Real Housewives of Atlanta Unlikely Partners

Tonight on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Nene and Marlo become fast friends while Cynthia and Peter go to marriage counseling. With regard to the Nene and Marlo encounter at Goldfish at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody, it is interesting to me that Marlo comes out with her criminal record on camera.  It has long been rumored that the reason Marlo did not become a housewife this season was because the producers were not aware of her criminal background. Yet here we have a scene that one supposes was filmed before the trip to Africa that Marlo went on with the housewives.  Also, Marlo was brought in claiming to be the fiancee of Charles Grant when apparently that was never the case.  So when Nene saw that Marlo was getting under Kim’s skin at Cynthia’s party last episode, Nene decides to make an ally out of Marlo.  Say what you want about Nene she was smart to befriend the person that Bravo brought in to fight with her. Lord knows she has enough enemies and needed an ally besides Cynthia.  Wherever this Bravo storyline goes, Nene and Marlo are actually friends now and socialize off camera unlike Cynthia and Nene.

As far as Cynthia and Peter go, their bad marriage storyline may be the most real thing on RHOA.  They both try really hard in the press and on twitter to make it appear that they are just as happy as clams but no one seems to be buying what they are selling.  Last Thursday night, I was up much later than I should have been and suddenly Peter begins tweeting.  Usually his tweets are ads for Bar One but Thursday night it was different.  Click through the jump to see what happened…

Peter Thomas
In Alabama at club STEEL,not mad at all right now
So, it’s 11:52 pm and Peter is in a club in Birmingham. This is the first of a few unusual tweets from Peter. He’s not the kind to keep us updated on his where abouts. He is the kind to likely be drunk in a bar at midnight. So I stick around to see what happens next. There was a picture tweeted with this of Peter at the club with a young man. I don’t think any of Peter’s sons are old enough to be in a bar. So I am not sure who this guy was.  

Peter Thomas This is what’s up
This post was made with a picture of a new poster for Bar One.  Seems like a typical Peter tweet. I am just about to shut down and head to bed when this tweet hits my timeline.
Peter Thomas
What’s up baby.
Hmmm Was that supposed to be a tweet sent to someone in particular? I look around a bit and don’t see who he is talking to, but it seems to have caused someone else to wonder because next he tweets:
Peter Thomas
Only to my wife,never ti anyone else.
Peter Thomas
If you live in ALABAMA,please don’t miss this.
That tweet had this poster attached. It was interesting to me that Cynthia’s endeavors with her Agency now have Peter’s “Entertainment Group” as sponsors on the flyer.  You guys remember Peter who refused to help Cynthia with her party and ducked out early to do God only knows what during the event. Why is his name suddenly all over her business?  I’m gonna leave the whole Cynthia is doing a model search that is a total knockoff of Tyra Banks America’s Next Top Model right down to the prizes and charging girls to participate for another time.
Peter then posts a picture of his three sons. At this point he is getting some feedback on twitter asking about Cynthia and probably who the heck he is tweeting “What’s up baby” etc to.
So at 12:44 am he tweets: 
Peter Thomas

I didn’t get married for T.V,just on T.V. Cynthia & I are totally in love, dont be a hater.
It’s not that serious,I am in Alabama and I cant sleep.
Clearly people were questioning him about what he was doing posting from Birmingham at 1a.m. Maybe his boys live there and we went for a visit? I dunno. I do know that there are plenty of places in Atlanta to go out and party without driving to Birmingham. If his kids do live there then it’s a short ride back from Birmingham to Atlanta. Apparently there was a bar along the way. At least he slept it off before driving back.
So tonight, there is the usual viewing party at Bar One. Cynthia will be there supporting Peter. She’s tweeted about it several times today. What on earth must it feel like to be in your husband’s bar watching an episode of reality TV where your husband cannot follow the pastor’s instruction to tell you what he loves about you?  Think about that when the scene comes up tonight. Cynthia is in public with Peter watching the episode. It’s more than a little bit heartbreaking.



