Kandi Burruss on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight

I’ve edited out the video because CNN keeps giving me phantom hits when someone reads it and it’s messing up my true view count. sorry.

According to CNN’s The Marquee Blog, Kandi has done an interview about her opinions on some of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Specifically, her views on Taylor Armstrong’s book about her abusive relationship with her deceased husband Russell Armstrong and her opinions on Kim Richards’ alcoholism. The clip posted above is very brief and discusses just the Taylor situation. The brief blog goes on to say that Kandi’s line of sex toys, Bedroom Kandi, won an American Adult Video Award this past weekend. Mama Joyce must be so proud!

Okay, I looked several places on CNN for when Showbiz Tonight airs. I don’t know why The Marquee Blog posts teasers without telling us when to watch. So I voted on some Demi Moore poll and it said watch at 5 and 11pm. Turns out Showbiz Tonight is on HLN. Who knew? So I am watching now, and will let you know, when I know what Kandi says.

Kandi talks about doing The Kandi Factory and “taking the average person and doing this artist makeover on them.”  Crap I think I might have missed the interview. lol. Looks like the last half is at Sundance. Apologies.:) Honestly, someone on twitter #FF me in the same breath as The Bloggess. And it sort of undid me for a moment. If you have been living under a rock and don’t know who the Bloggess is, she will be in the history books as the best blogger that ever blogged. She’s totally the egg mcmuffin of blogging (I am a victim of the advertising agency). So I am sorry I failed at my duties of figuring out whether or not Kandi had something interesting to say tonight about vibrators, but just go buy the Bloggess’ book. And you will understand why she makes me furiously happy!


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10 responses to “Kandi Burruss on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight

  1. HAHAHAHAHA … Kandi's powder puff sex toy was written up in the Huffington Post – one of the things that will slip past the TSA!!!She looks GREAT – her trainer really got her back into shape!!I also agree with her… let the dead rest in peace.

  2. Ivy

    The only HW-related book I'm looking forward to reading is the one that's going to be written in the not-too-distant future by Kennedy Armstrong. I predict this book will be written to both vindicate her father and to expose both her mother and Bravo for the ghouls that they are. I can't wait.I love Kandi and she looks beautiful.

  3. I agree with her decision. Taylor needs to quit playing the victim and move on.I would buy a Kennedy Armstrong tell-all, maybe we should offer to help her write one.

  4. I agree with Kandi way too soon to be writing a book. LOOOOOVEEE KANDI AND I LOVE HER HAIR SO GORGEOUS!!

  5. vp

    Haha…I love the Bloggess too.

  6. Kandi's hair looks perfect in this clip. Love it!!!

  7. Kandi does look fantastic in the interview. I feel bad for getting distracted. Then again it was THE BLOGGESS. lol.

  8. Pam

    Yes, it was too soon to be writing a book or releasing said book if it was already being written as Taylor has stated. Kandi's honesty on this point was a plus for her in my book. And yes, Kandi should keep her hair like it was in the interview. Looks good and Lord knows, the woman has rocked some horrible hair.

  9. That looks like her hair .. it really grew out nicely. Hope she keeps the look.

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