Sheree Whitfield’s Fake Storyline on Tonight’s RHOA

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 On tonight’s REAL Housewives of Atlanta, Kim has a marvelously easy labor and gives birth to a cute little black girl who she names Linnethia. Okay maybe not, but the way this “non-scripted” show is headed, it wouldn’t surprise me.  Before I get started, I’d like to once again point out, I have nothing against Sheree. I don’t know Sheree.  I do know that NOTHING about the Sheree Whitfield storyline has any basis in fact. NOTHING.  I just don’t understand the need to manufacture a storyline for Sheree when Kandi is always doing interesting stuff and we aren’t seeing any of that. Cynthia and Peter’s drama is real despite the awkward staging of “conversations” by Bravo. Cynthia’s sister has a very interesting storyline that is based in fact that is also going untapped. Phaedra is actually a successful businesswoman with a hot husband and a cute kid, but Bravo chooses to assign her the role of comic relief. None of this makes sense to me, and it bugs me, so I’m afraid Ms. Whitfield is going to have to suffer through being the focal point of an exposé once again.

Even more tea about the court scenes are behind the jump.

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Let’s start with the visit to Empty Lot Sheree. Tonight we will see the true and rightful owner of the lot, Thelma Fergusen, make a visit to the “work site”.  In the name of “making good reality TV” we are treated to a scene where Thelma and Sheree stand in the empty lot which now sports a huge hole where the house used to be and have a mother daughter talk.  Sheree looks quite pretty in this scene with her curly weave and inappropriate gold sandals but even she seems to be having a hard time delivering lines like “I’m putting the pool back there” in an empty lot without the first piece of machinery let alone a solitary worker on the premises. Fortunately, the totally unscripted script calls for a mother daughter conversation about Sheree’s lack of a father in her life. In a obvious attempt by Bravo to continue its “poor mistreated Sheree” storyline we are treated to a conversation about what Sheree did not get for Christmas as a child.

Of course this story takes place in an empty lot, as all mother daughter heart-to-hearts do. Why? Because Sheree’s townhouse is not being filmed this season. Notice we have yet to see any Sheree scenes in her home. That, dear viewers, would spoil the entire illusion. So when Bravo needs yet another scene to segue into the upcoming DRAMATIC REENACTMENTS of the court scenes, we are forced to watch (we are being forced to watch this, right? ) as some pretty houses are flashed on the screen and then we arrive at Empty Lot Sheree. In perhaps one of the most awkward scenes in Bravo history we hear mother and daughter keep repeating that poor,poor Sheree’s father never bought her a  Speak and Spell for Christmas. I could not make this stuff up. The scene wraps as the two decide that the only way to keep this cycle of deprivation from continuing is to hit up ole Butt Head Bob for the seven figures Sheree so richly deserves. It was awfully mean of Butt Head Bob to only give her 1.1 million dollars in the divorce. How will her kids ever learn to spell with that paltry amount?

So this sets us up for the court scenes. And this is where my confusion really sets in. I try to suspend all disbelief when watching RHOA these day, but LAWD do they make it hard.  I have seen two clips of courtroom scenes involving Phaedra representing Sheree “in court”.  What I have not seen is any tangible evidence in the Fulton County court records of any representation by Phaedra ever occurring. Up until today, it has been my assumption that these scenes are dramatic reenactments of the actual court appearances with Phaedra Parks playing the part of Sheree’s real divorce lawyer Nichol Hanyard. But even I admit there are problems with this explanation. Let’s start with the clip shown for a brief second at the end of the Empty Lot Sheree scene.

This is Judge Arrington 
Credit: Fulton County website

In this scene, Phaedra is at the defendants table and is heard saying ” Phaedra Parks for the respondent, Your Honor.” Well at least the storyline now has Sheree as the defendant, and that much is true.  And it also shows Butt Head Bob at the plaintiff’s table with his own documents representing himself. That is also true. Butt Head Bob represented himself in several motions to the court and won them all.  As much as I love the term Butt Head Bob, I must confess to knowing that he is one smart cookie. I also know that he keeps the kids as much if not more than Sheree. He’s not the evil deadbeat Dad we see on the show. Though he was really harsh to Sheree and collaterally to his kids during the divorce, so he doesn’t get a halo either.

What perplexes me about this clip is the judge they show on the bench. That would be Judge Arrington.
Judge Arrington is not only a real judge but a very well-known and well-respected judge in Fulton County. Why on earth would he be participating in this charade?  Not only is he not the judge for the divorce hearings (That would be Judge Lane, but we will get to her in a minute) Judge Arrington was the judge that ruled against both Sheree and Bob in some lawsuits that had to do with Bob’s  Patchwerk Recording Studio which he has since sold to his partners. So did Butt Head Bob take Sheree to court for something to do with that in addition to the divorce modification issue? Again, I didn’t see that in the court records. Also, there are only two or three people in the courtroom. Fulton Superior Court is always packed. Anyone who was waiting for a case before Judge Arrington would be sitting in the gallery if only for lack of a better place to wait.  Nothing about that clip can be logically connected in my brain.  

