Kim Zolciak’s Interior Designer Kendra Davis

Kim and Kroy in Chicago for her recent event at Spin via Twitter

I know a lot of you think I am partial to Kim, and I guess I am but I thought I would give you a little tea on her move-in to get you through the last Friday before Xmas.

I was a bit taken back by the way she talked to her “interior designer”, Kendra on the last show and was hoping she would smooth things over on her blog. I was hoping she would say something like “Kendra and I are friends so my conversations with her came across more condescending that they really are because we know each other.” or SOMETHING.

Here is what she said about moving in and Kendra doing an amazing design job in an insanely short period of time.

“My interior decorator, Kendra, had a lot of work to do in a very short period of time! But she pulled through tremendously. I couldn’t have done it all without her. All the furniture from my storage units (furniture I had custom made two years ago and never had the chance to put in the townhouse), Kroy’s house, and my townhouse was all combined into one big move! UGH!”
Even if we overlook the fact that Kim says she had enough custom made furniture, sitting in storage to fill a 17,000 square foot house while living in a townhouse, there is a huge problem.  Remember back in one of my first posts here, I when told you about Kim’s new house? I told you it was owned by Antonio Davis, a former NBA player who was initially looking to sell but with the soft market agreed to rent it to Kroy and Kim.  Antonio Davis is married to Kendra Davis who styled the house in the pictures you see in that post.  Apparently, Kim and Kroy and Bravo reached a one year rental agreement. This makes the most sense for the Biermann’s because Kroy is a free agent after this year and could be sent anywhere. So until Kroy has a long-term contract somewhere, renting makes sense. Kim has stated on twitter that both she and Kroy own their own pre-marital properties which increases the speculation that Bravo is at least partially paying the rent on this place for the year.

What doesn’t make sense is Kim talking the way she talked on the show to Kendra. Essentially Kendra is not just the interior designer but her landlady! Word on the street is that Antonio and Kendra gave them a great deal on rent (perhaps partially in exchange for her appearing on the show) in order to have some income from the property since NOTHING is selling in Atlanta right now, even after they reduced the price by a million dollars!  Also, Kendra didn’t even really get a credit for her design company and in fact Bravo didn’t even use her last name! Not cool. Bravo really needs to treat the home owners of the property they shoot on better than they do. Did they learn nothing from the debacle with Bethenny Frankel in Malibu?

Also, why the hell did Kim use Two Guys and a Truck to move her? If you supposedly have tons of expensive custom made furniture, and a rich husband, why would you scrimp on the moving company? Perhaps because the moving expense was not covered by Bravo? Just a guess. Kim tweeted that they broke a bunch of her stuff, which happens in all moves unfortunately. But even I would not use Two Guys and a Truck and I don’t profess to have nearly the money Kroy and Kim do!

So there is some Friday morning tea for all you unfortunate souls who have to work tomorrow. Not hating on Kim at all, just a bit shocked by a few things. I still believe she is maturing and may finally be in a good place.

Have a very merry holiday season, y’all. I’ll try to check in at least once a day. We’ve had thunderstorms and tornadoes today in Atlanta. Let’s hope things clear up for a beautiful Christmas! Thanks always for commenting I enjoy reading them even when I don’t always agree or comment.

To read more about Kendra and her somewhat shady past, click here,  and for silly speculation about how Kendra and Kim come to know each other click here.


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40 responses to “Kim Zolciak’s Interior Designer Kendra Davis

  1. You are a true ATLANTA PEACH … this is good stuff. I know you like Kim – but this chick is RUDE beyond words … and has an air of self entitlement that I can not stand. BRAVO is a corporation, so I don't expect much from those assholes – but Kim? She is fronting as much as Nene … a little $$$…a ring and she is treating folks like c.r.a.p.I hope she remembers that the way you treat people on the way UP, is the way you will be treated on the way down.

