Stop Sugarcoating It, Georgia!

These are a few of the ads that have been running in Georgia since last summer. For whatever reason, recently the national media has been reporting on these ads. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is sponsoring them as a way of drawing attention to the obesity crisis in Georgia. The commercials claim we currently have the second highest number of obese children in the nation. My own personal investigation lead me to the CDC who chart the ADULT numbers HERE.  According to the CDC most states are hovering around the 25%  mark as of 2010.  Twelve states have a more than 30% obesity rate and Georgia just eeked under that benchmark with 29.6% .  So if we are second in the nation with 40% of our children obese, we are doing some pretty piss poor parenting.

So now, the media is coming out of the woodwork worrying about our poor, fat kids. They seem to be more concerned about these ads than the fact that we have a whole generation of kids with hypertension and diabetes in our first and second grade classrooms. Oh My! Let’s not hurt their feelings!  I’m pretty sure fat kids know they are fat, just like fat adults know they are fat. I tell you this as a fat person. We know, we get it, we’re fat.  The ads are directed at the parents who just filled their kids Christmas stocking with sugar and video games instead of fruit and bicycles. Those are the people who should be ashamed not the kids.  Remember when type two diabetes was called “adult on-set diabetes”? Not any more.

What do y’all think about these ads? Are they going to make a difference? Are they helpful or harmful in your opinion?

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8 responses to “Stop Sugarcoating It, Georgia!

  1. The loud breathing at the end kind of drives me nuts in each commercial, but I think they are pretty effective. Maybe it'll open up some parents' eyes and they'll buy poor Tina a top that has VERTICAL stripes. Just sayin'

  2. It will probably make it more acceptable to bully overweight kids. If the parents are not worried about their kids nothing is going to help. NJB

  3. Perhaps if our food supply wasn't genetically modified our kids would stand a better chance at staying healthy. Monsanto anyone?Our food supply is poisoned to keep us sick, to keep us fat etc. on purpose. This way the pharmaceutical companies can reap the benefits of the population being on numerous medications. Do your reading. We are being poisoned on purpose to keep us sick and dumbed down.

  4. I just made brownies and watched the Biggest Loser.

  5. Yes our food supply is being poisoned by genetically modified foods, and add to that many kids do not get enough exercise. Many public schools have cut out gym, and too many kids sit playing video games – along with being on computers far too much. Kids do not control their lifestyle and what they eat – parents do!Linda

  6. Honestly, I think ANY attention obesity gets is a good thing. You have to start somewhere. I hate when I see kids who can barely breath. It's not their fault. They only eat what they are given. We absolutely HAVE to educate parents…and pressure food producing cos. to stop with all the processed crap.It's not easy to make changes, but it is possible. Let's just focus on the root cause – not the end result (kids).WD

  7. eg

    I definetly agree with the previous anon posts above about our food supply being altered on purpose. Don't want to sound like a conspiracy "nut" or anything….but I KNOW it's not my imagination, and I can't be the only one who notices our food doesn't TASTE the same anymore (a lot of it is just not good) and the effects of this tampering, poisoning, whatever you want to call it is manifesting itself in our kids. We all need to WAKE UP.

  8. I've got to agree with my fellow conspiracy theorists here. I am a HUGE Co-cola fan and stockowner; HOWEVER, we are the only company that has this corn syrup crap foisted upon us. Canadian coke and Mexican coke are "the real thing". On my trip to Canada I kept noticing that meat tasted way different. More gamey.Pork there tastes like pig, for lack of a better term. Traveling to other countries, France, Romania, St. Lucia, I noticed basic things taste different from the US but similar to each other. It's because they lack all the crap we pump into our food. I don't understand why we as citizens just continue to take this as perfectly acceptable. Our own government does seem to be contributing to making us sick and overweight. So it falls on us to pay attention to what we are eating and make educated choices about the amount of poison we put into our bodies. And it's not an easy task.

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