Nene Leakes Filming Second Glee Episode on Her Birthday!

Time for another TAMARATATTLES EXCLUSIVE, y’all! Thanks in advance to all the reputable blogs that link and credit me as the source on this story. Shame on the rest of you!
Nene Leakes flew back to L.A. this week to tape a second episode of Glee. My source on the set says that today’s shoot was very long and filmed in the pool/gym of Ventura High School.  Nene always seems so happy in her tweets when she is out there filming.  To make the day even sweeter for Nene, it’s her birthday! Today’s shoot is not for the Grease episode but for another episode all together. In an interesting side note, WWHL had  Dot Marie Jones, the actress who plays Coach Beiste on Glee on last night and Chris Colfer and Lea Michele will be on next week. It’s a regular Glee lovefest. Andy Cohen seems to still love Nene despite rumors to the contrary as he urged all his twitter followers to wish Nene a Happy Birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Leakes. You are making it really hard for me to hate on you. Congrats!

Update: Although more than one episode is filming at once, my source seems to think today’s scenes will be part of the Michael Jackson tribute episode. Don’t bet the farm on that just yet, but it looks likely. I’ll let you know what I know, the minute I know it!

Are you suprised that Nene has recurring role on Glee? Leave me a comment.


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25 responses to “Nene Leakes Filming Second Glee Episode on Her Birthday!

  1. Yes because straight from the A always takes your stories and posts them as if she has an inside source

  2. Straight from the A has some good sources. But not on this particular topic. :)

  3. Pam

    Great scoop, once again, Tamara.

  4. Thanks. I'm very lucky to have source on set that likes my blog. /twirls

  5. I posted this in the Glee thread at OSTS, FYI. Lillian Nubber

  6. Great scoop! I have to say, although Nene is a little crazy, she sure does know how to make the most of her Real Housewives celebrity. She may just end up the last woman standing.

  7. Thanks so much Lillian. I know links are allowed there but i always feel like a douche posting them myself. Shout out to my sucksters! Always good to see you here Kerry. I was a Nene hater determined to spread the hate but I'll be damned if that woman has not brought me to her side. In Atlanta, we revere our crazies. Thank GAWD because I am one. :)

  8. Her hair looks SO much better in that picture. Much better than the blonde wig.

  9. I know, I gave her a good one, for her Birthday. I'm nice like that.

  10. Nene must have a great agent.She has shown herself (in the past & present) to be an unusually loud and violent woman. This coming from a woman who is well into her 40s. She is also a college dropout & an ex stripper…just saying.She is an embarassment to the Black community. A reprobate.I am not surprised that Glee & Anderson Cooper "love them some Nene". They love her because she a modern day Mammy & a circus monkey.Don't get me started on her looks…ugh.


  12. Ivy

    Getting even a small spot on Glee is pretty major, although I can't picture NeNe taking direction well. But now what? Her reputation is horrible and she manages to alienate everyone she meets. If she's able to carve a small living on taking one bit part after another, more power to her. Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn't work like that. An education (in ANYTHING) would benefit her immensely.

  13. Nene seems really positive out there. Most people on the set have no idea about her reputation for being difficult and according to all accounts things are going well. We shall see…

  14. Nenes ego is already huge after being on Celeb App. Now there will be not talking to her after being on Glee. God I can't stand that woman.

  15. EB

    NeNe gets a lot of hate from cast mates and viewers. She know who to pull her stunts with and who not too, its ALL strategy. I dont watch Glee even though its a popular show but I will tune in to support NeNe. I respect her Hustle and thats what she does. She trying to venture out and make this RHOA work to her advantage and I cant hate on that.

  16. Ivy

    How can alienating the viewers, or "The Haters," as she calls them, be a good strategy when you're trying to make a career in show business? I'll be the first to admit that she's quick-witted, but I see no evidence of intelligence, or more importantly, common sense, with her. I predict that this idea she has that no one on the planet is smarter than she is will be the cause of her downfall, not just in show business, but in life. Bravo did this woman no favors by making her famous.

  17. @Tamara you have the best stories I am so glad I found you LOL

  18. We are talking about her are we not, and she will be on Glee wont she?

  19. People can hate on Nene all they want but she is having a lot of success. She is working the show to her advantage and branching out. I hope she is even more successful, whether she acts a fool sometimes or not. Could anyone imagine dry as burnt toast Sheree on Celeb Appr. or any other show?? Even her walkon during The Game was dry as hell. Love her or hate her she is the star of RHOA. Cynthia is sweet but comes across very weak minded. Kandi is just boring..she even makes sex toys boring. Phaedra the fake southern belle behaves like an ass with all her donkey booty mess. It seems like as an attorney she wouldn't want to come across so crass and ignorant on TV. Sheree is just another broke ass chick in Atlanta fronting like she has money. Kim = trash that IMO looks down on black people.

  20. LOL@ Alienating the viewers. Lets face it. NeNe is RHOA. Many people love her and then you have others but the ONLY reason people like Sherman, Phaedra or Kim is because they DONT like NeNe. Face it.

  21. Ivy

    She keeps saying that, too. Everybody's talking about her. So what? That's her strategy? To be known as a loud-mouthed bully? If it is, congratulations, Nene, you're successful. They talked about Jill Zarin, too. She's been featured less and less on the show and it's no longer a torture to watch. I couldn't even laugh at her when she was on that "date," which I agree was total BS and cooked up by her and her business partner, but showed very clearly how she wants to be seen. Nobody is going to buy her as some adorable waif striking out on her own in the big city fighting off admirers left and right.

  22. Ivy

    Her first acting assignment should be learning how to disguise her contempt for humanity. Bet she can't do it.

  23. Anon 12:28 See that? Can't say the word Kim without "white people" and "black people". Lord I hope this is the same commenter.

  24. @Ivy, but LOL@ the tea spilling today that RHONY is facing problems because there is no drama on RHONY after Jill left…how they are thinking of doing even more cast changed and scrapping the cast all together.a good laugh. Nobody wants to watch a bunch of bitches get along all day.

  25. Ivy

    This is very very true.

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