Nene Leakes on Glee: A Link List for the Gleek Guests

Nene Leakes as Coach Roz Washington

I think we may need to clean up for some company y’all. When Andy Cohen Makes the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on WWHL tonight the Gleeks may be dropping by. Here’s a link list for the newcomers starting with the oldest info first.  Thanks for reading and I hope you will keep checking back for updates from my exlusive source on Nene Leakes on Glee.

12/7 Guess What Nene Leakes is Filming?

12/7 Nene Leakes Still Filming Glee  (Grease Episode)

12/9 In Depth Day by Day Guide of Nene’s First Week of Filming.

12/13 Nene Leakes Return to Shoot Second Episode (MJ Tribute)

12/15 Nene Leakes on January Promo Reel

12/16 Nene Leakes Role on Glee Could be Recurring Role


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18 responses to “Nene Leakes on Glee: A Link List for the Gleek Guests

  1. I hope they keep the very rich Nene on Glee because I dont watch that show and I will not have to see her on RHOA.

  2. ^Whats funny is most people will do the opposite.

  3. Ivy

    I'm happy for whatever she does as long as it's not on RHOA.

  4. I wish her nothing but the best.

  5. Andy Cohen is a crosseyed starfucker

  6. Why would anyone pay this 'woman' to be on tv???She is pockmarked, has a ridiculous wighat, and the body of a Sasquatch!!! She is just a loudmouthed tank.

  7. Ivy

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Tamara,is it the poster or you that removes the comments? Do tell.


  10. Boop…well I guess NeNe done checked Sheree. If she keeps this up, she'll be a very rich bitch…

  11. I have not removed any comments. Apparently you can remove your own if you desire. I did not see the one removed.

  12. I don't see people tuning into Glee just to see Nene. She is not exactly major outside of reality tv people. I don't think she'll be a "rich bitch" because Nene appears to only spend money on materialistic stuff rather than actually doing business, getting assets. Shoes, bags, don't equal a rich woman.

  13. It sound like NeNe will be on a few other shows according to her tweet: "Catch me n the New Year on season 5 of The Game, Let's Stay Together(BET) Glee (Fox) The Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo) Thanks 4 supportin"!/NeNeLeakes/status/149271921521987586

  14. Yep, I have known about The Game for quite some time so she has probably filmed that. I did hear somewhere that The Game was cancelled so not sure about that. Unfamliar with the BET show Will look into it all after the holidays. It's Christmas and I am all hermited up trying to avoid negativity. This may mean taking a twitter break. There are people there who spend all day tweeting people on Reality shows hateful things. It seems so much harsher during the holidays.I hope that my jabs at the RHOAs are received in a lighter way. There is, to me, at least a difference between tweeting people that their wife is a whore and pointing out the lies and misdirections of a TV reality show.Maybe there isn't? I dunno.At any rate. I am looking for the magic and happiness of the season and trying to avoid drama both of the personal and the TV manufactured versions. :)

  15. Tamara, I liked the sentiment of your last post. You are not a hate blogger…You are just keeping it real. You are doing a reality expose. But, if these people are going to go on live tv with Andy and lie and pretend like we are stoopid, then too bad for them. They are also making big bank for bad acting, so boo hoo for them. I would take some negative comments for their paychecks. They dont have to read the blogs.

  16. Tamara~ I too think you do a excellent job of reporting facts. I don't think you have been harsh… but the girls(rhoa &Bravo) are so deceptive that when most people read your blog they may be initially confused about what's being shown on TV &what's real "Reality"!. With that said keep serving tha tea on these broads! Loveing It here in Inglewood California, I have told my friends about your site as well! Happy Holidays to you and yours as well!!


  18. Awww shucks!A horse on that dumb azz show Glee!I hope Nene's agent made sure to have hay on the set.

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