  2. Tamara, I agree with you. Kim is definitely maturing in her own right. However, I believe her money is drying up. I noticed the moving company and was completely shocked. It was funny how on the first episode she talked bad about Big Poppa stating that he would have simply hired someone to move all of the things. I am sure if she was still with him, she would have never had an issue with him paying someone to work. Sheree said it best last season, "Kim is an attention whore." She wants to give the appearance that she is living this lavish lifestyle and unfortunately without Big Poppa, I do not see that happening. Kroy was not a high draft pick and his salary is a great reflection of it. Come to think of it, does he have any endorsements of notoriety? I think the reason why Sweetie is no longer with the family is because she truly could not afford to keep her around any longer.

  3. Sorry, I left this out. Have you noticed that this season we have not seen Kim's multiple cars? I thought she owned the Bentley and would never give it up? There are not a lot of things not adding up this season for her.

  4. Kim rents cars. They rotate in and out. I think Bravo gives them all a leasing allowance for scenes in which the cars are shown. She's not THAT rich. lol. The whole show is about extravagance. I quit my job over a year ago and my standard of living hasn't changed much. I doubt any of the housewives could sustain themselves in the same manor for a month. Not just Kim, any of them. Just sayin'

  5. Kims father is very rude and I think she gets that from him.

  6. Anybody that can see through what Bravo wants to put out there knows that Kim is living in Kendra's house. She is not only Kim's "interior decorator", but also her landlady. Her "dreamhouse" is a rental, and because she wants to front that that's their house, so be it. Her fans are gonna believe whatever she puts out there, regardless of what the truth is. I'll probably have a bunch of hater responses to this, but I am not blinded by the front any of the housewives are putting out there, whether it be Sheree's broke ass frontin' or Nene's rich ass' frontin', people that see the truth, know only 2 of the RHOA are set, Kandi with her multiple endeavors and Phaedra with her lawfirm, and Mortuary endeavors.

  7. YYYEESSSSS god Tamara omg please E-mail me honey we hav to talk…..I heard the same thing from Lawrence at the club afta the show aired…


  9. Is Kroy an attention whore too?? Why would he get together with Kim? I noticed too that she has alot more attitude with people now that she hooked a rich fish.

  10. Hi Tamara…Your blog is so sweet. I would like to know if you hear feedback (directly or indirectly) from the ladies regarding your blogging, and if it influences yoou posting? Is this why you are now very generous about that Nene?

  11. Is it possible that the furniture isn't even Kim's but is actually Kendra's? And they just made up a story line about it. Kendra would have had furniture in storage to fill the house.

  12. Kim was way out of line calling Marlo out on that last episode. She obviously cannot grasp the meaning of irony.

  13. Kroy is not rich. His NFL salary is in the mid 6 figures and he is certainly not a premiere player. $500,000 per year (Kroy) and what little Kim gets from Bravo are not nearly enough to sustain such an extravagant lifestyle. Remember folks, this is a 12,000 to 17,000 sq.ft. (different sources) house. They would NEVER qualify for a loan so "renting" is their only option. A Bentley costs as much as Kroy's yearly salary… and that's before taxes.How is this arrangement even remotely believable?!

  14. When Kim said that about Marlo, I just presumed she was joking.

  15. 500,000 a year is indeed rich, esp in this economy. One should not want for anything with a salary like that.. It's not Beyonce money but still..

  16. Way to miss the point Anon!"Rich" is relative, yes. In a nutshell, I was saying how unrealistic Kroy and Kim's lifestyle is. There is absolutely no way they can continue to live in this fashion even with their combined incomes. Especially because he is nothing more than a mediocre football player who could be cut at any time and no one would miss him. And Kim certainly doesn't have "Bethany money" either. Good luck K&K when the well runs dry!

  17. lol I used 2 Guys and a Truck for my move when I lived in the ATL; memories…

  18. $500,000 is certainly not rich. Please remember Uncle Sam is not forgiving when it comes to taxes. Now that he has a few exemptions, he might be saving a little here and there. It is great to make six figures but the tax bracket is a *itch.

