Nene Leakes on January Promos for Glee!

Oh ye of little faith, I told you so! But you have to look fast. She has her back to the camera in the gym at the very end. :) YAY FOR GREAT SOURCES!
See my exclusives here and here and here.

For those of you having trouble seeing it…

This picture shows what Nene was wearing on the shoot. She shows up at the very end after the Shocking Attractions part. Just after the girls outside jump up, and right when the word “splash” is spoken it’s like a half-second clip in the gym. Three people are facing Nene, she has her back to the camera. But it’s her. :)

I’m very excited! It was a pretty HUGE EXCLUSIVE! :)


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14 responses to “Nene Leakes on January Promos for Glee!

  1. Glee – Gays – Nene and their letting her schlep around in a track suit. The inhumanity of it all.NJB

  2. NJB you are my onlyiest friend. Thanks for acknowledging my HUGE SCOOP! Come here, let me hug you. No really, I showered tonight and everything. ((((HUGS)))

  3. Same earings and everything! Way to go Tamara!!

  4. YAY! Thanks y'all. I am feeling all sorts of special. :) In a day or two it will be the big exclusive news somewhere, but we will know I had the scoop. I have dream that one day…LOL. Thanks again, I was hoping y'all would come celebrate with me! Cheers!

  5. Good going! This just proves this is the place to get the scoop!

  6. Aw, thanks, Angie! Countdown to MediaFakeOut taking credit in three…

  7. Congratulations! I hate Glee with the white hot passion of 10,000 suns so I won't watch it, but I have to give Neigh Neigh (that's as in "neighbor and weight") credit.

  8. vp


  9. HEY!!!… I posted on this hours ago and my post isn't here… I don't like Neigh Neigh … but she's getting herself out there.

  10. Great job getting the scoop first, Tamara. I'm proud of you for all of the hard work you've put into this. :)

  11. Thanks VP! I don't know where you could have possibly got the term Rock GOddess Spoiler. LOL. You rock. Only 399 followers left to post! ;)And BSB you posted it under the google video post. Which is really a great post and more people should look at it. It is 2011 in review in a serious manner. Perhaps too serious for this bunch but I found it to be quite impressive work.

  12. Thanks Sherri, I do put a lot of work into this blog, but this exclusive was a gift from a kind reader with the inside scoop. I'm very lucky they chose to share with me over anyone else. I hope to continue to have that fantastic source. :)

  13. Congratulations!! I read your blog everyday you rock Sista!! Keep serving this tea girl!

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