Nene Leakes Cirocs in the New Year Chillaxing with P. Diddy.

Nene Leakes has spent the last two days laying by the pool at the W in South Beach and my sources have been giving me the tea. P.Diddy has said all over the media that his favorite housewife was “hands down, Nene Leakes,” and apparently that was true .  When Ciroc/Bravo NYE parties did not include Nene, it was a bit odd, don’t you think? Well now we know why, Nene is in Miami right now with P.Diddy on his star island house at a HUGE NYE party!

I’m telling y’all, my sources are on the scene and I will keep you updated tomorrow. Right now, I have some champagne to drink!

Update: I got greens and peas to cook and seem to be super busy today with phone calls and just welcoming in the new year so I don’t have a lot of time to update at the moment. But the details of the party at P.Diddy’s include  Rhianna and her see through dress, Queen Latifah busting out in song, and Vivica Fox attending.  Apparently, Nene was not the only one there without a date, as Rhianna and Vivica were both on the prowl.  New pictures below.

Any thoughts on Nene’s out fit of choice for this black tie shindig? Also does her face look different to y’all? She seems like she is having the time of her life! And what about Rhianna’s dress? Tell me what you think. I gotta run I think my turnip greens are burning! :) 


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35 responses to “Nene Leakes Cirocs in the New Year Chillaxing with P. Diddy.

  1. You have delusions. This is only a galaxy exclusive.

  2. i tweeted galaxy exclusive afterward.. was that less? lol.

  3. Pam

    wtg, NeNeGalaxy exclusive is exclusive enough.

  4. Here is a Diddy video where you can see NeNe I know the haters are going to hate lol

  5. Ivy

    Why would anyone hate Nene for being in a video for all of two seconds and then promptly buried in the background? And who was she pretending to talk to? It looked like she was laughing with someone behind her, but she seemed to be addressing an empty space. Where was Kandi? Where was Star Jones? Where was the Mystery Boyfriend? Where was Gregg? Why do Nene's fans always assume that all of us non-fans "hate" her? Isn't it possible that we just hate pretentious phonies in general? So many questions, so little time.Happy New Year, everybody! :)

  6. NeNe is hands down the breakout star of the show. The rest of the housewives are haters…GO NENE!

  7. No, No, No LIP,..PHAEDRA is the potential HUGE breakout star.

  8. Ivy

    Phaedra, absolutely. She looks like she would be a BLAST to hang out with. So does Kandi.

  9. Multi dimensional Phaedra.Her ladyship PhaedraLawyer Phaedra,Raunchy Phaedra,Momma Phaedra,Over the top Southern Black Bell Phaedra…and on and on.

  10. LOL D.Dial that's a "pretty good" comment there. We need to number them. ;)

  11. I want to be the guy in the pretty white chair down below. Or maybe just with him. :)

  12. How bad can Diddy's career be if he has gone from JLo to Nene. Oh how the mighty have fallen. NJB

  13. p

    Well hell no wonder Sherade, I mean Sheree, has her panties in a bunch. Nene hangs with the big boys while Sheree hangs with phony con artists. Oh and Phaedra, I agree. One minute she's a classy attorney – Southern bell – above it all. The next minute she's pulling a stripper out of her a//. Real classy! And Kandi, the sex toy line/webshow/whatever. is OLD. RHOA is my favorite franchise but overall, it is long overdue for some new talent…..Cynthia, I like her but she's flat lining fast.Last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone. Make it a great 2012!

  14. P

    NJB,I'd agree with except, Nene is the MOST recognized face from that cast. None of the others are even known outside of ATLANTA. She's been on more shows with other WELL KNOWN celebs, we can't say that for the others. Peace

  15. Ivy

    Being the most recognized is not always necessarily such a good thing, even in show business. It's regarding this point that I truly believe Nene is most confused.

  16. ish i was there tear they r having a blast while u are talking about them…LOL….Diddy is not dating Nene he thinks she is fun and a cool person. He like to party and so do Nene and as for J-HO she was just his jump off. May be he want to make Nene very rich she is hot right now and he can make money off her

  17. Ivy

    I don't think anyone even once considered the possibility that Diddy might be dating Nene.

