Nene Leakes Changes Lives, Y’all

Apparently Dr. Drew Pinsky has yet another TV show. Lifechangers on the CW is his latest talk show where he solves people’s problems from what to wear to who to date to whether or not to work at a bunny ranch.  In an episode which aired last November, Dr. Drew invited Nene Leakes onto the show to help out a cheating boyfriend and get the older woman he was dating to see the light and toss him out on his skinny behind. Sporting a variety of ginormous earrings, Nene takes control of the episode and insists that the lying, deceiving boytoy take a lie detector test which I am assuming he fails in spectacular fashion. Although the original airdate was in November, fortunately for us, Nene has tweeted a reminder that it is rerunning on Monday,  January 9th on the CW at 3 p.m. So um, mark it on your calendar, Nene  fans!


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13 responses to “Nene Leakes Changes Lives, Y’all

  1. Nene giving advice on relationships, that's rich. Didn't she have a baby with one guy, now she's divorcing her husband. She can't get along with any of the RHOA except that milquetoast Cynthia. Everyone on Celebrity Apprentice hated her. You'd have to be meshugana to listen to her. NJB

  2. Anonymous,You sre so wrong… Don't be mad at her for getting out there making that money!! Cynthia is a really down to earth cool chic (I've met her) and they make for good tv and it def brings in ratings so….not sure where you were going with that one but anyway Celebrity Apprentice was a way to get people to watch (which they did by the way)and let that be the reason. She makes a statement and all eyes are on her so, I say thumbs up!!! Bloop

  3. Make that money NeNe! She's living her 15 minutes like it's golden…I can't hate her for that. By the way I don't see the other HWOA in demand like Ms. NeNe…just sayin'…

  4. I will mark my calendar to make sure I MISS it. I can not stand Nene.

  5. Pam

    NeNe is grabbing the bull by the horns and running with it. Love a woman that makes it happen for herself.

  6. Love Nene and will enjoy watching it, I'm sure!

  7. Anon #1… you taught me two new words. Thanks :)

  8. ok if this is all about atl tea can you please give some tea on some other stars dam it going down in the A and im wonder is you scared blog about any body else just saying

  9. anon 1053, if English is your first language, can you try to be coherent here? i be not understanding your gibberish.

  10. ok you understand what im saying and i not mad at your comment either yes i should proof read but i was thinking its more tea to pour out then just the rhwoa that all

  11. White women love Linnethia aka Nene b/c she is not a threat to them. Also, Nene reminds them of the good ole days when they had mammies and house nig*gers. Although nene is way to ugly to have been a house negro.

  12. Anonymous I want to know who do you think you are? Piece of sh….

  13. I am talking about the one who post about the house negro. Stupid, go learn how to write.

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