  19. its enuff money for kim not to work again and live nicely

  20. "When Kim said that about Marlo, I just presumed she was joking."That's what I thought too. I'll bet if the camera had stayed on she would have laughed. She has had a sense of humor about herself in the past.I noticed Kroy was wearing a godawful shirt that looked similar to the decor in KJ's room. I think he knew what he was getting into with Kim. I still like her.

  21. I had to LOL when I saw Two Men and a Truck moving them because that's who moved us a couple of years ago…and I'm just a regular working class person whereas Kim is a bigwig television star (sarcasm).

  22. Kim's response just proves she is not a classy lady. Money may buy you possession, but it does not buy you class. She tries to come off as so much better than "those" girls. Yet, she is nothing but white trash filth. Disgusting animal.

  23. Kroy's income is currently closer to 600K Kim is bringing in around 300K or more with RHOA and he special. She does not own a Bentley that I know of. The rent on that house is somewhere around 8K a month. They can afford it. For now. I personally wouldn't want to pay to heat and cool something that huge, but I'm not the one earning the money and paying the bills. Kim is currently in the kitchen with her two girls and one of Brielle's friends cooking Christmas stuff. Which is a far greater use of time than what any of us are doing at the moment. You only have a little bit of Christmas left. Use it wisely. :)

  24. Tamara Kim's a big fat liar, she truly is. She didn't take any furniture from storage, what furniture she had was in her Townhouse. She may MAY have had one storage locker but nowhere near what she was trying to say that filled that whole house. Remember last season she was having a sale of her stuff in a parking lot, why do that? You do that because she needed the money and wasn't getting the money she needed anymore from Big Poppa. Two, she used those 2 guys and a truck to move her tells me she hasn't the money she truly is making people believe. And when you see Kendra "interior decorating" it wasn't all that. She did help to place the stuff from that storage shed and her Townhouse. But most of that furniture was still left there from Kendra and Her husband. If you don't believe me, then if they are supposed to sell there house (Kendra and Davis) they would want it furnished to help the sale. She was mostly cleaning up the house (no one living in there for awhile) and placing her stuff. If that was done by Kim's decision, why do everyone looked so shocked to how things where done. And since it's a rental, the furniture usually stays in the place.

  25. You are probably right about a lot of things, but if you click the link in the post above you can see the furniture that Kendra used to stage the house for sale before Kim and Kroy even looked at it. I do agree Kim didn't have all that furniture in storage. :)

  26. I must respectfully disagree with you on Kim maturing. I personally think all of these women are some level of immaturity about them, but since we are discussing Kim, I have two reasons that she has not matured nor "maturing" NENE: Look, if a person is insignificant to you, then just stop talking about them. This is the easiest thing for her to do. That most recent blog on Bravo is less than thrilling. She seems like a woman who gives the illusion that she cares about what people think but in the same instance reverts back to her old ways of attacking NeNe as negative. The most positive route for a maturing woman is not mention her name at all and to stop RUNNING whenever she sees her in person. They are both in Atlanta and she need to deal with it.BIG POPPA: Own it and stop putting Marlo down. Kim slept with that man ans accepted money and gifts from him. It is what it is. I truly believe she got herself in trouble with the comments about Marlo. As the show progresses, even Marlo admits her shortcomings. Look, if you put yourself out on camera, people are going to keep throwing stuff in your face. She can become a better and matured person when she accepts that she did sleep with this man for his money and gifts. Own it and act like an adult, stop putting others down.

  27. I miss nene and kim they were so funny together… I wonder how would they be with each other if they were still together? would nene come over to her house and yell upstairs KImmmmmmmmmmmm. I would love to watch the show with them to together, that shit would have been hilarious. They were like the female version of the honey moonier… nene is ralph and kim nordan…I wish they make up they were so good together and had chemistry on film …i miss them together TEAR

  28. Ivy

    I think Kim gave up hopes of ever being "friends" with Nene again after Nene attacked her after the THIRD TIME!!! And as far as I know, Moose never DID go for those anger management classes (as was stated by both her and Bravo), nor did she serve a second of jail time for assault and battery. She should have. Kim made a major mistake in not pressing charges against her, as I think that Moose is going to spend the rest of her life believing that all acts of violence, on HER part, anyway, are justified.

