The Real Housewives of Atlanta Fight In Cape Town

Ever since I started this blog a few months ago, I’ve been doing some investigating into the RHOA trip to South Africa. I’ve been turning over rocks and trying to make friends in South Africa with people who may know something. I’ve found out bits and pieces that when all weaved together tell a story. I’ve been waiting for more than a bit here and a piece there to get some more explosive insight as to what is going on. It’s been a very slow process. Sometimes, though I forget that I haven’t told you guys everything I know yet. Not so much because I am holding back but because I wanted to know more before I posted. I wanted to have the bigger picture.

So tonight, while trying to figure out what to blog about, I realized that there is a lot I haven’t told you. More than enough for a blog post, but not as much as I would like for there to be on this particular story. I wanted to have MORE. I am working on it. But for tonight, I’m just going to go ahead and tell you what I know about the whole scene from the next episode where Marlo goes off on Sheree for not inviting her to a party. Skip through the jump for the tea.

Kandi’s room in Law Hill Apts in Capetown

When the girls got to Cape Town, they stayed at Law Hill Luxury Apartments on the V&A Waterfront. These apartments are apartments but are rented like hotel rooms complete with maid staff and all the perks. They have spectacular views of the harbor and are pretty amazing. As much as I love mingling with the locals, I can totally see myself cooping up in this place and just enjoying the views from the balcony with a nice drink. Unfortunately, the RHOA chose to fight. One of the reasons I was waiting to post about this topic was because of the party in Llandudno . More than one source has told me that the party was held simply for filming. Clayton Morar, who is the celebrity expert of South Africa was the first to discuss the story here talks about a couple of people who attended but not much else.  The story I have for you tonight is that it was a Bravo show where they invited guests to the home of a person who I still have not identified for a filming complete with flame throwers and African drummers. The pretty much took “tourist attractions” to someone’s private home OR a private home rented just because of the view and expanse of the home.

Which brings me to the central question of both this blog and Bravo in general. HOW STUPID IS BRAVO? First they want us to believe that Phaedra knows the King of Ghana,  Vice President of Ghana, but now they want us to believe that Sheree Whitfield knows someone in the chi,chi, chi, Beverly Hills, section of Cape Town?

The whole premise of the story, which is very reminiscent of when the RHONY went to Morocco and just happened to know someone there having a party, ROFLMAO is that Sheree is the one who knows someone rich in SA and didn’t invite Marlo the felon or Nene. Also we are led to believe that parties in SA include flame throwers and African drumming, much like every party in Atlanta includes charity auctions and fried chicken.  Once again, my soon to be ex imaginary gay boyfriend, Andy Cohen insults my intelligence.

It’s a staged party, a staged fight and a whole lot of manufactured bullshit. I do hope they give us a view from Law Hill and even the briefest glimpse of the real Cape Town. I imagine if they bother it will be in shots in between a bunch of women brawling on a whole new continent.  As a disclaimer, I would like to point out that Kandi Burruss seems to be embarrassed by the whole ordeal and trying to stay the hell out of all the drama. She also points out that it isn’t the smartest thing to do, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU LIVE IN ATLANTA, to call out the other chick in a verbal war to using “hanging out with faggots” as an insult. Especially when,  the person hurling that insult does a lot of gay events.  But, um, perhaps she won’t after this episode airs.  Because who wants someone with a felony record a mile long, who insults gays on national television to come to their event. Well, um there are some pretty hard up gay, black, male bloggers out there I guess. But still.

Gosh. I guess I did have a pretty good blog in me tonight after all. I just did it earlier than I planned. If you have read this far, and plan to use my blog for your own, please do the right thing and credit me. You won’t like me when I am angry. Especially if you use several months of my work to write some knockoff blog without crediting.


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16 responses to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta Fight In Cape Town

  1. Ivy

    What could anyone possibly find to fight about in a place like that? These women are incredible. Excellent blog, Tamara. :)

  2. Pam

    Marlo uses the f word? Fuck her, gays have the window into my soul and I hope she ends up in Pulaski State Prison for being an insult to woman everywhere.

  3. Pam

    Women. I am not Danielle.

  4. WOW!!…awesome post Tamara. And yes – BRAVO/ANDY must think we are ALL MORONS!!! Bravo misses the boat with ALL the trips that the HWs take…….and more proof to me that The Felon needs to NOT BE ON TELEVISION AT ALL … and this is who Nene wants to hang around, while trying to get a Hollywood career going?Geez … I'm with you – WASTED trip … WASTED opportunity.

  5. Thanks for another awesome post, Tamara. I hope that the Gay community will stand up to Marlo. She is a disgrace!

  6. Again, another post AFTER all of the previews for the Marlo/Sheree fight have come out…Do better Tamara.

  7. deb

    These women have constantly picking at Marlo every chance they get. I believe they are trying to push her into knocking one of them out so that they can press charges. It's no ones business how she get's her money. She isn't asking them, for any.Sheree needs to be concern about that pile of dirt she calls chateau sheree.

  8. It's always nice to know who enjoys watching the convicted felons who prostitute themselves for money! Enjoy her behavior in South Africa. I am sure it will be stellar.

  9. How did they get Marlo out of the county being a convicted felon. I read Marlo does not have a contract with Bravo because of her record, she is just doing guest appearance

  10. When I saw how Marlo came apparent where she gets her money from. She looks like a gangster not a kept woman. What do you think.?

  11. Hi, TamaraWatched the new episode of RHOA and I must say that the fight with Marlo and Sharae took the show to an all time low. Are you as disgusted as I am?

  12. Ms. January I have to agree with you. Sheree has never been my favorite housewife. I agree she had no obligation to invite Marlo, she and Marlo have no ties. I've been watching RHOA since the beginning I must say week after week I'm disappointed even more. I feel that Cynthia has started to ge a little messy, I guess she has no choice since Marlo "AKA" GANGSTA BOO STEALING HER FRIEND NENE. I must say I'm glad NeNe trie to be the peace maker and not throw more fuel on a 5 alarm fire. This episode was very disappointing.

  13. Cynthia started that mess. They were arguing about material things and who has what and who paid for it. Really? These woman are in the position to do something great for African american women. Marlo is only interested in where she can get her next dollar from. She is only worth 60 thousand dollars.

  14. Tamara, Copy Gator, every time I put my web link in to it to start it, then check back later it says not found. Any suggestions?

  15. I have the same issue. ssssh! :) Also, I can post on facebook properly anymore. It's taking my header text instead of from the blog. And now that I am tinkering with it, it's no longer pulling an image or title! argh.

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