Honey Badger Don’t Give A SHIT!

OMG I LOVE RANDALL MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF!  Had I read my email earlier I could have saved my RHOA post!  I can’t tell you how happy I am to see Randall’s face.  OMG.

If you have never seen the original Honey Badger video which the pistachio commercial is based on and the football players name themself after  YOU MUST WATCH THIS!  My BFF Anne Boleyn sent me the BOOK! It’s so awesome and has all the cuss words! Honey Badger Don’t Care: Randall’s Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals


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5 responses to “Honey Badger Don’t Give A SHIT!

  1. Pam

    OMG.The 70's live again.

  2. How long before someone's confused by the Anne Boleyn reference?

  3. Ivy

    Oh, thank God. I thought it was just me LOL!

  4. Anne Boleyn is real and fabulous. Her parents have a sick sense of humor.

  5. vp

    Someone named their child Anne Boleyn? I don't know if that's awful or awesome…maybe both. lol

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