Project Runway All Stars: Boring Premiere Episode, or Just Me?

Anytime a new reality show with eliminations starts there are always so many people it’s hard to keep them all straight. With All Stars, I know quite a few of them from their season, but there are still designers I swear I have never seen before.  So far Angela makes a good enough Heidi substitute.

I love how they have a penthouse to share kind of like the Big Brother house. I hope they show lots of fighting! So cute how some of them cried when Valentino was giving them the video message.  Then off they went to the dollar store with a hundred bucks.  Anthony was getting a lot of TV time which is not the best edit for the first show. Gordana got a lot of airtime too. She should be worried. If you are going to win or even go far, they don’t show you much in the first few episodes so they can give some airtime to the early outs. 

Joanna is taking her role as Tim Gunn very seriously. She’s a bit more Tabitha from Tabitha Takes Over than Tim Gunn though.  She seems like she would be frightening as an editor.  She’s going to need a catch phrase though!

First breakdown goes to Austin Scarlett. Who is surprised? He manages to recover nicely from burning a hole in his green plastic dress.  During runway judging, Anthony falls safely in the middle of the pack.  Rami gets lots of praise and Sweet P gets some harsh criticism for her dishrag dress.  Mondo’s little black dress was stunning and so well-proportioned and it had a fascinator!  I am shocked he didn’t win even though Rami’s entry was pretty impressive.

All in all it was a boring episode. There didn’t seem to be much time in the workroom shown. The interaction between the designers is the most interesting part. The teasers for upcoming episode show lots of male designers crying.  That is promising I suppose, but  this show is going to have to pick up for me to continue watching it. Sadly, I have nothing interesting to say perhaps I’m just in a funk today. What did y’all think?


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5 responses to “Project Runway All Stars: Boring Premiere Episode, or Just Me?

  1. I found it rather boring myself. Austin must have become a "top" with that silly mustache. I thought Sweetpea should have gone home. I guess we have to wait until next week to see if it gets better. NJB

  2. can your Comments page open with the 1st comment showing instead of the bottom where Post a Comment is located

  3. I didn't find it boring at all. One of my favorite shows

  4. I'm glad you liked it kreim. I think I missed Tim Gunn so much it just didn't work for me. :) Who are you rooting for? I think this whole show was created just to let Mondo win since so many people feel he was robbed on his season. I was shocked he didnt win the first challenge, this is my first time watching him and he is amazingly good!

  5. Mondo ftw! I didnt miss Tim, he's dead to me now…much like Carla from Top Chef, for reasons too stupid to admit herekp

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