Justin Bieber’s Grandparents in Serious Car Accident

Justin Bieber’s grandparents were in a pretty serious car accident yesterday. His mom, Pattie Mallette who lives in Atlanta, reported the accident on twitter yesterday “My parents got into a car accident today. They flipped into a ditch & totaled the car but thank God they are alive! My dad has broken ribs. Plz pray 4 him 4 quick healing! Count your blessings & forgive ur parents always. U never know what tomorrow holds!!!”  Police from Stratford, Ontario, Bieber’s hometown said that the couple skidded on some wet snow and flew into a ditch rolling the car once before flipping back upright. The Biebs was in Stratford as of December 26th where he tweeted the picture at left of him with some of his family members.  He was tweeting  about basketball a few minutes ago. Not sure if he is still up there or not. There has been no official comment from Justin wherever he is. Meanwhile, tween girls everywhere sob in sympathy while dousing themselves in the Someday perfume that Santa brought all the Beliebers on his nice list. I knew you would all want to know.


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9 responses to “Justin Bieber’s Grandparents in Serious Car Accident

  1. Justin Bieber! JUSTIN BIEBER! NOOOoooOOO!!!!!!(Just kidding – Hope the Grandparents are Ok)I don't understand who this fetus is at all. All I know about him is that he sounded terrible on that "We Are the World" remake, he's always trending on Twitter, and the fact that I don't get him at all and he looks like a fetus to me makes me feel old. And, yeah, I don't remember boys at 16 when I was in high school looking that ….wee.Thankfully, I don't have kids to have to put up with his lack of singing ability.

  2. I don't get the Bieber phenomenon either. He's an average looking kid with an average voice. But good for him if that's what today's teenage girl is lusting over.

  3. I hope that they are fine and safe. Thank you very much.

  4. I'm not a fan of Beiber. But I hope his grandparents are okay. They should have summoned a car accident lawyer.

  5. @Sandy and Angie I think this is not the right medium to share your sentiments about Justin's singing. His Grandparents just went through an accident. It is very fortunate that both survived.

  6. Some people are just insensitive to situations like this. They focus more on the star's singing than the news about his grandparent's accident.

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  8. I agree with the comment. This is just actually one of the disadvantages of accidents. Aside from the fact that you hurt people, you can also cause severe inconvenience to the motorists. Make sure to drive safely while on the road. Keep your eyes on the road and not on other things.

  9. I definitely agree with this comment above me. Double check and always make sure to drive safely while on the road. Keep your eyes on the road and not on other things.

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