We all have them, including YOU. So effing what??

  22. Excuse me, "indiscretions". It's lame, it's wack, it's childish, it's ignorant, it's ridiculous to sit on your high horse and make judgemental comments. Like, Tobaccorhoda said earlier in the comments section… "Oh, you know you've done worse, and for free."

  23. I think I get your points. You seem to have more than one.1) You don't want me to write about Marlo being a whore.2) You think it is perfectly fine to be a whore.3) You think I am a whore.4) You think everyone is a whore.5)You think it is ridiculous for me to sit on a high horse and judge people for their "indiscretions". Would whoring fall into the category of an "indiscretion"? I thought you were pro-whoring. What about felonious aggravated assault? Is that an another "indescretion" that we all have in our own closet?Looking forward to your response!

  24. Okay, I’ve seen it all. This will be my last time visiting a site where the dam blogger is getting into a word battle about whores with a person commenting. Now, I’ve seen it all! Later, for this ghetto mess! Bye!

  25. @ anon…exactly….only a hit dog will holler and Tamara is barking pretty loud right now…

  26. Oh no, are you leaving? I just wrote a short little blog about a venerable Atlanta philanthropist and y'all started talking about the virtues of whoredom and call my blog ghetto! The nerve!

  27. Ivy

    Why do whores always assume that the entire rest of womankind secretly wishes that we could be whores, too? Don't they get that we already know that being a whore is probably the world's easiest job? I've seriously got nothing against whores; women do what they have to do to get by, and who am I to judge? But please oh please don't assume that we believe that you actually ENJOY what you do for a living. We know better.

  28. Ivy

    Which is why most women get really really mad when you call them whores.

  29. Ivy, I am right there with you, right up to the "Who am I to judge?" part. People judge each other every day. Most people judge the people who enter their life and make a judgement call about whether they are the sort of people they want in their inner circle. The people who scream about judging people are generally people who don't want to be held accountable for their actions.Otherwise, sing it sister! :)

  30. Ivy

    Thank you, Tamara! :) And do I see what you mean. The last time I had a friend who was a whore she thought I was being judgmental when I finally told her that hearing about the minute details of her job made me sick. Boy, was she pissed! :)

  31. LOL. I always get such a kick out of those readers who want to tell the blog author what to blog about.I also love how she tells you not to judge but is judging YOU judging Marlo. LOL. Hysterical.Keep writing. karen

  32. Why knock a girl, for being a good ho and getting paid. How many times have some of you, just been f**k on a one night stand and didn't get a single dime, for your p***y. So why knock a girl, for getting paid. I don't knock a woman, for being a grand hustler, men do it all the time. Tamara stop trying to put Marlo's business on blast.

  33. Um, this is a blog post about Atlanta philanthropist, Ted Turner. I have no idea why the comments have turned into a cheering squad for Marlo Hampton's cocksocking skills.

  34. As an accomplished 'cocksocker', I'm highly offended by this debate.:: judging all of you ::

  35. You must be exhausted replying to all these comments all day. This wasn't a cover up to mention that possibly Marlo could be cocksocking Ted Turners 74 year old penis instead of an 80 years old and if she was, instead of asking, for a chanel bag, that she ask, for a better weave. I think it's time, for you to go to bed, with your horny self. Before Ted Turner shut you down.

  36. Oh LAWD, I was hoping TRho would not see this. She is about to make all of you line up. You won't like being lined up.And Cali,I rarely get tired from playing Whack a troll or in your case, piss off a HO. Why are you talking about Ted Turner's penis? That's just rude. And now you are dictating my bedtime? Lawd you whores are some demanding bitches. Are you one of them freakazoid S&M types? Do your tricks pay more for that?

  37. What time is it in ATL.Bitch take your ass to bed.

  38. See those little numbers underneath your posts? They tell you the time. It is currently 12:39a.m. here in the ATL. Shouldn't whores be able to tell time accurately? Don't y'all charge by the hour? I'm old, maybe you just charge by the shoe now? Is it like a handjob is a pair of payless and anal is one Loub? Heh get it, LOUBS for some ANAL?heh. I crack myself up sometime.

  39. Hey you guys. Stop being a whore. You are doing ho activities, with ho tendencies. Hos are your friends, hoes are your enemies. You cannot take a ho into a hotel.

  40. Clearly I need better virtuous women and gays. The whores are winning dammit.

  41. Your body is a temple. Please treat it with more respect. No man is worth a new set of Louis Vuitton luggage or pair of Manolos (I guess).

