Nene Leakes on The Game Tonight

So last Tuesday on Glee, we saw Nene’s first scene in her big role. Literally, it was one scene. While following Nene on twitter, I noticed that she was running her lines quite a bit. From the sound of things she was memorizing some major lines. She hired an acting coach in LA to help her get into character. Then we saw a brief scene that was basically neck-rolling Nene spitting insults.  She was filming that scene all of one day and half of another. So after show, I decided to wait to discuss it until the Michael Jackson tribute episode which airs next Tuesday. Maybe she has more lines that show her abilities as an actress then.

In about half an hour, Nene will be on the game, playing herself for the most part. In the show, she has a clothing line coming out, but it will be the same ole loud mouth Nene. It comes on BET tonight at 10 pm. Go watch it and come back and tell me what you think.


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10 responses to “Nene Leakes on The Game Tonight

  1. Nene Is very funny but is mean spirited…

  2. Somebody is sipping hateraid. NeNe is doing the damn thing…good for her!

  3. NeNe has a recurring role on Glee so she'll be back. I think she did great

  4. Who's hating on ol horse teeth? Not everybody enjoys watching an over the top ignorant, label whore (one who prefers that to obtaining a real education, paying her bills & having class) parade around neck & eye rolling, all the while trying to convince herself that she's indicative of a successful/accomplished woman of color. Not! She's a fool, cash & class poor. So if I too will be accused of sipping on haterade, thank you. But I have my J.D., own my own home, live w/i my means and thankfully don't look like whats trying to pass on this show as being attractive. So I will sip on….thank you very much.

  5. Ivy

    The clip from Glee was dreadful. The lines she was given were ridiculous and she can't act worth a damn. And if it took her a whole day and a half to do get that scene right (what did she have, FOUR LINES?), I seriously doubt she'll be given a recurring role.Was jealous as hell that she got to talk to Eric Stoltz, though. :)

  6. Ivy

    And while it's on my mind, is Leakes a grandmother or not? Anybody know? She says she's not, but given her history of bold-faced lying this means absolutely nothing.

  7. Tamara why are you and straight from the A hatin on nene?? she is the most famous housewive of ATL…she is doing good things beside rhoa. i'm from europe and read blogs 2 keep up but these negative post are not entertaining 2 me.booooo

  8. I can't comment on SFTA. As far as my blog goes, I call it like I see it. I think it is GREAT that Nene has some opportunites beyond RHOA. I have actually become much more positive toward her as this blog goes along. Everyone thinks I am "hating" on whoever I blog about with any sort of negative context if they are their favorites. Or the person themselves, or their managers. There are things I like and don't like about most of the cast. This blog is where I tell you my opinion. Sometimes you will like it, and sometimes you won't. But I am glad you are here and reading and commenting. By sharing your positive opinion, it sort of evens things out, no? :( Also, why did you say you were from Europe rather than your country of origin?

  9. you go tamara!!!!chitown shelley

  10. I personally know the girl and i ran into her sister and she is infact having a baby girl! Please leave my friend alone known her for along time she is not a bad person thanks

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