Nene Leakes Seems Oddly Angry with Sheree and Phaedra

Nene Leakes has had a lot to say on twitter in the past day or two. Up until yesterday, it was mostly her usual tweets about what she is doing and retweeting fan support. She seems to be encouraging her fans to let Bravo know that RHOA would be nothing without her. Bravo Andy can’t do an episode of WWHL without mentioning Nene. One would think that means she is good to go for next season. However, her tweets are starting to sound more and more like someone on the way out. When someone works with the public and receives a compliment from a customer and responds with “can you tell that to my boss?” it is usually an indication that they feel their boss does not value them and needs to hear from outside sources that they are working hard.  Her tweets tend to have that feel to them lately. Find out who Nene is hating on now, after the jump.
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Yesterday however, Nene seemed to be going after Sheree directly, and Phaedra to a lesser extent about the Marlo situation.  Nene has tweeted pictures of Sheree’s nose prior to surgery and has an old picture of Sheree as her latest image in her twitter photos. The gist of the tweets is that Sheree and Phaedra pushed production to choose Marlo to appear on the show. According to Nene, they wanted her on because they felt she would fight with Nene over the Charles Grant issue. Then Nene and Marlo talked and hit it off and “the smalls” turned on Marlo “for no reason.”  Nene also says that Maja Torrence, a leasing agent for a luxury apartment complex who models on the side, was supposed to be cast but “the smalls” pushed for Marlo.  There is some implication that the very pretty Maja, who is in her late twenties, was perceived as a threat by Sheree and Phaedra. Then once Marlo was cast, Sheree and Phaedra turned on her for what Nene describes as “no reason”. No reason, Nene? From the looks of the show Phaedra and Sheree were fine with Marlo until they found out how Marlo gets her money and about her criminal past.  Those are pretty normal reasons why people to distance themselves from someone once they get to know their character.  What’s it to you, Nene? Why are you in the middle of a drama that for once does not concern you? Where is this anger coming from? You seem to be losing your confidence that “you make the show”.

Edit: All references about to Maja Torrence should have been Maja Sly. I’m gonna leave the picture of Maja Torrence up because it’s pretty and I’m lazy. Apologies to Ms. Torrence for getting her name in the drama. Information about Maja Sly can be found at Bossip, here. Apparently she is not a Nene Fan so if you are, you may not want to hit the link. I know it gets y’all all worked up if someone is not nice to Nene.
Between encouraging her fans to contact Bravo to support her, and online anger toward Sheree and Phaedra one has to wonder what is going on at Bravo and why Nene is suddenly so insecure. I’m not overly optimistic about the RHOBH reunion tonight, but I have a feeling the RHOA reunion is going to be off the chain!


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50 responses to “Nene Leakes Seems Oddly Angry with Sheree and Phaedra

  1. Usually you pretty good but this post is just throwing shade to nene for no reason. She told the truth. In the beginning Marlo was Phaedra friend and bc she went with Charles Grant they loved it for instant drama! But when Marlo and Nene befriended they turned on her and as for where she gets her money who business is it? They didn't act that way towards Kim and "Big Poppa" and as for her past that was 10years ago with most of her arrests being minor offenses like writing bad checks… again that's the past no one throws Apollos past in Phaedra face! Try to be a lil less bias..

  2. That *is* odd. And I'd have thought she was a shoo-in for next season, as Andy is always kissing her butt.So far as Marlo – yeah right – BRAVO is responsible for bringing The Felon on the show – no way I believe that Phaedra and Sherre all of a sudden have all this influence…and you're right … she has been "The Show Is Nothing Without Me" this entire time … so noooow she is telling fans to bombard BRAVO for her?Actually, watching the show last night, I thought she did a good job in trying to tame The Felon … so I don't get why she would feel so insecure…she wants to go Hollywood anyway, right?I doubt Sheree has ANY pull with BRAVO…seems to me Nene is trying to use reverse psychology drumming up this drama to get "her fans" to turn on Sheree and Phaedra.I don't know .. maybe because Sheree didn't back down to The Felon? Maybe because Phaedra seems to be the most popular?No clue .. but Nene needs to decide who she wants to be .

