Will Brittany Daniel Return to Season 5 of The Game?

I decided that I should probably start answering y’alls email questions here. I find that if one person has a question about something, usually there are more people who are interested. So from now on, when you send a question, let me know if it is okay if I use your name!  I am by no means an expert on all the Atlanta tea but I will do my best to find the answers if I don’t know them. Here is the first of what I hope will be lots more TeaMail from Tamara!

Dear Tamara, Hiya!  Here is hoping you had an great holiday.  I was wondering if you would spill the tea on The Game since it is produced in Atlanta.  What happened to Brittany Daniel?  I find it disturbing that all of the cast members were elated when they were picked up by BET but no one seems to mention her or act as if she is missed.

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Thanks for the teamail! :) From what I understand, when The Game was cancelled by the CW, and before it was picked up by BET, Coby Bell was snatched up for a major role on Burn Notice  by USA.
Then, when BET picked up The Game,  Bell was called back to work. Arrangements were made to allow Bell to keep a recurring spot on The Game.  During season four, the first season on BET, the Bell and Daniel characters were separated. Rumors started when Daniel was the only cast member not to show for the premiere episode party that she was unhappy with her “demotion” to recurring character. During season four, Daniel’s character checked out after six episodes to “go find herself”.  I can understand that it must have been very disappointing to have such an integral role suddenly side-lined because of someone else’s career obligations.  Clearly, both Daniel and her large fanbase were disappointed.  I am unable to find Daniel doing anything that would have made her unavailable for season five, but she appears not to be appearing on the season. There are outraged fans all over the Internet who are demanding her return; however, season five has finished filming and Brandy Norwood was introduced as Bell’s character’s love interest. Looks like she is gone for good.  It is interesting that neither Daniel nor any of her castmates have acknowledged that she is not on season five in the media.  A few disreputable sites out there have tried to start race-based rumors for Daniel’s departure but there is no truth to any of that nonsense.  It seems that when Bell became a recurring character, Daniel’s role was simply written out. She may not have realize that her last six episodes would be her last until she got the scripts at filming. That probably did not make for a  pleasant filming experience for her. But, it happens. If you recall, Daniel was a recast from the original actress who played Kelly Pitts. Sometimes things just get changed up. That said, the BET site has hinted that couples counseling could be in the future for Kelly and Jason…but I would not count on that actually happening. That post happened prior to season five filming. My guess is that you have seen the last of Brittany Daniel on the game.

Here is a clip from the upcoming season. Nene Leakes has a small cameo in the new season. See if you can find her in the clip!

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23 responses to “Will Brittany Daniel Return to Season 5 of The Game?

  1. Thanks for the update. Interesting. Oh, and I saw Nene LOL

  2. The "Kelly Pitts" character has always been my least favorite. She didn't seem to have much of a purpose during season 4. If she's gone, it won't bother me too much.I saw NeNe in the clip after rewatching it (the first time I blinked, lol).

  3. Don't see Pitt's character "dating" Brandy as she doesn't seem to fit his type. He is known for dating BEAUTIFUL women white, latte and caramel colored with fine features. Brandy, although somewhat attractive, would be considered plain next to these women. Not a racist as it would be impossible, but Brandy is too "regular black girl from the neighborhood". I could see cinnamon ladies like Vivica, Gabrielle Union or Kerry Washington. They are beautiful for the vain Pitts character, Brandy… not so much!

  4. @ButterPecanRican…perhaps they are trying to "de-vain" him, hence, choosing someone against his usual type! He do need to come down to earth a Lil bit, tho'.

  5. I too wondered what was up with Kelly's character on The Game. The show has changed so much since the transition from the CW to BET. And noticed that Brittany Daniel has not been seen in any of the recent promo's that have been airing…I follow Tia Mowry-Hardrict on twitter and a couple of weeks ago she tweeted that Brittany 'was taking season 5 off for personal reasons and the rest of the cast missed her.' I also follow Wendy Raquel…but Tia is the only cast member who mentioned Brittany's absence.

  6. I saw Nene. I hope she has much success in the up coming year. As for Kelly, her storyline was old. But, she did add a certain flavor to the show. As for who Jason dates, Brady's girl from the neighborhood image is far better than Kelly's girl from the trailer park – gold digging image. Oh yeah, fine features is just another word for plastic surgery! GO BRANDI!

  7. Actually it was a financial dispute. Bet paid her less than Cw and out of the 13 episodes they gave her six. She was disappointed but continue to stay on to help out the team. If you google her real name followed by the game, you will see her interview about what happened.

