Meet Marlo Hampton, Nene Leakes BFF and Cynthia Bailey’s Idea of an Atlanta Socialite

Tonight on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo Hampton hints at her seven arrests between 1999 and 2003. You will see Nene essentially decide that all of that is in the past. I previously posted that Nene and Marlo are BFFs in real life now.  I have also posted that Marlo’s entire situation that she presented to Bravo was fake.  I did not however delve too deeply into her checkered past. I’ve hinted that she was in a knife fight with a girl once, but didn’t post any of the seven mugshots until now.

For a while now I have been waiting for my friend over at Straight From the A to post the tea on Marlo that she has been hinting at for awhile. That time has come. Please head over to Straight From the A and read the shocking exclusive from the family of one of her deceased victims. It’s pretty horrific. Then report back here and tell me what you think of that.  Is this the kind of person that Cynthia Bailey needs to be claiming is an Atlanta Socialite whose opinion matters?  As a native of Atlanta, I’m increasingly appalled by Bravo allowing that claim to ever be uttered on my televsion.  Marlo is a straight up thug.


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39 responses to “Meet Marlo Hampton, Nene Leakes BFF and Cynthia Bailey’s Idea of an Atlanta Socialite

  1. If Nene wants that Hollywood career – she needs to drop this new "friend". YIKES!!!

  2. The fact that Marlo smiles in all her mugshots seriously creeps me out!!

  3. Especially since she was arrested for KNIFING SOMEONE IN THE FACE. And the fact she brings it up to Nene as no big deal and even shows her face on TV where she knows this will all be dragged out, up to an including the suicide of the girl she cut the face off of..It's sociopathic.

  4. from the fist moment that marlo appeared on my tv screen, i questioned what specifically made her special. she is not particularly refined, attractive, or worthy of being emulated. in addition, she does not have even that certain something, that even the other housewives appear to possess. being familiar with a number of bright, articulate, professional, well turned out, black atlanta sisters,i could not see what the fascination with marlo related to. in my hometown of chicago, we are quite familiar with the concept of putting lipstick on a pig, and marlo has always impressed as a pig. our socialites look and act like socialites. and if they are being funded through less than reputable sources, they keep that crap to themselves. please help me understand my sisters in the atl; what makes this woman anything special?? or even likable for that matter? what am i missing here? and what was bravo thinking? why is this woman deserving of this opportunity? why are they willing to take the heat for this particular choice? does she have that large a following there? i just dont get it….chitown shelley

  5. BRAVO should be ashamed … to even give this psycho any airtime!!! Unreal…and Nene – what the hell are you thinking even associating with this THING!

  6. Exactly!! That is the word I am looking for, sociopathic.Marlo should stay as far away from the the public eye as she can… One day this gravy train will end and these con artists (like Marlo) will be on to the next scam. SMH. And yet I continue to watch and see what happens next!

  7. chitown shelley, the reason I HATED RHOA in the first place was that these chicks were held out as "Atlanta socialites". TRUST ME when I say none of them go to ANYTHING that could in anyway be considered the upper echelon of Atlanta. NONE OF THEM. Not even Kandi. You would never find old Atlanta money rubbing elbows with any of these people. The whole show is an embarrassment. At one point we took the whole thing as a funny parody, but now with Marlo? I think we will be happiest when it is all over.

  8. tamara, thank you for that! that is certainly the impression i have from my atl friends and family, but the more they expand the social circles that these women move in, the more i started to question my perceptions. atl has such an established black social structure, going back generations in many cases, that i could not figure out why no one that i know had ever interacted with any of these women, ever. and you are right, at first they were just laughing at the thought that these women were representations of anyone, but they are no longer finding any of their antics funny. they are just a total embarrassment, and i dont care if they are making that paper, as they say.chitown shelley

  9. Tamara, I agree with you. Even in the area that I live in, DMV, the REAL SOCIALITES would NEVER appear on a show- period. "It's just not done". And as much as I love Kandi, I agree. yes she has money, but she is in the music business – which is NOT "high society".BRAVO should have changed the premise of all the shows instead of incorrectly trying to portray any of them as socialites.

  10. In all fairness, I think every city that Bravo terrorizes with a Housewives show is HORRIFIED by what they drag up to represent the city. It's all fun and games until it is your city. Most wealthy people outside of California are not interested in being televised. They are quite happy living their lives in their hometowns and are not buying THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE SHOES IN THE WORLD trying to seem important.

  11. I must admit that these train wrecks keep me watching and this season is no different. I'm waitin to find out which agency Marlo is a call girl for cause I know God didn't give her Gucci and Red bottom money and why sweetie got the pink slip.

  12. There is a whole culture of black women that society is enjoying mocking at the moment. Marlo is part of that culture. Women who want to be rich and chase pro ball players are our sick fascination as a culture as is evidenced by Basketball Wives and that Lala chick and the bazillions of other shows. The women that marry or just manage to get knocked up by professional athletes are a side show to America. It's coonery at it's finest.

  13. I am not surprised that Nene is BFF with Marlo in real life. I would think they have a lot in common.Ex Con, EX stripper, Real thug, wanna be thug, slashing women, chocking women. What does surprise me is BRAVO trying to pass these two off as Black High society. Has Bravo ever heard of vetting? Where do they find these women, stripper bars, parole boards, football games?

  14. Tamara – are you black?

  15. Ivy

    Love that Nene thinks she's hit the big time by glomming onto Marlo. Also love that she doesn't know who the Dalai Lama is or what Going Green means. Jesus.As for what Marlo did to that poor woman – there are no words.