  42. Ivy

    That's another thing. Whores have no sense of humor (which I'd think you would NEED) about what they do for a living.

  43. 我真的不关心这个问题和评论时,只Tamara女士不会RIP我除了。NJB

  44. Tamara,Your 1/31 3:15pm response is hilarious.I realize your post was about Ted Turner (who, by the way, was mentioned recently in a Q blog as Ted Turner's daughter seemed to know Marlo) but inadvertently segued into prostitution as a profession. While there are those whose circumstances might dictate a seedier culture, one has to wonder about those who choose it deliberately. Moral considerations aside, it currently continues to be illegal . If equal efforts were applied towards education/gainful employment, the intelligent woman would still be able to afford luxury items if that's what she considered important.For women who value scholarship & learning, who contribute into the system that constitutes our lifestyle, it's offensive to suggest that getting down on our knees is of equal value.

  45. Tamara keep doing what you're doing! Do not respond to those REPROBATES.. Love your Blog!

  46. I've only discovered this blog a few weeks ago and I really must say that I enjoy not only the articles but for the most part the comments. I think its kind of cool that Tamara mixes it up with the interesting people that post comments.Keep up the great work Tamara.

  47. Ok Tamara, now I really like your style. I just read on Sister 2 Sister magazine online that there's a rumor regarding Marlo Hampton & Ted Turner. Initially, I thought the rumor may have come from your site; however, this rumor has been around for awhile. Its being said that Marlo may have been one of the reasons for his divorce from Jane Fonda and that he funded her boutique she had a few years ago. Interesting stuff!

  48. So you really think that those sites just suddenly came up with the idea to write about Ted and Marlo the day after I did? That is a lot of coincidences. I love the ones who now have "sources" telling them that Marlo had something to do with the divorce of Ted and Jane. Marlo was IN JAIL FOR ASSAULT in Tampa when they were divorcing. Marlod did not come to Atlanta until years later. Other sites read things here, and then make shit up to make the story more interesting. I simply tried to give you guys some information and let you draw your own conclusions. Mostly because billionaires have lots of lawyers. :) It is irritating today that so many people read and commented here and then today read the sensationalized rip offs elsewhere and then come back here and tell me my own story. I had a lot more faith in y'alls reasoning skills than I should have. Basically, you guys were so busy defending prostitution, you missed the whole point of the post. /shrugs

  49. Interesting response. I'm not privy to your resources. It sounded like they had additional information (I would have no way or even the desire to fact check). I only came back to comment on your site because I first read the story here.I'm also definitely not one defending prostitution:) Just a recent admirer of your blog. I'm the anon posts at 1:39 & 5:15. I peruse the blogs to get other perspectives about what I see on these shows. Not that serious.

  50. Sorry. It is not you. It's all the people who posted here and then today say, OMG! Guess what? Regarding the topic. It's bad enough to have things you post about suddenly reposted all over. But when the people who read here tell me that they just read this big new somewhere else…it's just very frustrating. I even had someone ask me to investigate the situation today. I'm like I am the person whose blog caused all the others to post about it. Again, it's not you, I'm just rather worked up about it. I was deliberately very ambigious about the topic but I felt sure everyone "got it" and they didn't.I know you are not the prostitution defender. I'm sorry if I offended you. I need to take a Xanax or have a drink or both. /breathes

  51. Your blog and this comments section has truly been the best read of the day. Keep up the good work Tamara.

  52. Thanks. Sometimes I feel like we don't all speak the same language. Perhaps the geriatric penis and the chanel bags in the post were too subtle. Live and learn. #imnew

  53. Alright everyone, hos on one side, ladies on the other. Ladies, be sure you're out of range cause hos are known to spit.I will now judge your relative merits.HmmmMy verdict: ladies have integrity, smarts and a working sense of self-worth.Hos have better shoes.You are dismissed.

  54. @trhoda:hysterical!!!!chitown shelley

  55. Anon 4:03 says she's "seen it all now" — I suggest she has led an unbelevably sheltered life and is probably still down with the "vapors" or whatever old women and/or nuns get when confronted with some speculation about the sex lives of tv personalities. I usually suggest to these delicate souls that they visit http://www.icanhazcheeseburger.com, as it's much less racy, as they used to say. LOL

  56. Oh, I forgot to add: Ted Turner was, is now and will forever be Atlantan. Just the way it rolls.

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