Kandi Burruss Hosting NYE Event in Miami

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 Sometimes it is what you don’t see, the things that aren’t there, that make for an interesting blog.  I’m hoping this is one of those times. I have a lot of confusion surrounding this Miami NYE party that Kandi is said to be hosting tomorrow night. So many downright crazy things have been going on online in the past few days, I wonder if I am just all swept up in the paranoia that is everywhere.  So I am going to write this post about what I don’t know, and the crazy notions I am attaching to my not knowing, and then wait patiently for y’all to tell me what you think.

It all started back when I posted the ad for the Bravo/Ciroc NYE parties occurring in several major cities tomorrow night. I noted in that post that Kandi Burruss was conspicuously absent. Today, I’ve been researching the event that Kandi is hosting. It’s the Orange Drive Miami Music Festival. If you go to the official site, you will see a pretty impressive line up of musicians playing the three day even which began today.  What you will not see is any mention of Kandi Burruss.  Also, unlike the other events, it is not sponsored solely by Ciroc. While Ciroc is listed on the sponsor page it is one of many sponsors and not even the sole liquor company sponsoring the event.

On Kandi’s twitter account she has not mentioned the event at all and has been talking briefly instead about an event in Macon she and Phaedra are hosting in February. It’s like this whole event only exists in a brief mention on the PR release. As I was working on this story, I checked Kandi’s twitter and she had updated that she is flying to Miami tomorrow and looking forward to the warm weather. That’s it. No “join me for NYE”, no nothing.

Yesterday, Nene Leakes arrived in Miami.  Today she is tweeting that she is laying out by the pool all day.  Nothing about what she is doing there. She makes it sound like a vacation. Maybe it is. Maybe Nene and Kandi are both in Miami at the same time by sheer coincidence. Nene posted WAY back that she was not hosting any of the Bravo NYE parties.  But why hasn’t Kandi been pimping out her appearance? Why is Nene in Miami for NYE? Who is she with? Why is there NOTHING out there other than the PR statement from Ciroc/Bravo about Kandi’s appearance?  What the heck is going on, y’all?  I need answers.


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15 responses to “Kandi Burruss Hosting NYE Event in Miami

  1. I do not care much about Kandi because she is so boring. I am also not blown away by her musical abilities. Her ego needs to be checked.

  2. Hmmmm… Very interesting. Wish I knew the answers, but thats why I come here ~ you always have the best stuff when it comes to the RHWoA tea. So, I guess I'll pop in again in a couple hours to see what everyone thinks. … I admire Kandi from RHoATL because she's sane and has been earning her own money since she was a teenager. Her home/recording studio has been bought and paid for since the 90s. That's not typical HWs behaviour! She's actually one of my most favorite HW's. BBL!

  3. Sorry. Couldn't get past the mental vision of Nene laying by the pool…WD

  4. if you go to the event promo page it does list Kandi as the host….Deluxe New Years VIP – New Years Eve ONLY Bring in the New Year in true South Beach style in the Orange Drive Ciroc Lounge Cabana. LIVE Entertainment for the evening is DJ IRIE, Jason Derulo, NeYo and Jermaine Dupri with “Real Housewife of Miami” Kandi Buress serving as the Ciroc Lounge Host.The package includes•Live NYE 2012 Countdown•Reserved table for 6 in the Ciroc Lounge•Groups of 6 receive 2 bottles of Ciroc + 2 bottles of Moet Champagne• Price is per person, available in table for 4, 6 and 8. If you need a table for 2, please call 2128432400.ONLY 15 TABLES AVAILABLE. http://newyearseve.com/events/miami/2545/ocean-drive/orange-drive-miami-beach-music-festivalscroll all the way down. it was promoed on bravotv.com for months…. the other non-relevant housewives of other cities are hosting in other cities.

  5. Thanks for the link. That is a site selling tickets to the event. The site I linked to is the actual site of the event. Kandi is not mentioned there. As for the Bravo site, Kandi and Gretchen and another housewife… I forget which are photochopped into an ad for Ciroc but that's all for promo material for Kandi. I believe there was an ad when this first started that had Kandi in it though…I'm not saying she is not going to be there, her tweets indicated she is headed down tomorrow. I am just perplexed by the lack of advertising for that particular venue. AND Nene's coincidental appearance in Miami at the same time. Just something to think about.

  6. it's pretty small – like 100 people in the cabana so maybe it wasn't worth advertising?

  7. yea it is somewhat strange that nene is there too for 'no reason'…

  8. I'm guessing that they are filming for another show and that Kandi will be appearing on. She did tweet it, but didn't say 'come hang out with me… as if it was still open"Kandi Burruss @Kandi 28 DecI'm hosting the CIROC VIP lounge at the Orange Drive Festival on New Year's Eve in Miami! I can't wait. Where will you be?

  9. regarding up there–the link that I posted was they link that they posted….

  10. It's simple. Ciroc is in Bacardi Town(Miami)! They get no play here…..

  11. Ah, that and the fact she is hosting the lounge which is a smaller venue within the festival would make sense. Thanks!

  12. I just think Nene took her family down to Miami for New Years. You would think that the venue for Kandi would be much larger. Bravo has Kim Zolciak going to New York.

  13. All of the Bravo NYE Housewives parties seem very random anyway, imo. However, now you've got me wondering about Kandi and her getting no promotion for her party. Well, at least we'll know by tonight.

  14. I was just looking at Kandi's eyebrows, they are so high up. Women pay big money to have brows like that.v

  15. Things are going well in Miami, I just reccomended a place for them to eat tomorrow at the request of donjuan. :) Sending them all to Daddy's Soul Food. Hope they like it! Apparently they were trying to cook in the room tomorrow and couldn't find greens. Tamara to the rescue! lol.

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