  16. Ivy


  17. I have long hesitated to say this, but I am surprised that there hasn't been a greater objection to the the portrayal of black women on this show. They finally have a show with women of color, and this is who they hire? Marlo is the best they can do? Please. I feel for the family of Marlo's victim, having to watch her sit at that table and act like this incident was no big deal. Slashing someone's face open is a very big deal. If that's how it happened I am surprised she only got six months in jail.

  18. I agree with Kerry Scott. This is all too disgusting to comment further.

  19. Tamara, I sam in total agreement with your assessment that these women are no where near Atlanta society.Bravo needs to change their spin to "tacky, new money, wannabe, realitea- sleaze wives sprinkled with the occasional grifter (for spice.)"

  20. Yee-ha! I have successfully weaned myself off these trainwreck, gladiaor game, tv shows. I do appreciate the recaps and responses, for the most part, they are much better than the shows.Bravo should be boycotted for their ongoing portrayal of women as back-biting, grifting, grasping, fame whores. It's awful what they're doing.

  21. I agree that it's ridiculous to call this woman a socialite (I believe Phaedra referred to Marlo as a socialite as well.) Glad I'm not an "Atlanta socialite!."I'm all for letting the past lie in the past but the face slashing incident is not something I would sweep under the rug. This is a women who felt it was ok to literally disfigure another human being for whatever foolish reason. There will never be a circumstance where that is acceptable normal behavior. This is a woman who acts out first then thinks about her behavior later, if at all. Sociopath comes to mind. If I slashed a woman's face and she subsequently killed herself by jumping off a bridge I would spend the remainder of my life out of the spotlight. Instead, Marlo decides to plaster HER face all over the TV pretending she's arrived or something. It's all so disgusting.

  22. This whole Marlo back story/story line is pretty seedy & vulgar.Glad to hear from Tamara & others that she in no way represents what Cynthia & Phaedra consider polite society in Atlanta.

  23. "Are you black" is not a trick question. She must not be..

  24. Is it wrong to hope she adds a housewife to her body count?

  25. New reader and what is the difference between this blog and Straight from the A? Wasn't that one here first? This is a blatant rip off. From the use of "tea" and the subject matter. I don't know why we need another blog exactly like A.

  26. BRAVO does seem to have a talent for casting grifters and low-life women on this franchise. None of it's fun anymore…it's just seedy, tacky, and low-rent.

  27. Well first of all, why did you have to insinuate that Cynthia was even the first to call her a socialite? As I recall, Phaedra brought her on the show and told EVERYONE she was a socialite. So why didn't you mention Phaedra's name?Second of all, although Marlo is probably not a socialite she is a member of Atlanta's high society. Are you just going to ignore her hobnobbing with Ted Turner's daughter or what? I really used to dig your blog but I'm detecting some hateration right about now…

  28. S

    yeah, could someone please let the Turner family know the kind of disgusting human being they're publicly associating themselves with?Thank you!

  29. S

    btw, if I was arrested for ANYTHING, I would not be smiling. look at that shit-eating grin on her face. If this is true (could someone post a police report?) I hope Marlo gets her face carved up. As long as it's done by someone with a hard childhood that will straighten up and fly right later, I'm sure Marlo will be super understanding since she's been in that position.Your whore-income would be better spent on bodyguards instead of an ugly cocktail ring, you trash hooker. She makes it all sound so glam–would love to see footage of what her life is really like as a whore for wealthy men…you know, having gross sex with kinky old geezers, getting peed and crapped on…sorry people, she's not that pretty and doesn't seem special in any way. Rich men can get women who look 100 times better, But if you want the really dirty stuff, you gotta sacrifice the model-esque babes and settle for a girl like MARLO, Bet she relates to this story:

  30. Pam

    Not every white person in the South is a racist. Even though we can never know exactly what it is to be black, we certainly are exposed to the varied lifestyles of black people considering the black/white ratio in the South. Those of us that are white who aren't Aryan or KKK are very intermeshed with black people and just consider them people like oursleves although often they bring a flavor we don't possess. I am white and a born and bred southerner who loves NeNe and would bust a nut to meet and hang with her. Marlo not so fucking much. Black or white, commmenting on some vile shit someone has done and then trying to pass themselves off as "high society" is just human and transends race. So whether Tamara is black or white should be irrelevant. Hope I spelled all this right as being on my third VO and diet coke is affecting my typing skills. And Tamara, just hush about that.

  31. When the word "coonery" is thrown around, it makes me wonder.

  32. I interpreted the use of "coonery" in this context to refer to the act of marginalizing blacks by perpetuating old stereotypes. I've heard that term used by other people to call out people and organizations that engage in that kind of stereotyping.I don't know Tamara (and I have no clue what color she is), but that was my interpretation of her use of that term.

  33. Is it just me or "WHY THE HELL IS THIS BITCH SMILING"!!! ?

  34. I believe everyone has a past, and part of life is overcoming the negative, and becoming a better person.With that said, Marlo seems to play down what happened as just an incident. I've had many "incidents" in my life, but for sure no one got slashed with a knife. The smiling mugshot bothered me too. She impresses me as one of those women who will do anything to get what she wants, and do anything to anybody that gets in her way. In one word – ruthless!Linda

  35. Tamara….This -c- bomb was even funnier than the last one! LMFAO

  36. I love the excitement caused by some folks limited vocabulary. Our education system needs to be less niggardly with the time they devote to vocabulary building. :)

  37. omg…u are soooooooooooo funny. I like it! I didnt even know niggardly was an actual word until last week when I was reading. I almost dropped my kindle and had to highlight it to see the actual definition in the built in dictionary.

  38. Getting arrested is not cool at all. I hope you won't do anything wrong.

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