Sheree Whitfield Gets Her Speak and Spell on WWHL

Okay, what happened between the show and the aftershow that we didn’t see? Andy seems to have calmed down A LOT and Miss Lawrence seems a bit more sober?  See Sheree and Andy tear up over a Speak and Spell below.


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11 responses to “Sheree Whitfield Gets Her Speak and Spell on WWHL

  1. Who's Dwight? Careful Miss Larry – you're 1 edit away from meeting the same fate.WD

  2. Maybe Sheree finally will learn some literacy skills now that Bravo Andy gave her her Speak & Spell.

  3. may i just say, i'm not trying to be the grinch or anything, but if it meant that much to the child, why didn't her mother just buy her the damn thing?

  4. Lots of us never got an Easy Bake Oven and managed to continue on with our lives.

  5. As did Sheree when she did not get her Speak and Spell…

  6. So, Tamara have you searched the civil records to see what "business" Dwight had that he hadn't taken care of that lead to his absence from the salon (which I heard he just got back to) and his license being suspended? I'm thinking it's somewhere on file.

  7. Clearly, Sheree has used her no daddy situation as a guilt ploy to get her momma's money and signature on loans as needed. She even uses her own baby daddy drama and crocodile tears to get mommy's help. Sheree, time to be a grown ass woman as you would say. Time for mom to stop being an enabler and for Sheree to get a job. Bloop Bloop! Plunk Plunk!

  8. Okay, Lawrence is an obvious mess and Sheree is having a good laugh at him , but he is so spot on about Phaedra looking like a pregnant stuffed sausage in those herve dresses. No wonder her hubby dissed her when she gaga gooed in his ear. She needs some cutlets to help her adolescent boobies out and to balance that donkey butt. And her mullet is not working for her.

  9. I'm sorry but "Miss" Lawrence (I hate even typing that) looks like a damn fool!! Ya, to each their own, but those antelope shoes with the face pins? PUHLEEZ!

  10. i have three words for Ms Lawrence: WTF?????????

  11. I really liked Lawrence last year but he is feeling himself a bit to much this season. He looks a hot mess and needs to take a seat.

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