RHOA In Capetown: You Can Take A Girl Out of the Ghetto…

One of the Dancers from
the Shamwari Drumming Scene

I am trying to watch this without getting my blood pressure up, but LAWD is it hard. Marlo Hampton is the poster child for the “Ugly American” traveler. She has absolutely no idea how to travel, or more importantly behave in public. While I appreciate she bought a book on etiquette to try to learn some basic table manners, but the first rule of etiquette is it is extremely impolite to discuss other people’s etiquette. Is Marlo on something that makes her run at the mouth all the time or is that just a natural personality flaw? Also, What the hell is wrong with her hair?  If even mild-mannered Cynthia has to tell Marlo to shut up, then the girl has a problem.

The fight begins because Marlo goes off for not being invited to the party in Llandudno. With her behavior no one can blame Sheree for not inviting an annoying unstable convicted felon to a private party. Sheree starts pointing out that Marlo sleeps with 80 year old men for her money. A point that Marlo does not deny. They argue about whether or not Marlo’s sugar daddy is married. Marlo says he isn’t. I say the issue should be 80 year old penis. Because I just can’t get the wrinkly image of that out of my head; nor fathom why someone would um, er, ah, voluntarily, um, be exposed to such a thing. How bad do you really want a Birkin bag and some Loubs? I have got to get the visual of how Marlo makes her money out of my head. Also, did Marlo go after Sheree for the air mattresses on the floor? Had she seen the episode with the air mattresses already? I didn’t think anyone had been to Sheree’s “townhouse”. That was odd.

More Shamwari Filming

So the the smalls go to the private party in Llandudno at the home of “Kevin” Sheree’s gay friend who lives between Cape Town and Atlanta. I hope he is out because it is pretty easy to find his last name online. He is a banker in Atlanta and works for company that markets high end alcohol brands to restaurants in South Africa. I wonder how he got sucked into RHOA.  I am sure he regrets it even though he did dodge a bullet by only interacting with the more civilized smalls.

Meanwhile, the talls go out to eat together at Nobu.  Nobu is surely a place with local South African flair, right?  Um noe, it’s a contemporary Japanese restaurant whose owner lives in Beverly Hills. It’s also steps from the apartment. Way to venture out ladies. Not to mention that apparently Marlo thinks it is a good idea to “make it rain” in a country were there is a lot of poverty. Marlo is just a straight up thug whose etiquette book apparently didn’t have a chapter on proper behavior when travelling abroad. I can her the Countess signing “Money Can’t Buy You Class” as I type.

I feel SO SORRY for Kandi. She is clearly not down with all the drama and seems to be trying to distance herself. She understood how to dress and is clearly not trying to flash around her money. It should be pointed out she has more money than the other five put together and then some. She never discusses money at all. She’s the one pointing out the beauty of the country and asking about the history.

Phaedra is so busy with her “I planned this whole trip” charade that I am not sure if I can take anything she says seriously. Also, AGAIN with the kings and vice-president of Ghana stuff. She seems to think she IS IN Ghana. Cynthia, bless her heart, she seems to have her head on straight about the experience but can’t seem to stop herself from running to Nene and Marlo and stirring the pot. Nene was the voice of reason? Really? Well at least she is benefiting from the trip.

My research indicates that the girls stay in Cape Town for at least three days. That still leaves a lot of time for Shawari. Two days is plenty of time for the safari stuff. I can’t imagine them staying there for five days. They will be staying in a five star resort, but still. It’s the bush. Perhaps they spent some time in Port Elizabeth before heading to Shamwari and they just didn’t show that part. At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if the housewives swing by Ghana on the way home.


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16 responses to “RHOA In Capetown: You Can Take A Girl Out of the Ghetto…

  1. This was hard to watch, and not just because there was way too much Kim's Father.Kandi appears to be a sweet genuine person. Sheree has no sense. Cynthia has been cast to be the shit-stirrer and Nene is the mature one! Marlo needs meds for real. She is trying sooo hard to appear to be a socialite but she just comes off as…there's a word but it escapes me right now.I am kind of happy Nene is acting so mature. I could not stand her the past few seasons but her work ethic has really impressed me this year. You go Nene!

  2. I know you're not hating on Marlo as much as you stay up Kim's behind. Marlo is the black version of Kim…stop hatin'.

  3. Anon @ 11:24 please see the Phaedra gif in this blog for my response. Also I have a question about Cynthia's hair. is that braided look a wig? She went from natural hair to a braid job that would have taken all day in like five minutes. I liked it!

  4. Damn Tamara, made me spit my soda out. Totally missed the Phaedra gif as I was rushing to see Marlo's one fan from your tweet. Then I see your comment to look at Phaedra gif and I'm like WTF? Then I go hunting in post and saw the picture. Can't believe I missed it, funny as hell. I will have sweet dreams about that for a long time, thanks!!