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23 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Unlikely Partners

  1. Tamara,I read that in a New York magazine today the new parents like the number '4'.I don't know the significance it holds for them but they wanted to have it in baby's name.They were using Roman numeral for 4, IV.Rather than IV Blue or Blue IV.. they used IVy.. there you have it………. Blue Ivy

  2. Anon is talking about Beyonce's baby. Which if you think about how much Peter whines about shit – it's LIKE having a baby.I think Peter needs to learn that drunk tweeting is not in his best interest. Tool.WD

  3. WD, You make it seem so normal that someone shows up and starts commenting on random stuff. :) The only Beyonce I care about is a metal chicken that lives in Texas. :)

  4. I think the friendship between Nene & Marlo makes perfect sense. Birds of a feather stick together. They both know how hard it is out there for a Tranny. NJB

  5. Interesting Tamara! … so nene and cynthia do NOT hang out like they always say … LOL Figures. Peter .. he's a snake … and Cynthia is crazy for allowing this mess to continue. Since when does Pater have an entertainment company?!O_o

  6. What happened between Cynthia and NeNe.They always state they are friends off camera and they only deal with each other from the show

  7. Even Cynthia doesn't pretend to the press that they hang out anymore. Nene hangs out with Marlo and Diana (Gowins) although something may be going on with Diana. Peter has had an "entertainment company" for a long while. He used to run conventions for music industry wannabes using that name. remember that whole invester pull out on one of the first shows of this series? That is the company the investors invest in. Right now he has one major investor. A local attorney. A local female attorney. /sideeye

  8. Anon, your post came up while I was double checking my facts. Nene and Cynthia are like that person at work that you like well enough from 9 to 5 but don't really go out for drinks with. Nene went to the first viewing party at BarOne, but they are not "girlfriends". They each have other people that they are closer to in real life. There is no beef between them at all, they just move in different circles.

  9. OH!!!…okay….I let that one slip right by me!!LOL … I am waiting for the enitre epi to be over, so I can FFd thru the commercials … but can I say .. I love when they concentrate on Kandi's music business??

  10. BSB, I LOVED the Kandi parts tonight. Her song turns out to be amazing.

  11. Thanks for clarifying TamaraI like Cynthia and NeNe. Cynthia just needs to speak up for herself moreAlso I have always wondered about Diana and NeNes friendship. All I know about Diana is what's been reported about her and Willie Gary. Its just interesting her and NeNe ran in the same circles befor RHW

  12. Sheree has Pookie, Nene has Marlo. I betcha Marlo does more dirt.

  13. Tamara girl, go get you some business. Nothing about those tweets seemed even remotely juicy or sketchy? So am I supposed to think he's cheating because he said what's up baby (presumably to his wife…which he himself stated was intended for her)? How do you know he wasn't there with Cynthia anyhow, as I recall that is her home state so maybe they were visiting her fam…like I said before, get you some business girl!!!

  14. i swear i just don't like Peter! he is such an arrogant azz! if he and Cynthia break up by the end of this show well good riddance! she can do bad all by herself. her sister sees through him and cynthia needs to also. but i guess that will come in time. sometimes you have to go through some things to see what's really real.

  15. Pam

    hmmm, Maybe I need to book a room at the Sheraton that weekend. But I sure as hell can't apply to be a model and the Sunday thing is $199. Not investing that much to see her. Now if it was NeNe…

  16. i know someone who works at BAR ONE, and just like UPTOWN I have been told Peter (Grimey ass) is still sleeping around. I also know because a guy I dated worked at Uptown, Peter was not paying people and he was making them turn in their tips saying he would cut them at check at the end of the week. but when the end of the week arrived, he would not answer his phone.

  17. correction, I know 2 people that worked at Uptown

  18. Damn….My dude is a Brooklyn Dude just like Peter and you know what he said after seeing one segment with Peter and Cynthia? "That man is no good for her and is in her life for the wrong reasons" Nuff' said. Not sure if this was editing or not – But for her to invest money into Uptown and be all in the kitchen working like she was a cook instead of a model and he couldn't even help her with her business nor stay till the end of her opening?? C'mon Cynthia, 2+2 = 4 and this man is constantly showing her who he is. He's a bonafide playboy that was lucky enough in his old age after all the skirt chasing faded, to find a gorgeous, beautifully spirited woman who would take the stray in. But here's my thing about Cynthia; so you mean to tell me Cynthia, that you lived in New York ALL those years and you can't still tell a snake when you see it? None of that New York grime rubbed off on you?? C'mon girl….

  19. It does not appear New York rubbed off on Cynthia LOL She has no common sense. I believe her and Peter are doomed, and I hope she finds that out sooner rather than later.Linda

  20. where did that beyonce comment come from?? lmao

  21. You are my favorite anon! I wish you would pick a name and sign your posts! :) PS I am hating this new comment format. Hopefully Blogger will get it together. I am too lazy to move to wordpress.

  22. OK, so once again I am looking at Marlo's pic and I just DO NOT understand why people are not talking about Marlo being a tranny or why no one has researched her having a sex change. LOOK AT HER. She is/was a man. And maybe she did go to jail as a woman, my friend had her sex change when she was 18, started it at 15. See the docs in Colorado. 18 is legal. How old was Marlo when she went to jail? That woman was a man. mijoh

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