Project Runway Has Jumped the Pig

I can’t even believe I am going to blog this at all since I was not really paying attention and had one eye on the GOP debates but… Here’s a where I try to make a sow’s ear into a silk post. 

Joanna’s Coles helpful tips from the workroom:

“I don’t think that comfort when you are dressing a mega celebrity like Miss Piggy should matter.”
“With a headband be careful, remember she has two big ears. I want her to be able to hear”
“How does a pig feel about wearing a giraffe print?”

The runway show is SO FAST for each dress you really can’t take them in at all. This is a good thing.

Miss Piggy’s comments on the runway:

“Can you hoola hoop in that?” (Austin Scarlett’s dress)
“It looks like a Candy Store exploded!” (Rami’s dress)
“I love the hat because after a big night out I can use that hat to clean my pots and pans.” (Kenley’s dress which I think should have won)
“I don’t normally wear leather.” (Michael’s dress which was rather unfortunate)

Austin Scarlett’s dress SUCKED and even with bows on the hips of a pig, he didn’t go home. Gordana does. And she should have been out anyway. Michael wins with the most unfortunate dress of them all. Kenley was robbed.

But by far the best part of this episode (and that is not saying much) is the quote below.

“Because Miss Piggy loves pink so much, I would consider going pink for her.”~the female judge with the curly brown hair. (I have no idea who that was)


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4 responses to “Project Runway Has Jumped the Pig

  1. No post action here so shoutout to BANJO!

  2. Austin, Rami, Jerrell and Mondo all had hideous dresses. Mira needs to go home, ick. Gordana was another expendable designer only added to all stars to get the first few comps out of the way.Anthony's would have been cuter without the feathers.Thank you for the PR blogging. I couldn't wait to come see what you wrote.bendy

  3. Aw Bendy, you are so sweet. Alas, I halfway watched and halfassed blogged it. Thank YOU for reading and commenting!

  4. i think Rami's Ms Piggy dress should have wondid you blog about the gelato challenge in which april shouldn't have even been in the bottom, much less sent home?kp

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