Kim Zolciak and Sweetie Make Up!

Kim Zolciak and Sweetie are chatting happily on twitter.

I don’t know about y’all but all is right in my world! I wonder if she will be in Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding? I really don’t care as long as they are back being friends. Love them!

Click here for the tea on Kim and Sweeties summer breakup.

Kim’s kids love her so this is a good thing. Kim is really maturing and settling into a happy life with Kroy and the kids. Who says you can’t make a reality whore into a housewife. I had faith all along.

And have you seen the KJ pics? That kid is adorable!


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7 responses to “Kim Zolciak and Sweetie Make Up!

  1. They both look SO over it in this picture! LOLBut that long hair looks GOOD on Sweetie. iHope she keeps this look.

  2. Sweetie probably just wants to be on Kim's spinoff show that she is making with Bravo. I can't blame her.

  3. The spinoff show was already filmed. The last episode is Kim's Wedding. It has nothing to do with the spinoff. Kim and Sweetie have been friends for ages.

  4. Kim and Sweetie probably got into it about the wedding. Sweetie was not in the first year of RHOA. Kim says that Sweetie has worked for her over 12 years. Kim's math calculations are sketchy. In mid December Kim says that Baby KJ is 8 months old. If he was born May 31, 2011 then he is clearly not 8 months old! I'm glad they made up!! I also saw that Sweetie said she was at the dinner that Joyce hosted. Very interesting. It is amazing how they can edit out certain things, people, and words!!!

  5. Actually Sweetie was in the first season of the RHOA. It was only for a quick shot. It was the after party I think that was done for Sheree's modeling, it was at a bar. I would truly like to know why sweetie was fired in the first place. Was it that Kim was jealous having another non related female around Kroy. Or was it Kroys decision.

  6. OMG! Thank you for blogging this. I love Kim and Sweetie!

  7. Sweetie's an idiot to come back and work for Kim. Be her friend, but work for her?? Not a chance. I actually think Kim might be fun to hang out with in small doses but a NIGHTMARE to work for.But what do I know? I would love to hang with all the HWs for a short time. Even Nene has shown she can be a ton-o-fun.WD

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