Project Runway All Stars Design Gowns for the Opera

Tonight on Project Runway All Stars, once again, Micheal and April are making the same dress. I actually liked Michael’s mop head dress better than April’s mop head dress last week but Michael turtles and switches to a black jersey material. Michael needs a Stuart Smalley tape. He’s good enough, he’s smart enough and gosh darnit, I like him. April decides to dye the fabric that just seconds ago she said was the perfect oxblood color she was hoping to find. While she is dying the fabric, in a bucket like one would tie-dye a t-shirt she mutters something about blood. She’s kind of creepy.
Tabatha Coffey, I mean Joanna Coles, shows up in the workroom and suggests Michael add some cups in the bust of his dress. Jorrell worries about Michael’s model having a nipslip at the Opera. Michael doesn’t listen to Joanna. Anthony is making a bridal gown. When Joanna points out he is making a bridal gown he claims that brides don’t wear low cut gowns. Anthony isn’t listening to Joanna either. Apparently, even though Michael lives in Atlanta, he was not invited to Kim Zolciak’s wedding.  Kenley’s dress would be great for Minnie Mouse, if Minnie Mouse was going to the Opera. I am waiting to see if she puts a gigantic polka dot bow in her model’s hair. The workroom scenes this year are just not “making it work”. I blame Joanna for this. She’s not a designer or a design instructor and she seems to just be concerned with how the dress will photographer. Why is no one crying in the workroom? Were are the disasters that threaten to keep a designer from sending anything down the runway? Why are there no broken sewing machines and stolen forms? I want to see more drama.

Kenley’s dress wasn’t as bad as I thought but it was a still mass of cotton candy and not an opera dress. Sweet P’s model looks like a Mexican Pinata. Jerrel made a maternity gown. So did Kara. That is three dresses so far that have the tit-high waistline with a voluminous bottom. WTF? Anthoy’s white dress came out more Grecian than bridal so he should land safely in the middle again. Michael’s black jersey dress was fabulous and should be the winner.

Wow, Anthony’s dress makes top three. I liked it but not as much as the judges.  April’s bloody dress is in the bottom three. Sweet P is in the bottom again. The judges call her dress a dirndl like you might wear to an Oktoberfest not the opera. The voluminous bottom of her dress to Sweet P makes it a ball gown. They love Austin Scarlett. I personally don’t think his dress is anything awesome.  Kara’s dress is in the bottom despite the fact that it has pockets. Seriously, the judges acted like the pockets made the dress acceptable. Michael’s dress is in the top three despite his lack of cups in the dress. None of the designers seemed concerned with the nipslip potential.

In the end, Scarlett Austin wins and Sweet P goes home. Neither came as a big surprise. I feel like Michael was robbed. Frankly, I feel like we were all robbed. It’s as if they are not showing us the drama this season. I can’t imagine that many designers in one workroom without a ton of fighting and tears. Who the hell is editing this show?


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5 responses to “Project Runway All Stars Design Gowns for the Opera

  1. I agree I thought Michael should have won tonite. I also am overjoyed that they sent Sweetpea home. This series should be so much more exciting but leaves a lot to be desired. I can't stand Isaac Mizrahi. NJB

  2. I agree that Michael was robbed!! I loved the back on that dress, so hot. I loved Kenley's dress too. I would love to wear that. So cute. I agree some of the dresses did look like maternity wear, cute if you are pregnant, but if you're not… mmm. I think Anthony's was the other one I really liked… if it was black with black shiny things kind of zigzagged down it. I kind of think that April should have left yet, the judges comment about her pumping gas and soaking up the oil is exactly what I thought.

  3. Apri should have gone but Sweet pea had it coming from last week. Michael was robbed. I haven't gotten used to the humble Michael. I'm waiting for ahole Michael to emerge.Austin's dress was wellmade. That is all it had going for it.

  4. I never saw the ahole Michael. I've heard a lot about it! I think I might have been spoiled on the outcome. I am hoping it is just people stating the obvious and not having insider info! PS did i mention i hate this commenting format? Hopefully blogger will be fixed soon!

  5. I hate this format too, but at least I can comment again.

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