Nene Leakes and the Mysterious Gifts of Jewelry

When it comes to Nene Leakes, there is one thing we know for sure. Nene likes to flaunt it. Over the Christmas holidays Nene was tweeting pictures of all her fabulous gifts, a fancy handbag, some Louboutins, a pair of earrings, and this necklace pictured on top of her new Birkin.  Nene tweeted this picture on Christmas day with the following tweet, “OMG he gave me an amazing all Diamond Letter N necklace! I love it!”. So of course, we all wondered who “he” was.

Wetpaint recently interviewed  John Kolaj and this is the quote they included in the article regarding his gift giving, “Absolutely, I gave her that ring! It’s 8 carats. I gave her a set of diamond earrings, too.” They also quote him  as saying he gave her “a few pairs” of Louboutins. 

First of all, all precious stones are measured in carats, the standard measurement of weight.There was no mention of the type of stone in the ring. Secondly,  if Nene received an 8 carat ring, of any sort, she would  surely tweet a picture. That is what Nene does.  Color me skeptical about there being any 8 carat diamond ring, total weight or otherwise.  This necklace was Nene’s big Christmas gift “from him”. 

She also tweeted a picture of “diamond  earrings” that were also “from him” on her birthday.  I know enough about jewelry to know these earrings are not from Cartier or Tiffany. It’s odd to me that there is no jeweler name on the inside of the lid of the box. It is impossible to authenticate diamonds from a picture on the Internet but if they were from a major jewelry company, I think it would be obvious.

I am not making this post to call out Nene’s gifts. I am pointing out some inconsistencies between John Kolaj’s interview quotes and Nene’s tweets. And also to  question why neither Nene nor John will state for the record what their relationship is. Nene is trying very hard in her tweets to appear as though she is in a relationship with someone that is serious enough to warrant expensive gifts. John certainly has plenty of money. If it IS him, I would think Bravo would want Nene to admit it. I mean after all that is the “storyline” right?  Yet Nene remains married to Gregg. For whatever reason, Nene seems to be pretending to be in a relationship with John. Perhaps John didn’t quite have the gift list straight when he interviewed with Wetpaint?  It’s all very strange to me.  What do y’all  think is going on?


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40 responses to “Nene Leakes and the Mysterious Gifts of Jewelry

  1. Ivy

    Well, at least now we know what she spent her Glee check on. And please please please enough with the mysterious boyfriend already. Nobody's buying it and nobody ever did. I imagine she's already planning her "big surprise" which will be her announcement that she's "reconciled" with Greg?

  2. Ivy

    Dear Nene – Please stop lying. You really suck at it. My five-year-old niece is more believable than you.

  3. I tell you what: I am 95% sure I saw those earrings for sale on a round table in the middle of the aisle when I went to buy socks at Kohl's.

  4. Your correct Tamara, if those where real expensive earings that box would have a design on the inside lid of where they came from or who made them. And that N necklace I'm sure I saw that at an online jewelry site that tries to make real jewelry look real. And the reason she isn't divorcing Greg yet, maybe it's the ole maxim that she doesn't count her chickens yet until they hatch. She doesn't want to get rid of one guy until she knows she's hooking up with Kolaj. I would really like to know what he sees in her. I mean Nene isn't bad looking, but she has an attitude that stands 6 feet in front of her. He hasn't made her mad yet.

  5. Irregardless if her stuff cost a million dollars or one dollar, at least she received something. ANYTHING is better than NOTHING. Even if it was just a holiday card, it's better than not having received the card. Don't you think? Happy Holidays all.

  6. Oh I hear you and agree. My point is that the John Kolaj statements don't make sense in light of the pictures that Nene tweeted. AND that Nene is going to a lot of trouble to mention that these gifts she photographs come from some mysterious "him". Nene seems too busy with work to have a new relationship right now. She wants us to know she is seeing someone but not who? And no one has seen her out with anyone?