  3. I read your blog faithfully because I always felt that you provided other "info" pertinent to the ladies and that it was unbiased. However, I have to agree with the previous post…You seem to really be attacking Nene in this blog and that is not cool. Fact is that we all have our favorite housewives on this show and then we also have the housewives that we detest the most. (For example, I can't stand Kandi! She always has something to say in the confessional but will never speak up in the presence of people)…But if we are going to keep it real…Sheree,Phaedra and Kandi were singing Marlo's praises when they thought it was going to bring more drama to Nene's life…After all, Kandi invited Charles Grant and Marlo to her show…and now all of sudden, they can't stand Marlo??? All of these chicks have stuff with them, so let's not act like it's just Nene. Please go back to your unbiased point of views and I will continue to be a loyal reader.

  4. Um….yeah, they DID talk bad about Kim and Big Poppa til I wanted to puke. Marlo IS A FELON. That's a bit more than writing a bad check here or there. Marlo is violent. Nene has gotten a TON of good press here with Tamara so I'm not sure where you get the biased stuff. I don't agree with just how MUCH Tamara has given Nene props for getting herself outside the HW role and doing other things.And it's Tamara's blog. I think if she wants to write something completely biased against the entire population of fire ants…no one is holding a knife to your face to read it. *MARLO*WD

  5. LOL for the record. This is a blog. Blogs are biased. Again, I write about what I observe and my reactions to it. You are free to go to Nene's twitter and read her exact words which I feel I have fairly paraphrased in the above blog. Y'all seem to think writing is unbiased when it comes off as negative to someone you like, or positive to someone you don't like. You might want to look the up the word "bias". It's in the dictionary between bellyaching and bitch. :) The gist of the story is Nene's tweets lately. However the interesting part is how they were considering a 20 something rental agent over Marlo. Or the fact that the cast met with Maja and Marlo before decisions were made to analyze the group dynamic. Yet, the Nene crew seems to think that some travesty has been done to Nene by writing a reasoned response to why she is all over Sheree on twitter all of the sudden. I won't even address the commenters that can't understand why a rational person might dislike Marlo once they got to know them. Rather than no reason those of us with eyes can see a plethora of reasons why that would happen.

  6. But Tamara, Phaedra and Marlo was cool in the beginning…They didnt flip on her until her and NeNe became cool with no drama.And as small as Atlanta is esp in those circles people certainly knew about Marlos past before this show lets keep it kute

  7. Pam

    You know my adoration of all that is NeNe Leakes. I too had noticed that her tweets over the past few days had changed in their tone about telling TPTB at Bravo to keep her. Mostly she still tweets about what she is doing now, and I am glad. Hope she has success in all her adventures outside the housewives franchise. But, I, for one, hope to see her come back. Without NeNe, I cannot say that I would watch Atlanta. Especially if they keep Kim and Sheree.

  8. Only 7comments??? and you talk about nene crew??? lol tamara stop it!!

  9. The point of this story is that Nene is acting differently on twitter lately. She has lost her "I love working on Glee and God loves me the best" attitude and is now encouraging her fans to tweet support to Bravo and tweeting about Sheree's nose job (like she hasn't had at least THREE herself) and how Marlo wouldn't even be on the show if Phaedra and Sheree had not voted her in. Instead of wonder what could have set her off, yall are responding with "who doesn't have a little history of aggravated assault in their past" ? Also Atlanta is not a small town and I assure you that no one had any idea who Marlo was until Bravo dug her up from under some rock. Generally in polite society it is not customary to google the criminal backgrounds of those in your social circle./sighI can't believe how far y'all need me to break this down.

  10. Wasn't there a quote from Andy Cohen that he hopes to work with Nene for many many years to come?Nene out of all the RHOA stars appears on WWHL most frequently and is the only one who appears SOLO, the others are paired with a celebrity promoting their latest product or their hubby or a friend.Also it seems to me like Nene is wanting OUT of the show and wants her OWN show. In the past seasons Nene always talked positive about RHOA, about how she was proud the show was #1 on BRAVO, this and that, now she talks about how negative it is, and how the drama is old. Nene wants her own show. I'm on the fence about Nene getting her own show. Nene's scenes with "Mr. Big" are boring. As are Kim Zolciak's scenes with her family and Kroy. (snooze)Infact, When Kim and Nene don't talk or associate, or fight… THEY BOTH ARE BORING.