Judge Downs
Photo Credit: Fulton Court

Judge Lane
Photo Credit: Fulton Court

The other clip was run after the premiere episode in a montage of teasers for the season. In that clip, we have Phaedra in a different outfit, in a different courtroom with a different judge.  That scene does take place in a family division courtroom at Fulton County Superior Court. You will see the signage on the bench declaring it to be the courtroom of Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane.  A quick look at the court documents show Judge Lane to be the presiding judge of record for the divorce since it began a bazillion years ago. FINALLY SOMETHING IS REAL! 
Only it isn’t.  We see the judge in the clip approaching the bench.  It is a blond woman with a short bob haircut. Maybe it is Judge Downs ? I know it isn’t Judge Lane. Judge Lane is black.  So why would Judge Downs, or some other unknown person be sitting in Judge Lane’s courtroom pretending to preside over a family court case?  I dunno. This whole thing makes my tiny little brain hurt. And once again for this scene the court is fairly empty except for three or four out of place looking spectators. I just wish both fake scenes would hurry up and happen so I can figure it all out.

Y’all are going to have to watch tonight’s episode, and/or Tuesday night’s episode to help me unravel the manipulation and misdirection. I think the Judge Arrington farce will be up first and the scenes with a fake Judge Lane happen later in the season. At this point, Kim giving birth to a black baby girl and naming her Linnetha would make a lot more sense than all this.



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52 responses to “Sheree Whitfield’s Fake Storyline on Tonight’s RHOA

  1. @Tamara, I LOVE & LIVE FOR YOUR BLOG #thatisall *drops mic and exits stage left*

  2. I'm so happy you're happy! I know you have some friends around town and I wouldn't want to upset you! :) Don't be a stranger.

  3. 6ft2and tatted? Tamara, what's keeping you?

  4. heh. I'm too old, TRho. And you know me too well.

  5. I love it. So much tea, so sweet! Can't wait to see tonights episode. fabbags winks*

  6. In seasin 1 I have to admit I was a sheree fan until I started seeing thru the BS..I'm quite sure BRAVO didnt film inside of her townhouse because she didnt want them to (embarrassed perhaps?) I remember two episodes ago when Sheree and Kim were having lunch and Kim referred to it as a "condo" haha whatever!I want to see if during tonights show if her mother even acknowledges that its her property and not Sheree's or is she going to play along as well..smh..Remembering when Sheree said to Fakedra that she was building that house all by herself with no help from anybody..For real Sheree? The problem with trying to keep up with the Joneses is that it takes way too much work to do that and you end up making a fool of yourself and going broke!

  7. I tell you what…I always watch this the next day so I can fast forward through the commercials, but this one time I might actually stay up late, because I can't WAIT to see if this really is going down this way.I mean, there's fake, and then there's FAKE.(Love the blog, by the way…in fact, I am enjoying the blog more than the show at this point)

  8. Be cautious of Bravo's "previews"; some times they will tease us with certain clips which will never be shown. I've noticed certain clips in the past that never seen the light of day once the actual "show" was on. So, hopefully you'll receive an answer following tonights episode…

  9. Kerry, I fixed the Sheree Whitfield Dramatic Courtroom reenacted thread. Something happened with Blogger and you were right half the post got eaten! It's even updated!And Anon, I hope they don't do that with the courtroom clips. That would suck! :)

  10. @Tamara, I'm addicted to your Blog and all the good Tea!!! You've replaced in my daily dose of good and FACTUAL Tea. Follow me on Twitter @6ft2andTatted

  11. I just checked out your profile pic. I'll follow you anywhere you want. ;)

  12. Sheree needs to dump that horrible Lake Forrest property and buy the lot only lot available on Heards Ferry Road. She would be the neighbor of two very classy Atlanta woman Millie Smith and Terri Ewing…. And, she would be right across the street from Riverwood High School!

  13. @6ft2andtatted media Fake Out steals all their RHOA stuff from here and still manages to get it wrong. :)

  14. Tamara, will you please spill the tea on how Phaedra'saunt's funeral was also fake and contrived? There was NO body in that casket and the whole thing was a very sad made up spectacle.Phaedra may have ahd an aunt that died…but that was not her funeral we saw. For more evidence, please give me your email address, cuz Phaedra is getting on my damn nerves

  15. If you lose it, it's over there on the right, down at the bottom in the about me box! :)

  16. sooooooooo that is clearly an apartment Sheree is living in not a townhouse..

