More Storytime with Sheree, Y’all!

Random unsourced picture of
Sheree and Miss Lawrence circa 2009

Update: I removed the video as it was acting up something awful. I spent a LOT of time trying to fix it last night in a vortex of hysteria and have now officially given up trying to fix it. Instead, please click the link. :) Also that is one of those sites that starts multiple videos at once so you need to shimmy down the page really quick and stop the ad on the bottom left. Frankly, this interview really isn’t worth all the trouble. I’m sorry I even blogged it at this point. got an exclusive interview with Sheree and she tells us all about her struggles with men and business. And she doesn’t mention Nene ONCE!

Apparently she has her sites set on Kobe Bryant. I think they would make a delightful couple. She admires his commitment to marriage. I’m not making this up, she really says that. Also she is suddenly bringing She by Sheree back with a fitness clothing line. And she is tired of all the rumors about who she is dating! What you haven’t heard them either? Don’t worry, she will tell you all about them. As soon as she can remember the name of her very good friend. I can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say about this.


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16 responses to “More Storytime with Sheree, Y’all!

  1. argh! after the first few seconds I have no sound?!?

  2. vp

    It's so big it fills my screen and crashes?off topic, just came from another blog that was hacked. claimed crazy insider info, ugh! Chris Manzo is gay?

  3. MQ

    VP: Now what? I came over to TT per your recommendation. I think it's a hack too.

  4. PL

    SH hacked by Tay or bravo 1000 comments tried to read thru troll's posts. PL

  5. PL

    love Sheree's earings

  6. I'm with you VP. The place was hacked. This is me, NotAManzoidFan. I post once in awhile but am mostly a lurker although I read every day and have been following this nonstop since yesterday. None of it adds up.

  7. There's a new section here just for SH comments

  8. I would really like for Sheree to get a diction coach. I cannot STAND the way she says Atlanta -ugghhh!When exactly did she do this interview? Either this clip is old or she has been hiding under a rock – does she honestly not know that his wife is seeking a divorce because of his alleged infidelity? Proof positive this woman is as dumb as they come.

  9. I hate the way she says Atlanta too….ugghhhh, sounds like "ughlana" lol

  10. Wow, I thought I was the only one that cringed whenever she said Atlanta

  11. ha, lol a bit! the only 'man' who will spend time with sheree is Miss Lawrence….because he gets paid to by Bravo! but a girl can dream…no?

  12. Sheree is really demented – nobody is talking about the men in her life – cause there ain't none. Miss Lawrence does not count LOLAs much as I dislike her character on RHOA, I would like to see the girl get "something" together in her life. But she lacks common sense, and obviously has no book sense, so I won't hold my breath. Linda

  13. Is Miss Lawrence Sheree's only friend?? What happened to the chick that was stuck up her butt during the fashin show planning?

  14. But you know, if I had a friend like Miss Lawrence, I would take him everywhere w/ me! =) Can't wait for this seasons reunion show and see how Sheree dances around "Chateau Sheree" and why it ain't been built. I'm sure she'll blame her ex. And speaking of him, didn't she have herself a big "independence" party? Then why did she keep his name if she's so independent?Beth-FLA

  15. Beth, if I had a friend like Miss Lawrence I may not take him everywhere with me but I would for sure go with him wherever he was going. :) I love how "his" ginormous orange bag perfectly matches her outfit and how the site where I pulled this pic from (they didn't credit it) calls him her "stylist". :)

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