Real Housewives of Atlanta Filming Info for Tonight’s Show

Wahoo Grill in Decatur

  Remember way back in early November when I posted this story on the RHOA filming at Wahoo Grill in Decatur? I quoted an article from Decaturmetro . Here is the pertinent info from that article.

1. It was a restaurant scene, but the women didn’t actually eat during the taping. According to a restaurant staffer, dinner gets in the way of taping.

You will see these high back
 benches behind Sheree

2. The conversation was repeatedly interrupted and guided by a crew member. The women would talk for a few minutes, then a crew member would approach the table and tell the women what to talk about. At one point, the crew member told the women they needed to switch to a light topic because they’d already spent a lot of time on serious topics.
3. When one of the crew members was leaving, one of the ‘Housewives’ said she would see him tomorrow at the ‘funeral home scene.’ If she’s calling it a ‘scene,” how ‘real’ can it be?
4. For some reason, the first taping of the women exiting the restaurant didn’t work. At the crew’s direction, the women returned to their seats, then taped a second exit scene.
5. After ‘exiting’ Wahoo for the cameras, the women returned to their table and ate dinner. The meal was not taped.
When we retrieved our car from the valet, my wife asked him if the Housewives drove fancy cars. “Yes,” he said. “But they were all rental cars.”

Based on the preview for tonight’s episode, this scene will be shown tonight as the location where Sheree and Phaedra and Kandi meet to talk about the child support hearing. The scene was filmed on Thursday, July 14th at dinner time.  On July 14th at 10:30 am the 30 day status hearing was held. This would mean that Sheree was served the papers  in June 14th. All of that info can be found here. Also interesting to note that Phaedra says to camera guy “See you tomorrow (July 15th) for the funeral home scene”.  Which we saw earlier on in the season. These out of sequence episodes are crazy!  Not to mention the whole take two on the exit scene. How hard is it to shoot three people pretending to leave a restaurant? I can just hear the crew telling Kandi to get emotional talking about child support. And at this point, none of us are surprised at the whole rental car thing are we?


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17 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Filming Info for Tonight’s Show

  1. This is all too much for a white boy to take in. I wanted to believe at least something was real about these "ladies", but apparently not. NJB

  2. Ok, I am DONE with this show. Thanks for opening my eyes to all of this fakeness. So much for "reality tv". There is nothing real about it. That goes for all reality tv shows. shante

  3. A few years ago I read something similar about the NYC housewives show (scenes being redone several times, conversations being directed by the crew), so I'm not surprised to read about it happening on RHoA.Phaedra and Kandi are both accomplished women so it's difficult for me to believe that either of them are driving rental cars around. Maybe the valet was referring to only Sheree who now has a Porsche.

  4. What the hell is wrong with Marlo's boobs, those are some nasty looking implants!

  5. I dont' believe Kandi and Phaedra drive rentals either … even with all the FAKENESS … those are the only 2 women on that show with established careers and money. All the rest – I'm not surprised at all.

  6. Kim drives rentals and swaps them out OFTEN. I think Bravo may provide them with rentals from time to time. I've heard of all of them driving a rental from time to time. Maybe they have rentals during the filming season.

  7. Who rents a Range Rover or Land Rover? Not even worth renting! GET THE F//K OUT OF HERE. I can see if they were renting luxury cars but Sport Utility Vehicles? Please. So, I guess this means their only mode of transportation is the city bus. They don't own cars, instead they own buss passes? Ok got it.

  8. Tamara, thank you so much for your blogs. Please tell me what in the fa-la-la was Lawrence wearing tonight on WWHL. Secondly, someone please tell Sheree to close her mouth because the world is seeing her lack of education. Why in the world would Sheree continue to talk about Phaedra when she has zero knowledge of the legal system? Lastly, did I hear Kim correctly when she said "who sleeps with wealthy men for money?"

  9. I have no words to explain what Miss Lawrence was wearing. I actually prefer the bedazzled face to the chain earrings from ear to ear. :) As for Sheree and Phaedra, I thought it was interesting that Sheree said the court date was postponed because of filming. That courtdate was set a month before. I must have missed that Kim quote. It would seem a bit hypocritical, no? :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

  10. I caught that! Kim said, "[Marlo} sleeps with rich men for money." Then she said, "Who does that?" I was like – you heffa! ROFL I am just too done with [Ms.] Lawrence. Although I am not too particular about Andy Cohan – it was clear Lawrence was getting on Andy's last working nerve last night. Lawrence was soon to pull the "diva" out of Andy and get a royal cussing out. LOL It is all sickening to me. Sheree is a bit fat liar. Talking about the mattress we saw in the last episode was her dog's bed that he drags around the house. Well that is an awfully big bed. And since when do dogs sleep on air mattresses with sheets and pillows? Sheree [honey] we ain't fooled.

  11. Good catch,Anony, about the bed!Interesting about all the re-takes. A bit disappointing but not that surprising, I guess.WD

  12. I really dislike Cynthia after watching last night's epi. NY this ans NY that, why didn't she just go on RHONY?.

  13. I watch TV using wireless headphones, its a long explanation as to why, but I love it. It has nothing to do with hearing problems. I have noticed a difference in the sound between a talking head interview vs “scenes” and then a BIG difference in the sound of lines that are added after the fact in a sound booth. I catch things that make me laugh. For instance last night Kandi was giving a list of the artists she would like to work with and the name Jodi Messina was added in after she said Shania Twain, Rascal Flats and Carrie Underwood. It is obvious that she got the opportunity to work with Jodi Messina and Bravo wanted it to sound like she scored one of her dream jobs and had her say her name in a sound booth and added it in later. They do this ALL the time in EVERY reality show. It bugs me. To make it seem like someone said something in a situation when in fact they read from a script in a recording booth…

  14. I notice the dub overs sometimes. LIke last night you could tell they had Kim record the phrase "Time for New Beginnings" in the car as they were driving away. I am not even sure Brielle and Kim were in the same car for that "i'm gonna miss this house" interchange.

  15. Did anyone notice how Kim lied about Kendra being the former owner? I'm sure every month when she writes her rent check it is mailed or hand-delivered to Kendra.

  16. There was a scene where Sheree was telling Kandi that they should have filed a motion for contempt and Kandi was asking, "You'd file a contempt for what?". Sheree totally ignored that comment and said in response, "…we should have filed a month ago!!" and points to Phaedra. I wish Andy would have asked her about it her statement…A contempt for what?!?!? ~What the hell was Phaedra supposed to do? You're her client and call the shots for what charges you want pressed. It's not her to decide. Plus, if you want him to pay up, you have to go to the Sheriff's office and have him arrested for non-compliance. Don't act all weepy and start going on that Atlanta courts hate women and let your tongue-sticking ex-husband get the upper hand. Am I the only one who thinks Peter is a loser? Cynthia has terrible taste in men. Leon is fine as hell, but he didn't want to commit to Cynthia, even after they had a child together. She was also engaged to Jayson Williams. Enough said. And now we find out she dated serial modelizer Russell Simmons. Bad taste. I think she married Papa Smurf because she was getting older and wanted something more permanent. Cynthia seems EXTREMELY unhappy. She did look tons better while on her home turf in NYC. Girl should have really listened to her friends and family before getting involved and married to Papa Smurf.

  17. Ivy

    I think Cynthia's in complete denial, and the more people question her happiness with Peter, the more defensive she becomes. She seems determined to stay with him more out of sheer stubbornness than anything else.

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