  7. Well I believe it I know real diamonds when I see dem and I don't think John would lie about gifts I believe dey are dating and I believe her Greg are already divorce people need to quit hating and NeNe story line dis season is about getting a divorce not John

  8. I know this is probably a waste of energy, but Nene nor Gregg have filed for divorce. Not in real life, and not as part of a Bravo storyline. We have yet to see what Nene's storyline is going to be other than BFF to Cynthia. I believe that is mostly because Nene was refusing to film when shooting first started. That said, I do have some diamonds I would like to sell you. dey be real.

  9. The original post stated that John Kolaj made no comment. Then an hour later, he is spilling the beans on a ring, earrings, and shoes. I think the bloggers made it up. I noticed on the birthday picture with the shoes, that Nene had on a ring but it was turned away. Secretly, I hope she is still with Gregg. When she was with Gregg, everybody made up stories about her having an affair. So what difference does it make, nobody is ever satisfied unless they think she is cheating! She is playing the game.

  10. I think Andy Cohen/Bravo gave Nene some of those gifts. It also lines up with some of her tweet clues!

  11. And who cares about a name inside of a box dis man is wealthy I'm pretty sure he has his own personal jeweler but if anyone knows jewelry those are real diamonds there's enough hating in dis world spread love I'm happy for her and he seems nice and u said she is to busy for man John seems busy he is a business man a successful one at dat I think dey are perfect for each other u were the same one who said NeNe no longer has her house but yet she still does so its not wat u assume dat matters its the truth dat counts and John gave truth!!!

  12. Ivy

    Besides, I think she and Gregg have waaaaay to much dirt on each other to ever even consider getting a divorce.

  13. I would wager that neither the N necklace nor the earrings are real diamonds or if they are, they are very poor clarity and cut. Real diamonds that have a fine cut, color and clarity shine folks, I mean really sparkle off light like an explosion. You would never be able to take a picture with flash and not have all sorts of sparkle popping. I am sure NeNe took those pictures with a phone camera and even if an Apple 8mp camera, she is not sophisticated enough of a photographer to do it without the shine popping thru. These are either fake or non investor grade. Someone with big bucks would buy investor grade diamonds. And I have never seen fine jewelry come in any box with the signature branded quite prominently.

  14. Wow this is all you could come up with for a blog post? Sorry this is not earth shattering or good investigation. Who the hell cares about the gifts NeNe is tweeting about or who bought them? How about posting information that people want to know like why Sweetie got fired or something like that. This post was weak and hating at it's least. This site could be so much better than that.

  15. I think Nene cares a great deal about the gifts she's tweeting about. And if Nene is making a big deal about it – then yeah…I think it's interesting for someone to point out the difference in stories.That 'N' necklace is really tacky, btw. WD

  16. Anon 4:46 Have you tried Mediatakeout? I think you might like it over there.

  17. I too think NeNe is buying herself gifts and tweeting about it.VERY INTERESTING!I googled but couldn't find that necklace real or otherwise.

  18. Actually I hate mediatakeout and I was once thinking that this site might have some good information but if you keep posting stuff like this this site won't be much better. Seriously nobody cares about what gifts NeNe's tweeting pictures about but NeNe and whoever's buying those gifts.If you're going to throw shade on the atlanta housewives you need to go back to getting info out like the stuff you did on Chateau Sheree….I'm just saying…if you don't wan't to pay attention don't be surprised when your site views go down.

  19. How about Wetpaint? Have you tried there? You could try googling as well and see if you can find someplace more open to your ideas. See, I write what I want to write here, so you can either like it, or get to steppin'. Best of luck to you!

  20. Considering the fact that you're on blogger and too low budget to pay for your own website, I don't give a crap where you suggest I check. Hey your blog is low budget…either take the feedback or not it's up to you, hon

  21. Yet, here you are when there are so many other places that could meet your high standards. While you are googling "places I can read blogs where they will write things I want to read about instead of what they want to write" perhaps you should look into starting your own blog. Of you would have to know the difference between a publishing tool and a domain, which clearly you don't. But if there is anything I learned in all of those "exceptional child" courses as that everyone, even you is capable of learning if you apply yourself. Best wishes on your journey!