  11. I wonder why Tamara is so sensetive. It is true blogs "can be biased" but it all depends on the writer. Tamara do better and write better articles that provide insite rather than propaganda.Also, if you have problems with people disagreeing with what you post, you will not last long as a blogger. I am a true fan of this site and I check it everyday. Please do not alienate your readers.

  12. I agree with the first comment 12:35. Phadera, Kandi, and Sheree was team Marlo until, they found out they couldn't start any mess between Marlo and NeNe regarding Charles. Now they are hating on Marlo. Sheree was never Nene true friend. When she left Nene name off of her quest list, for her divorce party, nene should have never had anything to do with her after that. Nene is still my favortie houewife. They show would be nothing without her.

  13. tamara, please stop it…like some people have said phaedra, kandi and sheree was team marlo until they realized there would be no beef between nene and marlo. In the beginning marlo was filming with them NOT nene.They wanted someone who would stand up to nene and marlo fit the bill but when that didnt happen they didnt have a plan b.phaedra even introduced her as high society or something along those linesand any self respecting atty would be very mindful of the company they keep so i definitely think phaedra knew abt marlos past. and the fact the michelle (sfta) is phaedra client and marlos mug shots were released on that site that was planned. also like phaedra said when everyone was dogging apollo everyone has a past and she forgave her felon husbandalso sheree uses people to get what she wants thats why marlo stated dont be fake if you dont like me, her attempt actually all of their attempt to have marlo beef with nene didnt work and they are pissedand i am sure if marlo was team small and got in nenes ass they would have no problem hanging with her and phaedra would insert her 'everyone' has a past line

  14. ANON 3:21 Why on earth do you check this blog every day? You seem to be unhappy with what I write and insist I "write better articles". While I do not write to please you, I feel as though there must be someone out there on the Internet that writes exactly what you want to read. I'm certainly not the one. So don't look at it as being "alienated" look at it as being free to go somewhere you will like better. Go google "blogger that will write articles I always agree with". I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

  15. wtf is wrong with these dumbass posters.. keep it up ingrates and there will be no more blog!

  16. oh man ,I just super burned myself with the poster name! forgot about the "said part" have to laugh, but u still all dumbasses!

  17. smart girl….ya mammy dumb

  18. Smart girl was raised by a mammy? Do people still do that? No wonder she is so smart. Someone apparently told her "you is smart, you is kind,you is important". If only some of the anons here had that sort of upbringing and education. :)

  19. First off I do believe NeNe because dey were the ones who was inviting Marlo to everything trying to start drama but all of a sudden since NeNe&Marlo became friends dey don't like Marlo!Phaedra,Kandi and Sheree are fake! And I don't think NeNe is worried about getting fired because she stated on The Rosie show dat her contract with bravo is for a very long time I just think she is tired of the negativity and every interview Sheree does she always talk bad about NeNe but its only a problem when NeNe does it Chile. Please!!Let me give u a good story tell everyone how dat girl is writing a boo on PHAEDRA called "The Truth Behind The Lies"

  20. I've been getting some Russian readers lately so I translated that last post into Russian hoping they can help me out with what it says. Во первых с я верю NeNe потому что dey было одними которое приглашало Marlo к всему пробуя начать драму только всем из неожиданного с NeNe& Marlo стало dey don' друзей; t любит Marlo! Phaedra, Kandi и Sheree фальшивка! И I don' t думает что NeNe потревожилось о получать о потому что она заявила на dat выставки Rosie ее подряд с Бравом на очень долгое время я как раз думаю что она утомлена негативизма и каждое интервью Sheree делает она всегда говорит неудачу о NeNe но сво только проблема когда NeNe делает его чилеански. Пожалуйста!! Препятствуйте мне дать u хороший рассказ говорит каждому как девушка dat пишет boo на " вызванном PHAEDRA; Правда за Lies"

  21. Tamara you are hilarious!! Being a southern peach myself, I catch many of your inuendos. You are appreciated! ^_~

  22. Are we watching the same show?!? Cynthia has been the one inviting this bitch to everything. Sheree or Phaedra has not invited her to anything. Kandi invited her to one taping of KKN. Marlo showed up to Cynthia's fashion thing. Phaedra only introduced her to the other ladies. Again, Cynthia invited her to the art show, the Bailey agency opening, and to the opening of Bar One. NONE of that was Phaedra, Kandi, or Sheree….if anyone is guilty of inviting Marlo somewhere to irritate NeNe it's Cynthia. People don't let your ghetto fascination with NeNe impact the facts.