  17. I like your blog, as it posts interesting information and doesn't just verbally bash housewives as does another silly site.

  18. After tonight's episode – I started thinking about why I want to open my veins with a sharp object whenever Sheree is around. It's because she's gotten BORING. I don't want to see Sheree the mother who makes nasty fake cheese sandwiches for her son – I want to see the WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO, Sheree. Where did SHE go???WD

  19. The most awkward scene was not Sheree and her mother talking. It was Nene and her date – Now that was AWKARD.

  20. Tamara, I agree with the statement in your first paragraph about Bravo. The three housewives that I'm most interested in are Phaedra, Kandi, and Cynthia (in that order) because they are the ones who seem to be doing interesting things in their lives. I've always been told that Atlanta is "the Black Hollywood" and unfortunately this show barely focuses on anything of importance in the city.

  21. I thought her apartment was cute, clean and decent. BTW Bravo showing where Sheree *really* lives doesn't blow any illusions for me since I could care less where she lives as long as she and her children have a roof over their heads. I tune in to laugh and enjoy the interaction of the housewives not to live vicariously through them, they are not unlike the rest of us, problems and all. So what's the big deal if she lives in an apartment, townhouse or million dollar home? If her storyline is BS so what? I don't expect to get any truths from these shows, just entertainment. Besides if Sheree's personal life was on point, neither you or the other bloggers would have anything to write about so obviously the entertainment thing is working….on some level. I'm not defending her alleged lies just saying I don't really care whether she's telling the truth or not, when I watch the show I just want to be entertained, that's it and that's all. Besides Sheree and none of the other housewives owes me anything. If I didn't enjoy watching them, I know what to do….turn to something else. No one's holding a gun to my head and making me watch RHOA.

  22. I am really enjoying your blog Tamara, keep up the good work. I just wanna say about Nene with her big George Washington teeth, girl just stop. You're embarrassing yourself! Nobody believes you're rich, same goes for Sheree. Cynthia is so damn boring with her old lady voice/laugh. Lol. Phaedra needs to keep her real job separate because she could really damage her reputation. I wanna know more about her great aunt's fake funeral! I can't stand that crass Kim. All that cursing, she sounds low-class. Oh yeah, she is! Kandi is ok but for the sex toy business. Her mom is making a fool of herself in her old age though. Posing on that car was just…no. Anyway, just mho. This blog has replaced bossip, so thanks for keeping it fresh. :)

  23. Just recently started reading here due to a link at Priscilla from Wasilla.Really enjoy how you analyze the shows against facts from public records, etc. as most of the audience is coming around to understanding that Bravo/Berwick contrives much of what they present as unscripted reality.Anyone can blog/post an opinion but you distinguish yourself by seemingly doing some real homework & sharing it with your readers.Makes me curious to come back for more. Thanks.

  24. Thanks for reading! I am enjoying the blog and learning a lot about Atlanta and all sorts of other things. Just this morning I was reading a NYTimes piece about how the NYC pizzeria's are more and more being run by Albanians as Italians have saved their money and moved on to more lucrative ventures. So indirectly I am learning from a mindless guilty pleasure show! :)

  25. Bravo, make Linnethia happen!

  26. sheree is full of it-two face. Karma is a BITCH

  27. Tamara, have you heard anything about the Atlanta version of "Love and Hip Hop"? Love reading your posts.

  28. I've never seen such a biased journalist. Everybody knows Sheree like the rest are full of it but your arrogance and inability to even entertain other views is ghetto and unprofessional. Don't you know you're supposed to at least pretend to be objective…geez

  29. @ anonymous 10:42 am, great post. Sheree gas brought this on but I like your comment and serves as a reminder that we all should be humble and thankful for what we do have.

  30. People please remember that like Phaedra said opinions are like anuses. Personally I don't find Kandi interesting at all and i know quite a few people who agree. It's so annoying when people declare their personal favorites should be featured more or gave their own show, etc. Just bc you feel that way doesn't mean the masses agree. Thanks.


  32. I'm probably not going to be your girl for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Used2B. It's not my cup of "tea". That said if people source me and I can confirm it, I'll blog it. As for my unhappy anon, might I suggest you look for a blog more to your liking. I'm not a journalist, I a blogger who blogs my opinions. As my mama used to say,"you can like it, or lump it". There are blogs for all kinds out there. I don't think I am your kind, so perhaps you should spend less time here!You post here a awful lot about your unhappiness. Please go forth into the vast Internet and find someone who agrees with you. Merry Christmas!

