Kingsland, Georgia Wins Bid to be Lovetown, USA on Oprah!

According to  Kingsland Georgia, a great coastal Georgia town, has beaten out a dozen or so cities it was in competition with to be the setting for Lovetown, USA the latest reality show to be aired on OWN. Check out the video above to get a feel for the town and let me know what you think. Will you watch?

After a nationwide search, OWN and BBC Worldwide Productions have selected Kingsland, Georgia to be transformed into “Lovetown, USA.” Two expert matchmakers including the real-life “Hitch,” Paul Carrick Brunson, and Kailen Rosenberg, with over 200 successful marriages to her name and hailed as a true “love whisperer,” will take over Kingsland for 30 days helping eight singles embark on a journey to find true love in their own backyard. From the local mayor to restaurateurs, bosses and even married couples, everyone in the town will be involved. This one-of-a-kind social experiment is the biggest dating challenge in TV history; examining the effects love can have on the DNA of one American community. The show is produced by BBC Worldwide Productions for OWN. Bruce Toms is executive producer. Izzie Pick Ashcroft, Rob Bagshaw and Jane Tranter are executive producers for BBC Worldwide Productions. Charlie Debevoise and Mark Hickman are executive producers for NorthSouth

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4 responses to “Kingsland, Georgia Wins Bid to be Lovetown, USA on Oprah!

  1. This community definitely seems to be a welcoming, safe, warm, fun close knit community. It looks like a place that I could see myself living. The love factor and reputation would simply be a bonus.Sincerely,Rhonda :-)

  2. tam why does this story not appear in your blog archives? i can only make it come up by linking thru your most recent comments.chitown shelley

  3. It's showing up for Rhonda and me! lol. It's in the January 2012 archives, just keep scrolling back, that was a busy month!

  4. got it girl! lol! please get the scoop on latoyas show for own. i can hardly wait. dont know why its not coming til 2013!chitown shelley

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