  23. One cannot be a "southern peach", one can be a Georgia peach. Perhaps you meant you are southern rhubarb, or maybe okra.

  24. Fact #1- All blogs are not necessarily biased. One of the most intriguing aspects to your blog was the fact that you made an "attempt" to present facts over fiction. Hence, the one reason I enjoyed your posts up until today. Fact #2- You do have the right to "write" whatever you like (Duh! It's your blog) However, I obviously thought I was reading the musings of someone that was writing from an objective point of view…Obviously, I was wrong. Definitely will no longer make that mistake.In conclusion, With regards to your comment "You might want to look the up the word "bias". It's in the dictionary between bellyaching and bitch."….Really??? For you to insinuate that I was bellyaching and being a bitch because I addressed your post this morning? You have to be kidding!!! Grown women still degrading one another with words over something so juvenile???? Who lives like that?? I feel bad that was the word that you felt the need to resort to and include in your post. Please take the necessary time to expand your vocabulary and grow up!!! A grown woman should never feel the need to stoop so low to degrade another woman.

  25. I get it Lady Tee, you feel degraded because I assisted you with looking up a word in the dictionary by providing guide words. And also you think I should expand my vocabulary. Furthermore you think this blog attacks Nene.How dare I?See you tomorrow.

  26. I don't know who invited Marlo to each individual outing, but all of the girls were excited and happy the night at Bar One that Marlo and Charles were there, because they thought they would get a chance to embarrass Nene. At Bar one, all the women were asking Charles inappropriate questions in front of Marlo. Almost like they knew she wasn't his fiance. Prior to the trip, Sheree, Marlo, and Phaedra had no beef. Phaedra's mind seems to have changed a little, once Kandi showed her Marlo's arrest record. The argument between Marlo and Sheree seems very personal, although there is no footage with them together. The things Sheree and Marlo were arguing about is not public knowledge. Sheree says Marlo is sleeping with an 80 year old man with money, but she doesn't give a name. Marlo knows Sheree's kids are sleeping on an air mattress. I think there is a conncetion between Marlo, Shereee, Lawrence, and Phaedra. Unfortunately, that part was edited out. Sheree and Marlo were not arguing about a party! I think Nene is spilling some tea that we are not privy too. How do you google someones name and mugshots and a persons criminal history appears on the internet. Marlo's criminal information was planted.

  27. Ah, welcome,Padawan, you make many good points.It is true that the girls were hoping for fireworks when Nene arrived at BarOne. It is also true they knew Marlo was not engaged to Charles Grant. It is also true Sheree and Phaedra had no issue with Marlo…until just before the trip. Up until then, Marlo was just some chick that they hoped would fight with Nene.About that time things started to come out about Marlo. First appearing on SFTA's site. One could wonder how it happened she knew where to look. But SFTA knows plenty of the HWs. She says she knew Phaedra before the show for example. So perhaps when the show found out, she found out. She's a blogger so she blogged. I'm just guessing here, I don't know.Marlo knowing Phaedra, Sheree and Lawerence would not be a surpise, the cast is often asked to suggest a "friend of the housewives" for filming. The interesting part of my post is that there was a much younger, attractive woman, Maja Torrence who was considered and rejected by at least two of the girls.The interesting part of your comment is that Marlo seemed to know about Sheree's living conditions re:matresses on the floor, prior to us seeing it on TV. Remember filming for the South African scenes ended in July, well before the show started, so how would Marlo know about the matresses on the floor unless she had either been to Sheree's house or been told. Also remember Storytime with Sheree he last blog where she freaks because my blog among others is talking about matresses on the floor. She actually posted here around that time she was so angry. So now you are starting to fit the pieces of the puzzle together that this post was intended to do!Ten Points Gryffindor! FINALLY!

  28. vp

    Sheree knows Marlo from way back. And knows OF her even further… They both know the same club promoters and Derek and Marlo have been friends for a while. So, she's RHOA vetted. You can bet Sheree knew about her history. And then some. I think the cast knew Marlo did some serious digging and (here comes the nail in the coffin) wasn't afraid to air it out in front of the cameras.You remember what happened to Club Onyx BEFORE everyone found out the corporate manager was a snitch for the government? why on earth did Marlo bring this up? lolIf Sheree knows all about Marlo's THUG life, well I have to ask, how is Sheree so familiar with all of this?