  5. Sheree is also a convicted felon. Arrested twice for theft in Ohio, but only convicted once. If she could add Cynthia to the guest list at the last minute, she could have invited the NeNe and Marlo as well. She was trying to start some mess between Cynthia and NeNe. She kept saying how Marlo was trying to move in on her friend NeNe.Childish behavior by both Marlo and Sheree.

  6. Pam

    The comment about the air mattresses was a good one. There is no way Marlo knew what we were going to see inside Sheree's apt in advance unless she already knew that Sheree's kids slept on air mattresses. Which really says alot about Sheree. One pair of Loubs could buy them a good mattress set and bed frame. Someone needs to slap some duct tape on Marlo's mouth. Where's Casey Anthony when you need her?

  7. Could Marlo have handled the situation better? Yes. However, Sheree was being messy. She invited Cynthia at the last minute and the invited Marlo once confronted. Thats wack..Its in poor taste to publicly invite someone if the entire group isnt coming, it was also in poor taste to give out favors since Marlo didnt have one.Although not carried out in the best fashion, Marlo had a great point…If you dont like her fine but dont be fake…and yes she has a criminal record but so does Sheree and Phaedra married a felon so they need to back off of her regarding thatand all shree could say is she was sleeping with an 80 year old man and she has a record…is that all she got?why didnt shree go ham when marlo attacked her parenting and spending money on clothes and not her kidseveryone has a past and NONE of these ladies are innocentKim slept with a married, older rich man…got gifts a townhouse and carsNene strippedsheree is waiting on bobs money and not working…her son was on an air matress and his hair needed a cut

  8. Anonymous 10:53-Phaedra had to gift for her because Marlo was not invited to AFrica and invited herself at the last minute with Nene's insistance and Nene never told Phaedra she was coming. That is why Phaedra told her she would give her her gift when they got home.And yeah Sheree was being messy but even NeNe admited if the situation was reversed she wouldn't have invited Sheree to her friend's house. Marlo point blank asked could she come and Sheree told her "yes" to be nice. Marlo at that point should have kept her mouth shut.

  9. Your title for this blog entry is exactly what I was thinking after watching this episode.Though not a fan of NeNe's I must say that I was impressed that she had the most minute lick of sense (when witnessing the argument between Marlo & Sheree) to question if this is how she looks when she fights. Even NeNe didn't think it was pretty.

  10. Sheree is messy. She always try's to throw stuff in people's faces about their stuff being repossesion and what they are doing with their men. She has a criminal record, her car's have been repo and she doesn't even have a place to live. Bravo is paying the rent on that empty townhouse.Kandi started all this stuff about Marlo. She showed Phadera, Marlo arrest record. Kandi told the women about Marlo affair with an 80year old man.Then she sets back and say nothing and let the women get into an argument. Kandi is messy. I don't trust her at all. I hope Marlo brings up, what is known in Altanta about her being a sugar mama to men.

  11. What is known in Atlanta is that Kandi is a sucessful musician who gained her money quite young on her own and has invested it and grown it to the point where she is set for life and yet STILL works, doesn't drink and doesn't have a criminal record. You seem to think her dating down to earth guys makes her a "sugar mama". So if it comes out that Kandi is a very weathy women that dates men based on who she likes rather than the size of their wallet, how is that going to make her look bad compared to the chick with no talent she can legally put to use, a violent criminal past who earns her money sucking 80 year old penis? I'm just not making that leap.

  12. I only come here to see what happens on RHOA, because I refuse to watch the show. Every single female on this show, Lawrence include is messy. Kandi is the sneakiest, Marlo and Sheree are the felons, Kim is the golddigger, Nene is the loud mouth(which Bravo is paying her to be.), Cynthia doesn't have a backbone and Phaedra is a so called southern belle. This show will continue to pay all these women to play a role, if not they will be removed like Lisa and Deshawn. None of these women are really friends outside of the show. I'm sure the people that really know these women don't see them the same way we do.

  13. 80 year old penis. Now I have to drink to put that image out of my head.

  14. 80 year old penis! LMAO!! NeNe's facial expressions were priceless during that argument ESPECIALLY when Marlo and Sheree started that mimiciing hood rat pigeon coo at the end. Funny as hell! How they live that down cooning on national television like that is beyond me!

  15. I agree with Tamara and for the record Kandi didn't put out the rumors about Marlo ATLien did and Marlo doesn't seem to mind it when she tells someone "to google her and check her charges" she is a contradiction to herself. She makes no sense and she's a psycho

  16. All these comments are interesting but here is the real truthSHEREE is boring and a lousy mother..She is not concerned about her kids she is concerned about faking it in fakeatlanta!!! She is annoying to listen to and she has NO story line, personality or style. I totally agreed with the medicine man that said she old and no longer will be married.Kandi is down to earth and kool I wish she can see Sheree for the mess starter she is.Say what you want about Nene she will back up what she says.Phaedra is an afterthought. She is too over the top and fake. I just cant.TEAM NENE ALL DAY EVERY DAY I like this new season with her in Africa..we see a new side and also see why she is the true hustler of the show.

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