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Ted Turner, Atlanta Billionaire I Almost Know.

Ted Turner looking good at 74

Okay, so moving on to a new topic. I was just sitting around thinking about all the elderly billionaires I know in Atlanta and my friend Ted Turner popped to mind for some reason. One time when I was on a church youth group excursion to TURNER FIELD to watch the Braves play I noticed he had lots of empty seat near him. So I walked down and asked if I could join him. I was about 15. He said “No, I don’t think my wife would like that”. So he’s a friend in my head. A friend who doesn’t share, but still. He’s NOT 80 though only like 74 or so. Phaedra Parks was recently very involved with his Captain Planet Fundraiser. I’m sure she knows Ted well from working on fundraisers. He surely could afford to buy some Chanel bags and a townhouse in Midtown. HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING,if it were 74 year old penis, would that make it better? I mean it works for Hugh Hefner…I’m of course not trying to imply anything here. I was just thinking about billionaires in Atlanta one might blow for Chanel bags for some reason.  I bet lots of girls would blow Ted Turner for a closet full of Chanel bags. I’m not one, but if that were the only way I had to survive and I squinted a lot, I  I would probably ask for better weave first thing.


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Nene Leakes Seems Oddly Angry with Sheree and Phaedra

Nene Leakes has had a lot to say on twitter in the past day or two. Up until yesterday, it was mostly her usual tweets about what she is doing and retweeting fan support. She seems to be encouraging her fans to let Bravo know that RHOA would be nothing without her. Bravo Andy can’t do an episode of WWHL without mentioning Nene. One would think that means she is good to go for next season. However, her tweets are starting to sound more and more like someone on the way out. When someone works with the public and receives a compliment from a customer and responds with “can you tell that to my boss?” it is usually an indication that they feel their boss does not value them and needs to hear from outside sources that they are working hard.  Her tweets tend to have that feel to them lately. Find out who Nene is hating on now, after the jump.


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RHOA In Capetown: You Can Take A Girl Out of the Ghetto…

One of the Dancers from
the Shamwari Drumming Scene

I am trying to watch this without getting my blood pressure up, but LAWD is it hard. Marlo Hampton is the poster child for the “Ugly American” traveler. She has absolutely no idea how to travel, or more importantly behave in public. While I appreciate she bought a book on etiquette to try to learn some basic table manners, but the first rule of etiquette is it is extremely impolite to discuss other people’s etiquette. Is Marlo on something that makes her run at the mouth all the time or is that just a natural personality flaw? Also, What the hell is wrong with her hair?  If even mild-mannered Cynthia has to tell Marlo to shut up, then the girl has a problem.

The fight begins because Marlo goes off for not being invited to the party in Llandudno. With her behavior no one can blame Sheree for not inviting an annoying unstable convicted felon to a private party. Sheree starts pointing out that Marlo sleeps with 80 year old men for her money. A point that Marlo does not deny. They argue about whether or not Marlo’s sugar daddy is married. Marlo says he isn’t. I say the issue should be 80 year old penis. Because I just can’t get the wrinkly image of that out of my head; nor fathom why someone would um, er, ah, voluntarily, um, be exposed to such a thing. How bad do you really want a Birkin bag and some Loubs? I have got to get the visual of how Marlo makes her money out of my head. Also, did Marlo go after Sheree for the air mattresses on the floor? Had she seen the episode with the air mattresses already? I didn’t think anyone had been to Sheree’s “townhouse”. That was odd.
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Orphan Tourism in South Africa

In an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta the cast members visit an orphanage. I have a lot to say on this issue and none of it is good. What could be wrong with visiting an orphanage, hugging some socio-economically deprived kids and maybe bringing them a candy or twelve? Well lots of things. This isn’t your average RHOA post and may not be for everyone. On the other hand, it could be enlightening for some of y’all. It provides a bit of background on South African orphan tourism and its effects. We will have to tune in tomorrow to see how Marlo responds to the orphanage. As someone who has struggled with the effects of foster care, I am sure we will see generous donations to the South African children and lots of personal interaction.

Celebrities like Madonna and Angelina Jolie who adopt children internationally have unintentionally spread the idea that dropping by an orphanage when in a country with residential care centers for poor and orphaned children is a noble act of kindness that benefits the children. This led to well- intentioned travelers seeking out orphanages while vacationing as a way of “giving back” on a global level. While these intentions are honorable, it tends to call to mind the old saying , “The path to hell is paved with good intentions.” Click through the jump to see why.

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Kandi Burruss on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight

I’ve edited out the video because CNN keeps giving me phantom hits when someone reads it and it’s messing up my true view count. sorry.

According to CNN’s The Marquee Blog, Kandi has done an interview about her opinions on some of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Specifically, her views on Taylor Armstrong’s book about her abusive relationship with her deceased husband Russell Armstrong and her opinions on Kim Richards’ alcoholism. The clip posted above is very brief and discusses just the Taylor situation. The brief blog goes on to say that Kandi’s line of sex toys, Bedroom Kandi, won an American Adult Video Award this past weekend. Mama Joyce must be so proud! Continue reading


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Sheree talks about Child Support

I got a lot going on here tonight, so here is an interview with Sheree you might have missed  where she explains the whole child support thing. I have more news on that but don’t have time to get into all that now.


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