  29. vp

    BTW I don't think she thinks she's gonna be fired…I think she wants a big NY style paycheck next year and that's what her grassrooting is all about! I hope she gets it too!

  30. The footage with Marlo telling Nene about her 7 arrests aired in January 2012. However STFA blogger reported on December 9, 2012(No names mentioned)that she received an e-mail from the Family and they did not appreciate Marlo referring to there sister as B**ch and that Marlo slaughtered her. How did the family know what Marlo said about this girl, when it had not been aired yet?

  31. Anon, 11:27 SFTA outted the problems with Marlo way back. She was the first to suggest Marlo was filming for the show and the first to out her criminal background stopped her from being on. She has good sources.These questions are best to be asked at SFTA. However, my assumption was not that they were talking about anything Marlo said on the show. Marlo has not been shy about trash talking about her felonious assault about town allegedly.

  32. Those that can do, those that hate blog. Tamara your blog is really getting to be very petty. Get a life honey and find something better to do than hate on people you don't know.

  33. Ivy

    Leakes has never recovered from the first episode when Sheree not only outed her as a pretentious phony but chased her humongous ass out of a restaurant, much to the viewing public's hearty approval and amusement. She's been clowned ever since and is now doing what she does best: blaming everybody else, spreading rumors about everybody else and claiming that she's "favored by God" (look up "delusions of grandeur," Ninny. You'll find it under "Paranoia.") She's pretending that the other women dislike Marlo solely because of her friendship with Ninny, when the fact is that most of us are unable to let go of the picture of Marlo slashing another woman's face.Leakes' biggest problem, as with all narcissists, is that she honestly believes she's smarter than everybody else on the planet, when the fact is that she's an illiterate, bullying moose (as her "fans" continue to prove). I'm truly sick of her and wish she'd go away.

  34. Ivy

    And if that sounds "bias"(LOL!) then so be it.

  35. Tamara, do you really believe u are the only one on here with an education? Cuz u ain't honey. I have more education than u do, u useless bitch. Excuse me if I talked blackese for a minute in my anon post. I dont waste time like you correctly writing a stupid post about bullshit which is your life. Blacks have ruined the English language along with y'all white southern trash. High and mighty talk from a blogger who flaunts her education and calls her posters cunts.Your best friend is your site meter that u seem too love to threaten people with. So can u do me a solid shawty and dont get it twisted, as blacks and white trash would say.Why cant blacks talk in the correct verb tense. Tamara u are a fat old bitch with no life who claims coworkers were jealous of u, but u just a dumb bitch with a shit ass blog. Get a life u twitter hag. F you and the pig u rode in on.

  36. It's pretty safe to say that if you went to college you wasted someone's money. Again, thanks for all the views, but if you could refrain from commenting that would be awesome.

  37. I see the cream has risen to the top here and apparently curdled. What do you suppose this asshat is trying to communicate to you, Tamara?

  38. Tamara, I do not for the life of me understand why you think Sheree actually came to this whack ass blog and posted comments defending herself to you. Why can't someone be a viewer of the show and a fan of Sheree without you delusionally thinking it was Sheree? Yes I'm pretty sure Sheree reads the blogs but she does not strike me as the type of person that would make comments anonymously in her own defense. Many of the comments that were made in response to your "Storytime with Sheree" post were made by me a loyal fan of the show and Sheree, who lives in Baltimore, Md. I am not Sheree and many of those comments you referenced were made by me. You are truly delusional. I'm not a NeNe fan but I'm sure she doesn't come on here wasting her time commenting positively about herself and negatively about the others. Please get a clue–hell send me your address and I'll mail you a dollar for a clue.

  39. This is better than the show!

  40. Wow, all these negative posts. Please to to MediaFakeOut with all the other great unwashed. K Thanks.

  41. Although Nene gets along with Andy Cohen, she does not get along with the production company. After season 2, she interviewed with Essence or some magazine about them editing her in a cetain negative way. I find it interseting that Maja Sly, who is married, young and appears to be stable did not get any air time. I have noticed that they have limted Nene's screen time in most episodes this season. Maybe this is there way of removing Nene from the show. Aparently Phaedra, Sheree, and possibly Kandi have more influence over productions decision. A lot of people assumed that Nene refused to film, but it is possible that production decided not to air the scenes. We may never know. I personally think this is Nene's last season. Sheree is one of those people, that will use you to get where she needs to be and then she will act like she doesn't know you. The Nene/Sheree rift may be real. Sheree has Phaedra now. That may be why Lawrence was so negative about Phaedra when he was on WWHL?

