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Okay, I’ve been doing a lot of research without a lot of interesting tea for y’all today.  Mostly, I’ve been checking into John Kolaj. Lots of my commenters seem to think he is married with kids. I simply cannot find anything out there that verifies this information.  I have found his primary residence of record in Armonk, NY where he lives in a modest 2,000 sq ft four bedroom, two and a half bath home with his mother, Rosa.  It seems he travels a lot with work, and works a lot. I have found no evidence of John having any children.  It seems he is just a Pizza Guy.  Franchises for Famous Famiglia are in the top 100 franchises in the country. The Kolajs own about half the Famous Famiglia’s and sold the other half as franchises. The franchise startup costs are about $300,000 -$500,000 depending on location. His family is Albanian and immigrated to Italy in 1969 when John and his brothers were small children. His father died within a year of moving to Italy and his mother Rosa took the five kids and moved to New York. The sons saved money and opened a pizza joint in 1986. There are no skeletons or anything interesting.


Donald Trump took an interest in Famous Famiglia at some point and became acquainted  with John Kolaj. Which brings us to last June when The Donald was considering running on the Republican ticket for President. On June first of this year, Sarah Palin was doing this crazy bus tour pretending she was going to run for President as well. There was this big luncheon thing with the two of them that the media was covering as if it were a Royal visit. The two of them out out for some NY pizza. And the entire city lost their ever lovin’ minds because… well just watch the video above. It takes place at Famous Famiglia in Times Square.  In other news today, The Donald announced today if he doesn’t like the Republican candidate he will run as an Independent.

So that’s it. The storyline is what it is. I believe that it was a publicity arrangement between Nene and John; however, I also don’t think John gets out much and that Nene and John have formed an actual friendship. Nene, who is in LA again filming something (more Glee? something else?) was tweeting about the Pizza Guy all morning.  Do I think they dated in a serious romantic fashion? Nope. But I think they do have a friendly business arrangement and genuinely like each other.

So that’s what I believe to be true. Anything else posted in comments in the opinion of the commenter and not verified by me.  That said comment all you want and tell me what you think and I’ll keep looking into things if something interesting pops up.


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12 responses to “John Kolaj, Pizza Guy

  1. Well…um….I'm not surprised this guy lives with his mother. He wasn't exactly Mr. Smooth! However, I give him and his brothers major props for starting from scratch and building a successful business. I love that part!

  2. He lives with his Mom because Albanians take care of their parents until they die. They don't put them in Retirement homes to get abused by people that don't care for them. As for being smooth, with his money he could've just been a douche and pulled out a roll of 100's and threw it on the table. Maybe showed off the Roli or his car? He was trying to be funny and it wasn't funny, but at least he was trying. I'm sure the guy has no problem finding gold diggers.

  3. Guess what the relationship is real. My inside source tells. Why do you find it hard to believe? Why can't you just wish them well? Sad how jealous people can be.

  4. I do want to add — I appreciate the fact you did actually research.I should not of written you are jealous — that was not a kind thing to say. John likes her. They have a lot of fun together. The romance is refreshing.

  5. I am happy for and TOTALLY Jealous of anyone who finds happiness in a relationship. :) Thanks for the info!

  6. Both NeNe & John are "go getters". Their relationship is a "win win" situation. NeNe keep letting those other housewives "have it"! They are jealous because they didn't expect for you to "serve them" so severely! Your giving more NY Diva than ATL native!

  7. Nene is nasty so not sure what he sees in her. He could get himself a real hottie instead of that trailer park trash.

  8. John is so faithful. If he was he wouldn't be texting me.

  9. John is definitely a handsome nice gentlemen

  10. M. Greeenberg

    and may I ask how you get john to be texing you? Im interested cause Id like to speak with him.


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