Nene Leakes Character on Glee Could Be Ongoing

Nene Leakes’ appearance on Glee may be a recurring role, or even a full-time role. According to my source on the set, taping has stopped until January for Christmas Break and all the actors are back home for the holidays. As I previously reported in what I am sure is soon to be a MediaFakeOut WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! (/giggle)  Nene has filmed scenes for two episodes, one is the Grease episode set to air January 17, 2012 and the other is the Michael Jackson tribute episode set to air on January 24, 2012. Her character, Roz Washington is the new synchronized swim team coach. Chord Overstreet’s character, Sam, joins the team to try to impress Mercedes Jones.  After Sam joins, other Glee members also join the team.  Glee producers have previously stated that 2012 will see several new characters appearing in the cast. Say what you will about Nene Leakes but I have a sneaking suspicion that Roz Washington will bring the ratings! This could be an ongoing role for her.

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18 responses to “Nene Leakes Character on Glee Could Be Ongoing

  1. Pam

    I just might have to start watching Glee if my girl, NeNe, is going to be a regular. Great scoop once again, Tamara.

  2. Geez, you just can't catch a break from people always stealing your work, SMH. Glad you are on it and love reading your site not only for the juice but the other education as well. For instance I hadn't heard of a DMCA and now that I Googled it I learned a lot, thanks. I so agree that Nene could make Glee or any show. I don't watch Glee now but you can bet I will tune in to watch NeNe. I don't like her on HW, she reminds me too much of Ms. New York (Tiffany Pollard??) with her over the top brashness but also in certain context would be highly entertaining. Read somewhere that she got paid $16K for Celebrity Apprentice and if that's true, it didn't make her rich. NeNe is a user and a survivor, she will make it big for sure.

  3. HA! Barbara you read that here about the Celeb Apprentice money. :)And Pam, member when I was going to convince you to be a Nene hater? I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS but I have joined #teamnene ! She's really rocking it.

  4. That is exactly how I handle content thieves. I don't mess around, I don't email them warnings…I just report the crap out of them. I've had people lift whole posts verbatim, and I've had the pleasure of watching their hosting company take down the entire site in a matter of hours after I reported them.I don't watch Glee, but if Nene can turn this RH thing into a real job, good for her. Sheree should take some notes on how it's done.

  5. But Sheree ain't got no speak and spell to take notes on! :)

  6. I am glad I dont watch Glee. Seeing her on HWOA is more than enough for me.

  7. I can't help it. I am starting to fall for Nene. I know, I know…

  8. REPLY : Tamera"But Sheree aint got no speak and spell to take notes on". Your hillarious! Sheree sure can play the victum, can't she? Did you notice Phaedra's cheap a** had "SCOTCH TAPE" on her cracked calculator. It can't cost more than $2.99. Can't Phaedra just replace it. Who puts scotch tape on a calculator.

  9. I put tape on things that don't need to be fillin up a landfill! Ain't nothing wrong with spending your money wisely.

  10. I am also falling for Lenethia Bonita.I have always liked men with linebacker physics so LB is right up my alley.Nene? No mama, your real name is actually apropro.I love me some Nathan, I mean Nene.

  11. Great! It would be nice for her if she did bank some payroll from being on the RHOA and C.A.

  12. NeNe earned hers unlike that ghetto very unclassy hillbilly Kim. She and her undisciplined daughters won't last a season. Who stands in front of a crowd and announces that their mom got knocked up? Family values won't be a part of Kims series.

  13. I have a boyfriend who loves to watch Glee. i tried to watch it, i just can't get into it, especially with all that dayum singing in it, but if NeNe is in this, then i'll watch it. when they start singing, then i'll just put it on mute. too "Greseyish" to me.

  14. Nene's first episode is a Grease tribute so you may not like it! :)

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  16. And with the links from CNN comes, International spam! If only we could click on your link to Italian spam. I bet it is tasty!

  17. oh, hun, that'd be portuguese…

  18. I am very happy for NeNe at list has earn her way to the top. Unlike Kim on HWOA sleep her way to the top with Big Poppa to buy that new house she just move in. Shame on her.

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