  8. I am totally disappointed..besides tasha, kelly is my favorite…better yet they all are! I wish it had more humor to it like on the cw (i can tell kelsey grammar is not involved for bet) bc bet makes it more dramatic, seem too typical for the black community

  9. When is NeNe appearing on The Game? Date and time please….

  10. Kelly & Tasha were awesome together. Kelly's gone…so am I! And so are a lot of other people like me who were so excited back when we THOUGHT we were getting The Game back. I don't know WHAT this show is…but it sure isn't The Game…looks like the real show is gone for good – just like Brittany Daniel, me & a ton of viewers. A shame.

  11. Thank you for an honest report. I'm guessing Brittany got a nice payoff for keeping quiet about this. I don't watch the show for one person, but I'm not happy that the character of Kelly has been erased. Last night, Jason kept talking of "dating" white women, not about his marriage. As others have said, race wasn't the issue during the marriage, why is it so important now?

  12. They took Brittany off because she was white and the show is on BET pretty clear to me! Poor Brittany

  13. I really miss seeing Brittany Daniel on the Game. I hope one day that she will return to the show in some form or fashion. If not I wish her all the luck in the future.

  14. Brittany's character of Kelly Pitts gave the show some diversity. She will be missed.

  15. I think that kelly needs to be back on the game! First off she is brittanys mother so she can't just stay gone as if she just abbonoded 'sp' her child! Her and jason should be able to find love again! This show is slowly falling apart! I have been a fan since season 1 & kelly and tashas friendship always overcame all they were so funny together . T he show isn't even funny anymore! Kelly & jason truely do love one another we all saw that on the last clip , I hope they come together soon and overcome the struggle of money fame ect… get rid of brandy she's horrible at acting & she doesn't fit! Bring kelly back!

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  17. I disagree fully being married to a sexy white woman as Brittany Daniel is she would not have been there 4 seasons if race was an issue. I feel her absence is sad cuz I loved her character she reminds me if my wife but it makes sense due to her and Jason's divorce. I just hate how season 4 ended with her just leaving brit brat.

  18. I honestly too believe it definitely was a race issue. Kelly is white! BET kicked her off because its a black network. The game will never be the same without Kelly. Shame! and since when does it matter what race Jason dates? they are making such a big deal now that he has to date a black woman.

  19. I too have been watching The Game since its beginnings and although I was very excited to hear that it was coming back, I doubt that I will be continuing to watch.Didn't realize that Kelsey was not involved any more, but did notice a different vibe about the show……the humor appears to be gone, and I do miss the Kelly/Tasha friendship, they meshed well and were funny.Also Jason is losing his charm, which was all about his vanity and huge confidence……now someone is making him a bit paranoid, putting him on a pulpit for social issues……and please don't mess with Malik's story line.And why did they have Melanie leave Medical School????In any case I'm done…..show doesn't interest me anymore(and I'm not white by the way..

  20. After reading everyone's comments..I have to say that I agree that they should have kept Kelly in the show..they should have just reunited Jason and Kelly cause they were better together than apart..when Kelly left Brit Brat to Jason..thats when Jason should have manned up and ran after her to make things work and raise Brit Brat together..I too agree that The Game isn't what it used to be..it's more drama than what it used to be..a typical black show and the black shows already showing on BET are annoying (I am black btw) and to turn the game into the crap of a drama is not cool. Last thing i don't like that they done was make it to were Melanie couldn't have kidz and then have Janaye throw it up in her face that she can't and that it will be something that she can give Derwin and Melanie can't..that was foul beyond belief and i most definitely didn't like the way they have the Melanie/Derwin relationship going..but as said before they are definitely losing viewers so oh well i'm done

  21. I want the old game back. This show is becoming a hot mess!!!!

  22. From what i understand (since i didnt watch this show much in the beginning) is that the game was a spin-off of Girlfriends through Melanie's character. Now, Tia Mowry is gone? how stupid is that? Im not really feeling a Wendy Raquel robinson as the star of the show vibe–and Brandy? please! there is no chemistry between her and Jason so they need to stop playing. He seems like more of her big brother than her man. I cringe every time he says "my woman." ha! and on top of that, Im not a wendy raquel robinson fan anyway..my sister went to her acting school–agc and this woman was a real biyotch in person. She caters to favorites and the semi celebrity kid set. if you are not special, you are not important. So, no i will not be watching…I only used to scan it until Let's stay together came on–its a silly show but it makes more sense than the game right now.-elle

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