  33. Dear Anonymous,(not, not you.. that other one. The idiot. Yeah, you).Blogs are not journalism. A blogger can have whatever damned opinion they want. And even in a newspaper, a GOSSIP COLUMN will be filled with opinions, bias, and all sorts of other delicious tidbits. Not to mention that there isn't a single "news" outlet in the world that isn't presented with bias or a specific slant. Really, it's ok to be stupid. It's just important that you recognize your own stupidity so you can stop yourself before foisting it on the rest of humanity.Yours in Zeus

  34. Kimberly seems a little angry.

  35. You have no idea…But she's correct.

  36. I love your blog tamara keep it up dont let the haters stop you from doing what you do.Oh LOL no one said a dam thing abot Miss KIM LOL she is BORINGGGGGGGGGGGG… Why was she givin her own show ? Look at the numbers on twitter and she is clearly not the most popular. So who the hell will watch her tv show? Even them showing her delivery was boring I was like I wish I can fast forward that shit LOL… Can u please tell us beside her fall ot with sweetie something that would make me watch her show. You seem to have the 411 on these fake Bitches LOL

  37. Yes, why there is no blogs on kim ?

  38. There ARE blogs about Kim. Lots of them. Check the archives. /waits for the vocabulary question…

  39. And I always thought Jahri was made up. Le sigh.

  40. What most people are not seeing is that Kim changed her team of assistants, etc. Since she has made a change, most of her dirty laundry is not being aired and I am sure that Kroy does not tolerate a lot of her foolishness. She now has to act like a wife with some sense and figure out where her next check is coming from besides the RHOA. Andy Cohen made it very clear weeks ago that the spinoff for Kim was not permanent. It is my understanding that during the focus group study. she did not score well enough for them to offer a permanent spin-off.Where the drama will unfold is Kroy. He is a free agent after this season. Will he remain a Falcon, get traded, or worse? I am sure that is one of the reasons why they are renting. Plus they gave a low-ball offer that was originally rejected. A great marketing strategy is that accepting rent is so much better than allowing a house to sit open on the market,especially when the house is being aired on television.Now Ms. Tamara…a little tid bit for you. The cost of the wedding was a little exaggerated or should I say not paid for all by them. For example, Kim did not pay the 58k for that dress. The original owner paid that amount.

  41. I never said Kim paid 58K for that dress. LOL. The online dress company tried to make it seem so. The wedding was heavily sponsored. Ciroc was one of the big ones. Also Bravo paid for a ton of it as part of the spin-off. I would explain to you all what "chocolate diamonds" are but I wouldn't want to upset anyone whose Christmas gift comes from Jared this year. ;)If Kroy gets traded, THAT would make for a great spin-off as Kim and her brood move to Minnesota or somewhere. :)

  42. Oh Tamara that was not a hit for you in my comments about the dress. I am sure you already know the real deal behind the wedding and are waiting for the prime time to post. Love your blog!!!!

  43. I love your Blog Sis! I have been reading it faithfully since, I ran across it a week ago. You definitely have the inside scoop, so keep blasting!! Also love your writing!

  44. LOL who doesn't love a betty white avatar! :) And Anon, didn't mean to come of testy in THAT post. :) I posted a good bit about the wedding (including a false lead or two oopsy) when I first opened this blog up. I am sure I will post again when Tardy for the Wedding premieres. Meanwhile, I will admit that some of the more illiterate commenters test my patience. I need need to invent an illiteracy blocker. It would work like a spam blocker but insure an education level of at least 8th grade. :) Thanks for reading and always leaving comments in English. :)

  45. I love this blog! Keep on doing whatcha doing gurl. And to all of the rest of the hating ANONYMOOSES – Ms Sheree and her kids would be much better served if the stop screaming at the ex to get a JOB and started screaming at herself to get one. Just sayin…..

  46. oh my god this is some good shit on this BLOG it is great wow yall really spilled beans on KIM… I thought she was all happily ever after WOW WOW WOW… DAM thought she hit the jack pot with Kroy…Thought she would go away and live the quite suburban life and have more children and stop hanging out.. it seems like she is supper dull now

  47. I think Kim IS all happily after after. I'm happy for her. It doesn't make for a great storyline in the middle of all the other girls drama but a nice spinoff sort of like the one on E! with Kendra and Hank would be cute. I would watch.

  48. So happy that I found your blog! I enjoy reading blogs written by an educated source.I dumped months ago. Looks as though I am dumping Bossip for you!You mentioned that Fulton County Courtrooms are usually crowded. Perhaps the room was empty because a television crew was filming? I would think that filming everyone in court may create a privacy issue.

  49. I sort of see your point, but the fact that the judge on tv, while still a real judge was not the judge of record, and Phaedra Parks was not the lawyer of record still screams staged to me.


  51. just discovered your site and i love it. especially love the fact that you consistently write in complete sentences. will be a regular reader. love the tea!!

  52. OMG don't expect me to be literate all the time. i am drunk often! :) welcome!

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