The Shahs of Sunset is Missing a Persian Princess

The Cast of Shahs of Sunset
(L-R) Reza Farahan, Asa Soltan Rahmati, Mike Shouhed, Sammy Younai, Mercedeh “MJ” Javid, Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi / Photo: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

The cast for the new reality show produced by Ryan Seacrest  for Bravo was released today. The new reality show which premieres in March will follow the lives of young wealthy Iranian-Americans as they spend lots of money. That’s pretty much it. There is nothing in the big “first look” release that was not already in my article on November 17, 2011 that can be read here.  Andy Cohen seems thrilled that they are rich and Jewish.  Ryan Seacrest says that some are hot and some are funny . I find it interesting how those selling points to the show were divided by the two guys working together to bring us the show.  Andy seems to really value lavish spending and Jews that are not Jill Zarin, while Ryan likes pretty people with a good since of humor. Go figure.

If you click the link to my original article, you will find that the press release refers to all the same basic facts that I linked to, however, it is what is not there that is most interesting. They left out the part of my article discussing how the show was already sued by a party goer. It has been alleged by, Kathy Salem, that during the filming of a party scene, Reza, the sockless wonder on the far left in the picture, and another cast member assaulted her. According to court documents obtained by,  Salem alleges that production did not disclose the entirety of the waiver that she signed and that “someone tried to strip [her] top off and another cast member by the name of Reza threw a cup of water in [her] face.”  Salem alleges the abuse occurred after she was talking to a man at the party who was engaged to another cast member. Kathy Salem claimed in her suit that she was deceived and forced to play a role of “bad girl” who was consistently bullied and humiliated. Shocking, no? It is unclear if her scene will air.
EDIT: Kathy Salem’s attorney states in the document that Salem was “cast in the role of bad girl”  this led many sites to infer she was a regular cast member on the show. My original understanding was that she simply signed a release to attend a party which resulted in what she alleges was an assault and was never to be a regular cast member.


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10 responses to “The Shahs of Sunset is Missing a Persian Princess

  1. That is a pantload of ugly

  2. yes you do. he is truly a one trick pony. they intend to ride the tacky gravy train until all the wheels fall off. no interest in this one from me. thanks for the heads up.chitown shelley

  3. vp

    They are Jewish and from the Islamic Republic of Iran? Huh. And Bravo isn't going to touch on their journey across varied cultural landscapes & the complicated internal integration of so many fundamentally different cultural origins into one cohesive identity? No?They're just going to embarrass themselves at lavish parties and throw expensive breakable objects about, pulling hair and barking obscenities? Yeah. That does sound like Bravo.

  4. Same-o, same-o….sleaze-o. Nouveau riche sleaze.

  5. True Persians are classy. We tend to do well wherever we move because we're hard working, beautiful and really business savy (Jewish to not) and we like living well but to flaunt our money the way these cast members do is really un-Persian.

  6. Being beautiful always helps! LOL. I am following the cast on twitter. They are certainly into their roles. One of the girls is posting about how it's only 22k or better but preferably 24K gold for her. Makes me wonder how much 22K gold she has. It's incredibly soft which is why even the finest jewelers don't go above 22K. It's too soft to be practical for jewelry. I'm pretty sure if you are Persian and not in the cast, this show is not going to make you happy.

  7. I'm an Iranian living in LA and have always thought the LA crowd has NO CLASS (ok the Jewish ones have even less class) but even I can't understand where Bravo found this bunch of garbage! And for your info. the LA crowd is not at all representative of Iranians as a whole. It's almost like you handpicked the garbage and placed them here!

  8. They cast these shows for maximum drama, the "normals" arent going to make it. Do you really think the various Housewives really represent their cities? Or that Jersey shore really represents NJ italians?

  9. Please don't support trash like this. Poor representation of Iranians. All cultures have there tacky and ugly sides, why bring that out ?! Not all Iranians are Jewish or Muslim btw, I'm Zoroastrian and proud of my heritage. Do not tune into this disrespectful show. Shame on Bravo

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