Chef Roble Ali is Headed to Atlanta

Chef Roble showing off his skills at Avenue
Good News Atlanta! Chef Roblé Ali is coming to town! Bleezie will be hitting the ATL on the 27th to spend a few days in Atlanta. According to the twitter buzz, Bravo’s newest celebrity chef is coming to down to open a place down here! He hasn’t spilled the tea on what sort of place he is opening or what his role will be. The restaurant business in Atlanta is tough! Celebrity backed restaurant’s don’t generally fare well. However, Bleezy is a chef whose business is food, not a musician who thinks a chicken and waffle joint might diversify his portfolio.
 In addition to his Bravo show Roble & Co. Roblé is also the consulting chef at Avenue  an upscale gastro-lounge in New York.  Clearly he has lots of pots on the burners already. His sister Jasmine was living in Atlanta prior to heading up to NYC to do the event planning for his catering company. Perhaps she will have a role in the new venture? I hope if he is going to open a place down here it’s got Somalian food on the menu!  Something tells me whatever he opens, he won’t be in the kitchen full-time. He’s got way too much going on! He mentioned tonight he was thinking about hosting a party. Story developing… as TMZ would say. :) I’ll let you know whatever is worth knowing. :)


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14 responses to “Chef Roble Ali is Headed to Atlanta

  1. I like Roble.But its something about his sister I cant put my finger on it.And is his sister pregnant, I noticed that she wear very loose fitting tops ALL THE TIME

  2. I think what you can't put your finger on is seeing a REAL person on a reality show. She's pretty, and fun and hardworking. Also, she doesn't dress like a hooker. This is probably something new for you if you are used to the women of the Real Housewive franchise. Jasmine is a refreshing reminder of what real people look like and act like. :)

  3. I am thrilled, I love him!

  4. I love this guy. Talented AND hot. And his sister too. I wish him luck and maybe I'll get to try his place out one day. Tamara, your site is excellent, btw…

  5. hey tamara. hope this post is in the right place, cause i am responding to two of your blog posts at once. sorry if it should have been under the howives, but this is how i roll. lol. love your blog in its totality. love the atl, loving the howives a lot less, but love your voice on most of the things you choose to write about. even if i disagree, i feel i can say so here, which is not true on all of the sites i participate in. just do you. i guess i am primarily glad you are expanding the subjects you will cover, because i kind of feel i am done with the howives: nothing new to say, too contrived, pissed at bravo for the group of women they chose to "represent' us, unhappy with myself for laughing at crap that in my soul i know is just sad, etc. which brings me to why i am posting here. i love chef roble and his show! it's entertaining, essentially positive, features real people, working real jobs, facing real struggles, showcases diversity – and yes, i am quite aware that some of the foolishness is ramped up for the camera, but the truth factor is clearly evident in every episode. as well as the love of family, representation of a strong work ethic, no coonery, acceptance of alternative lifestyles, personalities, etc. it is a breath of fresh air. the only problem i have with the show is that when it ends i am always hungry, and unhappy with the crap i have in my house to eat! unfortunately next week is the finale. i hope he comes back again, as i am rooting for his success! and yours!!!chitown shelley

  6. I should have some news about Chef Roble and especially Jasmine soon! FYI today is Chef Roble's birthday!

  7. Just caught Roble for the first time last night. Was entertained for a change. Hopefully, the cast stays as real as possible.

  8. When he was on Wendy Williams he said "his age was 43", I don't believe it!

  9. He was kidding. I think he gets tired of the whole "young" descriptor. 😉

  10. Hi, TamaraI am a huge fan of Roble and Jasmine! The show affirms that an ordinary person can fulfill their dreams. Roble started at the bottom and is climbing to the top with hard work and determination.Roble and Company represent the true meaning of a Reality Show.((Hugs to you))

  11. ….forgot to mention that Roble is a handsome and well spoken gentleman. I love that!

  12. Check back tomorrow. I am hoping to have a great surprise for you!

  13. He ignored Wendy Williams the whole time he was on her show.

  14. I Love chef Roble,I admire his talent as a chef he’s extremely confident in all areas of his life far as the gift God gave him as a knowledgeable professional cater,restaurant owner.He should be a leader .This is from a excellent cook that once owned two restaurant customers loved my food too bad the first one was shut down because haters the second one because of hurricane sandy mabye God a bless me with a bigger blessing in the restaurant business

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