Shamwari Game Resort: The Girls Go "Glamping"

I’ve been getting some questions about Shamwari Game Reserve where the housewives and convicted felon will be going on safari. Shamwari is a game reserve, which means it is about 60,000 acres of land enclosed by electrical fencing rather than an actual wild environment like one might find on a safari in other countries, like Kenya. Though some refer to it as “safari lite”, the animals are live, plentiful and certainly in no way domesticated. There are seven lodges to choose from on the vast property. It is my guess that Bravo put the ladies in Bayethe Lodge. It is the most expensive with prices in 2011 well over $1,000 per night. It is also the only TENT Lodge. The video above narrated by some guy who had clearly been drinking some liquid courage before retiring, will show you that while the tent has wooden floors, plumbing and electricity, there are portions of walls that are in fact canvas.  The good news is that it seems that Bravo took up the entire lounge for the shooting. Click through the jump for more details

This picture was taken during filming of the
drumming scenes at Shamwari

There are numerous reviews on  about mice, birds, and other univited guest getting into the tents.  We can only hope. :)  If Bravo took all of Bayethe Lodge and Bayethe Hills they would be able to keep cast and crew together while out in the bush. The facility is all inclusive for lodging, food, beer and wine and includes twice a day safaris of 3-4 hours each. One VERY EARLY in the morning, (fat chance) and another in the late afternoon before dusk. The jeeps for this lodge hold eight people each rather than the six the other lodges have. All around it just makes the most sense and matches up to some of the pictures I have.  See this fellow to your left? He has done his usual routine numerous times through many, many takes for the drumming scenes at Shamwari. It was a late night of filming. I can only imagine how many times Phaedra and Sheree tried to flip up his loincloth to have a look at his god given endowments.
Bayethe Lodge offers the ultimate in luxury tented accommodation.
Bayethe is a splendid stone walled and thatch roofed lodge with a large deck area overlooking a waterhole. There is a double volume lounge and dining area which spills out onto the deck which is adjacent to the outside boma for traditional fireside dining under the stars. The Shamwari wine list is especially selected and includes a choice of 12 red and 12 white South African wines. A further selection of rare and fine wines and imported French champagne is also available. A selection of Cuban cigars are on offer from the humidor. The 9 luxury tents are camouflaged under trees allowing for ample privacy and unsurpassed comforts. Each tent is air-conditioned and heated and has an en-suite bathroom, shower, private plunge pool and viewing deck.

The 3 premier tents at Bayethe Hills are the ultimate in tented luxury. These tents offer the additional luxuries of a fireplace, satellite TV, plunge pool and hammocks suspended out of the wooden decks. Early morning and evening game viewing drives in open game viewing vehicles as well as guided nature walks and bird watching are all part of this magnificent experience. Source Site


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9 responses to “Shamwari Game Resort: The Girls Go "Glamping"

  1. Looks beautiful. Not sure these ladies will appreciate this cultural opportunity. Also don't think they understand the concept of "when in Rome….". Would hope that a few mice, monkeys, birds and other critters come to pay the ladies a visit. Can't see NeNe taking a bath in that tub or having the nerve to take a shower in that outside shower stall. If I read and understood it all, the tent in the video is a single or two person (one bedroom) unit which means with nighttime jungle noises, the ladies would be on their own? That would be a hoot, would pay to be a fly on the wall for this trip. Just hope they don't embarrass us too much with their ignorance and crudeness, lol.

  2. I'm a solo traveler with nerves of um…wire? lol. But I could not do the tents alone. The thing about this lodge is they have rooms with twin beds. Which means they went in two by two.So,nene and marlo, phaedra and kandi, and sheree and Cynthia? what do you think the roommates are?/teaser

  3. GREAT INFO!!!! … and I travel a lot – but I'm not an outdoors girl – so I'd not be happy in that tent … I don't care how many cameras and crew people were there!!LOLI think the roomies are…Kandi and PhaedraNene and the FelonCynthia and ShereeORCynthia and PhaedraKandi and ShereeNene and The Felon

  4. So fake. Firstly you of all people should know that Sheree also has a criminal record for stealing from a department store and for writing bad checks…look her up under her maiden name Sheree Fuller…And Phaedra is married to a convicted felon. So if none of these ladies have a problem with Sheree or Apollo I have no clue what the big deal about Marlo is…just hating I guess…

  5. Yes dear, you have told me more than once that Sheree has a "criminal background" she wrote some bad checks a long time ago. I'm not a fan of Sheree's but really, is that all you got?Now, Phaedra's husband? He did some REAL TIME but I guess for her his looks over came it. Now she is surprised when he is tough on a baby? Go figure. Cutting up someone's face in a bar over a man is a WHOLE NOTHER CRIME. just saying.Watch her screaming at Sheree for not inviting her to the Bravo party calling Sheree someone who hangs out with Faggots and get back to me.

  6. Geez thought this was going to be a fun chat about the roomies, lol. I agree with the Phaedra/Kandi lineup due to the friendship (I am assuming that Phaedra is Kandi's atty). NeNe and the Felon of course are a natural pair (oh Lordie me after that fight, wanna hide on the wall in that room). Than nothing left but Sheree and Cynthia, maybe they can work out together so natural bond there.Sheree writing bad checks is a crime and should be punished, as is shoplifting but feel like my life would not be in danger.Apollo's conviction I thought was for white collar crime, RICO, some financial issue or something, again not feeling very threatened.Marlo the face cutter, don't need to say another thing. Her own words did it as I first heard on another blog Straight from the A "she dropped her knife I didn't drop mine". Means her life wasn't in danger but her vile character was in full force and she horribly disfigured another human being…just because she could. So Marlo is on whole 'nother playing field and you couldn't pay me to associate with her.

  7. Looking at that tent, I can't believe they stayed there. I would be scared sh*tless. Although, the South has some monster insects. And mice sh*i everywhere. And he said monkeys come through. No thanks.

  8. My question is, Who payed for Sheree to go to South Africa?

  9. Marlo reminds of the young lady from HBO's The Wire (Snoop/Felicia Pearson). Snoop was given a new lease on her future. Unfortunately she could never get her life together. I think the same would happen with Marlo. If her current lifestyle was down graded, I believe she would revert to her old criminal ways faster than Kim can could put a wig on her head! -January

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