  42. fromTamara said…ANON 3:21Tamara, please dont turn into angry black woman over someone who just made a comment. As aforementioned, I like your articles but it seemed this time when other had constructive criticism (which we all are subjective too) you became irate. I said I check everday because I usually like what you report. I appreciate you wishing me well in my future endeavors as I say to you touche'. If you would like to talk offline so that we can calm down some of this aggression let me know.

  43. as i have said previously phaedra is sfta attorney, so the info was indeed plantedalso sheree and marlo have persoanl knowledge about one another so i am sure they ran in some of the same circles before this showthe smalls arent fooling anyoneand kandi dating down to earth guys? i guess you can be a drug dealer own clubs and promote strip clubs and yet be down to earth

  44. Oh honey, the shade! Nene said she was finished prior to the season starting b/c she's persuing other things. And you know what's sad? You did NO research because you have the wrong Maja. The Maja that they were gonna add b4 Sheree and Fakedra pushed for Marlo was Maja Sly. Google it, check twitter. Smh "journalist" lol

  45. ANON 6:57, You make a good point about the production crew. The production crews are different for each city and I could see Nene not getting along with the Atlanta one. The Atlanta crew seemed to really like Kim. If the crew was the same as the Tardy for the Wedding filming they tweeted a lot with Kim during the filming in a friendly manner. You may have hit the nail on the head. In fact on of the TFTW producers went to the filming of WWHL with Kim. Maybe THAT is what has caused Nene's change of tweets?Also, Maja Torrence did seem a bit young, thanks for the Maja Sly info! :) P.S. This is my favorite set of comments. All the neck rolling and squaring up is HEE-STERICAL.

  46. fromTamara said…ANON 3:21Yes this one has been a blast its kind of like we are the cast of the RHOA now…

  47. Holy sheet!!! Reading these comments is just like watching the housewives drama. Tamera guess that translates into you really excelled in writing this blog as it certainly is drawing commentary, lol.Just some comments to make. Folks this is Tamera's blog and as such she can write whatever the hell she likes and it really doesn't matter whether any of us like it or not. I don't think Tamera is writing this because she is looking for anyone to kiss her butt and love what she has to say so why do any of you think you have the right to control what she thinks, let alone what she says. Folks we are talking about her opinions of a reality aka fake tv show for pete's sake.Tamera to comment on what you wrote, yes I do agree, the tone of NeNe's tweets do make you wonder what is going on. I think in the beginning NeNe was the breakout star and made the show. We may get tired of the loud in your face bullshit but you have to love the vulnerable moments when you get to see the real NeNe. I frankly get a kick out of her but don't want her as my friend by anymeans.I think NeNe was cocky with the comfort of sitting on top and in control and also busting out with new opportunities that grew from her role. I suspect maybe Glee and The Game are not looking good for major full time roles and NeNe maybe is realizing she can't have the entire cast annoyed with her and protect her perch. She is a smart lady and probably sees she may have gone to far and is trying to get back on track. ROA makes sense with NeNe when we see her laugh, fight and cry. Just the fighting alone is not so much fun.As always great blog and to the readers who don't like what Tamera has to say, no one is forcing you to read or comment. You're free to leave anytime and I don't think Tamera will miss you much, she might even celebrate on her porch with her glass of sweet tea.

  48. Maybe ppl need u to "break it down" because ur writing isn't clear and direct! And the little strikethrough thing a lot of bloggers use nowadays, ur not using that correctly. U strike thru jabs or little jokes. U struck thru information that ppl probably don't know. Geez!

  49. Have you tried Media Fake Out? I think it might be more to your liking. Unless your mom has one of those parental controls on your laptop. If you read something at your reading level (clearly not this blog) for twenty minutes a night every night, your comprehension will improve dramatically. Try it and see!

  50. This picture NeNe retweeted of Sheree's nose wasn't legit (a shame some of her fans couldn't tell it was photoshopped). Here's the original: anyone seen pictures of Sheree before the show? The other ladies have pre-RHOA pictures on Bravo's website. It makes me even more curious about Sheree's past.

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