  29. Yup, Nene is an in your face violent moose. Kim probably did not press charges because she would have to deal with her more. If someone choked me, I hope I'd pursue it no matter what.

  30. I remember kim saying " I dont like houses that someone else use to live in" LMAO she likes new LMAO

  31. Kendra WAS married to Antonio Davis. They divorced just recently when their son, AJ, tranferred schools.

  32. I work for Kendra. So Chil'when I was made aware of all this foolery. I HAD to comment. I KNOW I shouldn't be..but when has that ever stopped me. Antonio & Kendra are not divorced.All I'm going to say is Baby don't play when it come to her kids. She will find a way or make one. Don't ever be the fool to get that twisted. Kendra was approached to be on the show by the producers a couple of times. I suppose to avoid all this. Who's renting who drama. I guess they wanted someone where the coins were NEVA gonna be in question. Cuz that has seemed to be an issue with this current crop.You know.someone really rich..not just playing rich on TV. Moving on..So there was no "reduced rent" in exchnage for being on the show. The Davis'bought a new house closer to the children's school.So when they were approached about having the house rented..they are savvy business people. They made sure that they covered themselves.As far as furnishings. Kim & Kroy purchased some of the exsisting furniture that was custom made for those spaces. That is why you see some of the same things that were in the home previously. I know the project is esentially completed now..I don't know how much of the completed project ended up filmed. When they moved in I do know that project was only roughly 55-60% done. As far as your "anger management" comment. Like I said before…Mama does not play games when it comes to those babies." And a jury of 12 people told her she was right and should have thrown coffee on that trollop for what she said. You can't call people niggas then want to sue them because they threw coffee on the tire of your 1983 Ford Astro Van. OK. Call if life lessons of the opportunists. And we have all read the stories of the drunken fans pouring beer, cursing & spitting on the opposing teams wives & families. Uh..Ms.Ken is clearly not the one especially when she had the kids with her too. Ahhh no Ma'am. He was looking for problems. And again..we could plenty to gossip about it..but no one could ever say did anything wrong. So I salute her. Hold it down Boo. Well I hope this clears some of this up and Fiction will be replaced with fact. Oh,oh…why didn't we use the business name etc. Because Chil' we could see the writing on the wall. She takes 3-4 big projects a year. Fortunately her advertising is referrals. So there was no need in Sally Mae from Slopjar,Lousiana calling & emailing saying how she wanted a new couch when she got her income tax check. Ken can't say no..but I can. So we took the website down and all. I'm sorry. Things round here are crazy enough.

  33. I saw an article on their net worth and it was quiet interesting to say the least lol

  34. Sheree Whitfield-50 thousandPhaedra Parks-2 millionCynthia Bailey-50 thousandKandi Burruss-35 millionKim Zolciak-1.5 millionNene Leakes-3.5 million

  35. Cynthia 250 ThousandNeNe 3.5 MillionPhaedra 2 MillionKim 1.5 Million Kandi 35 MillionSheree 250 Thousand

  36. That site gets lots of hits from people that believe the manufactured numbers. I don't know why you guys think there is someone who knows what all the people in the world's "net worth" is. You really think that ad-infested site has access to everyone's income and debts? *SMH*

  37. I really like kim and kroy. I am happy they have a good designer and a nice bonus from Bravo if true to rent a nice house.

  38. I am curious about Kendra intentions…..(ambitions). I ain't saying no names BUT somebody might wanna be a star and get on the reality money train…..think about it. Either way Kims mouth is too reckless for me, like her but could NOT be friends with her (weird huh) @ChicagoChicPR

  39. anonymous

    So tell me…what is the name of Kendra Davis company? I am broke as hell but I hear she might have furniture to sell she no longer needs.

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