  18. Ivy

    But that would be seriously funny.

  19. I agree NeNe is the star they can say what dey want but NeNe is known all over and has been on more tv shows than any Housewife Fakedra is onuly good for one liners NeNe has brought Realness,Struggle,Comedy everything we would wanna see on tv because she is real I think people are going to find out how fake Fakedra really is in it there's someone by the name of @authorangie on twitter writing a book on phaedra called the truth behind the lies but NeNe is definitely WINNING!!!

  20. Kandi was at diddy's party too.

  21. I'm thinking of starting a new rule, well maybe the only rule for commenting in 2012. If you type "dey" for "they" and "dem" for "them" and "dis" for "this" please don't comment here. Happy New Year!

  22. Dat dress and dem shoes is bad yea I said it lmaooo

  23. I am BRAND NEW to your blog, Ms. Tamara, but I must say that it has become my first stop every day when I log on! Thank you so much for having a blog that is informative, fun and all kinds of dishy! That being said, God bless Nene and her VERY RICH self, but I sure hope she hasn't burned all her bridges on the way up. She may need to cross a few of them on her way back down.

  24. Nene is the star and my all time FAVORITE housewife. Her dress is classy. Yeah her face looks different but in a good way. LOVE Nene and can't wait to see her on Glee. well, that's all from little ole me in SC.

  25. It irks my soul when Phaedra refers to herself as a southern belle.I think NeNe will go on to do bigger things.Being that 'reality' TV is scripted she played her part but I dont think that is who the real NeNe is.Also NeNe has proven the she is versitile, she can hang out with a variety of people and I dont get that from the other women as much

  26. Sorry to answer the question…I like NeNe dress…her face looks darker but that may be from being in Californina filming its hot there

  27. Why was she wearing long sleeves? It was warm. That's not a NYE dress. And not the dress you wear for a celebrity party. Nice dress though, this old woman would wear it.Her face looks thinner. If she weren't standing next to a skeleton she'd probably look Cynthia thin.

  28. I think her face does look thinner. And maybe it's just that she laid out in the sun reading her Glee script for two days in Miami. She just looks different. A good different, but I just can't put my finger on what it is. Maybe she is just rested up from two days by the pool.

  29. I'm baffled that Nene fan-atics keep bringing up Phaedra. Could it be that she is becoming the favorite housewife to most viewers….As for the tell all rumored book goes, Phaedra's an attorney don't get sued for slander and character assassination.

  30. Some of NeNe's fans are so over the top with their devotion towards her that it's scary. I usually don't engage them.About the rumors on Phaedra, I went on twitter to do research and some of the stuff that was tweeted does seem plausible. It's interesting that Phaedra hasn't taken action yet considering how many of those tweets were directed at her so she has to be aware. I just wish the author will quit teasing people about the book and just release it since it's already written.

  31. I kinda like to engage them. I am way more pro Nene than I used to be. Girl is going HARD after this Glee role. She was reportedly GLUED to her script in Miami. Clearly she has a big role. I am all about supporting her as a homegirl in a major TV show. That said, I will continue to post that she needs to wear a bra and stop wearing that off the shoulder stuff. I'm her only true friend! :)

  32. Hey Tamara,Becoming a regular here at your blog – it does have a nice vibe – minus the trolls :) I'm not feeling Nene's dress one way or the other – same for Rihanna. RiRi was supposed to be performing at a 5 star resort in Barbados – but Diddy's party was definitely more her style. Nene proves once again she is on the move. I agree she needs to drop the off the shoulder look, and do something to pull those girls up. Linda

  33. Yeah Nene Looks different and has on a long sleeve dress. So fucking what!! She is living her life and seems to be having a ball. I hope she has success with her stint on Glee and can take her career even further. Funny how people come on a blog downing this woman partying it up with Diddy in Miami while they sit at home wishing they were there or anywhere besides in their house hating. I would love to see someone say the things written here to Nene's face.

  34. Ivy

    Can I bring my wildlife tranquilizer dart gun? If so, deal!

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