  22. Damn…obviously you don't take feedback well. I guess you'll continue to be low budget. I was giving you some advice to help you step up in the world. You're boring right now. Hell you can read the other comments and see that people think your stuff is snooze worthy. And with that comment I am ending this convo with you…

  23. Still here? Having troubles finding a place more to your likiing? I hope you will be back for my next post entitled Is there anything less educated and more offensive than a rabid Nene fan. It's sure to please!

  24. Why not? She lives under my bridge and is clearly starving…for attention. :)

  25. Tamara, I'm new to your site and I'm enjoying it very much. Can't stand Neigh Neigh but I have to say… Don't pay attention to the haters! BLOOP! 😉

  26. I recall Wendy Williams commenting on Nene's tweets, she pointed out Nene wearing her wedding ring in the tweets.viki

  27. Hey Tamara!I'm usually on my iPod touch lurking on your blog. After seeing Anon's comments about your blog I had to get on my laptop so I could type better LOL It amazes me how people can take time to read blogs, and then take more time to comment about what they don't like the blogger is posting – just damn crazy.Your blog is just fine. Ain't nothing wrong with Blogger, and you do have your own domain. As for Nene, there is obviously a story behind the gifts – and it probably will all come out eventually who bought the gifts. She was my fav in the beginning, and although she has changed, I cannot bring myself to really dislike her. It's also interesting she and Greg are still married with no talk of divorce. – but she wants everyone to know there is a "mystery" man. It's all entertainment :)Linda

  28. pam

    I enjoyed watching my girl, NeNe, post her presents. I just don't think the man she is tweeting about is John. Nor do I think he is the one buying her the presents be they real or from Jarrad. I agree with you, Tamara, about that.

  29. Phew! I thought I was the only one who thought those earrings looked like the costume jewelry you get at Kohl's or JC Penny! LOLI like Nene, but I am confused by all this John and Gregg stuff, too. I wish someone from their camps would just spill some dirt.

  30. but annie-anon likes it here. :)

  31. "Why not? She lives under my bridge and is clearly starving…for attention. :)"Just want to say…. I like your upstart gossip blog. It's got a nice touch of southern spice.

  32. Tamara, you are a hoot! You have what people say I have – the ability to tell people to kiss your @zz in such a nice way that they almost want to say "thank you" when it's over – that is until it really sinks in that they've been insulted like never before.There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but there is a way to say anything – anon @ 4:46 if you were really giving "constructive" criticism you would have expressed yourself in a more complimentary, intelligent manner.On another note,this entry is proof positive that love her or hate her, NeNe sparks interest from both ends of the spectrum. Keep cashing in on it NeNe – make the most of your 15 minutes – can't say that your colleagues are doing the same *cough cough Sheree cough cough*

  33. I love your blog. I believe Nene bought all of this fake stuff herself and taking photos of it and posting it on line. Who does that? Nobody but a nut like Nene.

  34. Y'all are gonna have to excuse me. I just enjoy playing with the trolls. Kinda like a cat that enjoying playing with prey before they eat it. Sometimes it is fun.I don't think Nene is buying the gifts herself. She may be getting them from the Pizza Guy. She seems to be excited by them and that is sweet. I'm just not so sure about the jewelry itself. I know a bit about jewelry..I am more about finding things online that seem odd. Like the Wetpaint quotes from John that don't entirely match the gifts. I read a NY Post article quoting that source today but it had an even crazier spin on things. They said Nene tweeted about the "8 karat ring". Never happened. One thing I have learned since starting this blog is that places that I thought were telling the truth EVEN PEOPLE MAGAZINE totally make stuff up! You hear celebs saying this all the time but…I sort of assumed "where there is smoke there is fire". The truth is many, many, many major sites are simply blowing smoke. I don't pretend to know the whole story here YET. But I'm also not making up any "facts".

  35. Those long diamond earrings are very sexy specially when worn with a black dress. I'd love to have those but I guess I can't afford them for now. mens jewelry NYC

  36. Sweet T

    I am enjoying your old posts. I guess this post gave rise to the “write your own blog” rule in the commenting rules.

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