Nene Leakes and Pizza Guy John Kolaj on Tonight’s RHOA

This photo showing Al Reynolds, Nene Leakes and
 Pizza guy, John Kolaj out and about in Atlanta,
made the Internet rounds last month

 John Kolaj, or as I like to call him, The Pizza Guy makes his debut on RHOA tonight. One lesson Nene has learned this year is not to put all her eggs in the same basket. She’s been dabbling in all sorts of investment schemes lately.  While we all know she only got in the neighborhood of $16,000 for her entire appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, if she spent her Bravo money wisely, she probably has a few dollars laying around to diversify her financial portfolio a bit. But certainly not enough to buy a Famous Famiglia franchise which runs upwards of $300,000.

While the storyline will show cutesy romantic meals and coy flirting, based on everything I know now there was no romantic involvement between Nene and John Kolaj. It looks to me like a business arrangement wherein Nene received some percentage of ownership in the Sacramento Airport Famous Famiglia location in exchange for his free advertising disguised as a storyline for Nene.  It’s simply a business move on both parts. It would be interesting to know how this pair met and how the deal was struck.  One of my sources says that the Pizza Guy is Armenian Albanian. The picture shown above was taken well after filming ended in an Atlanta restaurant.  Either way, I am still dying to know what is in that Tiffany box.  I’ll be disappointed if it is anything from the sterling collection. I’m just saying…

So tell me what you think of this pair just another fake storyline or a real relationship?


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22 responses to “Nene Leakes and Pizza Guy John Kolaj on Tonight’s RHOA

  1. So, so fake. The previews looked forced.

  2. I'm far more interested in why Al Reynolds shows up in every housewives franchise, and even in Basketball Wives. Could he be a famewhore? Hanging with Nene is especially interesting, given her feud with his ex-beard,I mean ex-wife.

  3. I thinks its real and I think everyone is gonna find out it is and be shock and he is Italian not Armenian and people can date who dey want I think its real she is always in new York!!!

  4. Pssst! There are lots of Armenian-Italians becauselots of Armenians had to get the hell out of dodge back around WWI during that whole genocide thing. Also, surprisingly there is no law that says you have to be Italian to own a pizza company that I know of. If there is, Herman Cain is one crazy looking Italian dude. You keep the faith though. It's good to believe in things.

  5. I heard he is a friend of Donald Trump's. NeNe met through them

  6. He is not Armenian, he is Albanian.

  7. I read that tweet from Nene too. I have no faith in Nene's ability to know Armenia from Albania.

  8. Well you have your mind made up which equates to poor journalism.

  9. Ivy

    NeNe has no self-awareness whatsoever. I honestly believe that she thought she was coming across as some sweet young thing. Oh, the horror.

  10. That whole scene with him last night made me squirm with discomfort. That dude is a piece of work.

  11. Pam

    I agree with Kerry Scott. That whole scene was uncomfortable.

  12. I met a woman named Shpresa Kolaj from Armonk ny. Her husband's name is John. is he married?????

  13. I dunno Anon. I will look into it. I have confirmed this morning The Pizza Guy is Albanian not Armenian. Will correct that error in the post in a few. Still reading some interesting research…:)

  14. I was so uncomfortable watching the two of them together and nothing about it seemed believable. I think it's another fake story line… I mean really, come on BRAVO you guys could have found another man that might have wanted NeNe Leakes (at least I hope there's one out there besides Greg).

  15. I sort of believe that was the Pizza Guy's best game. I've been on similar sorts of dates and totally related to Nene not knowing how to respond and being embarrassed and annoyed at the same time. I've dated guys from lots of different places and traveled alone in lots of countries and seen all kinds of flirting techniques. It can be fun and also a bit…disconcerting when you are not expecting it.

  16. it may have been his best game, but it was all a game. He's a very savvy, street smart guy who lives in the richest zip code of NY, and he has a very real family. Wife and children. You were correct in yesterday's blog when you stated he got free publicity and she got a percent of the new shop. The story line of a romance is totally fraudulent!

  17. The last name Kolaj is a Kosovar last name. The family is quite large as most Albanian families are. I thought I was going to throw up during that date/business meeting.

  18. He has a wife and children? OMG.Maybe his wife can tell him that next time he goes on a fake date for free publicity, he should not do his "lemme-try-to-talk-like-a-black-woman" trick. Or his "lemme-feed-you-nasty-food" trick. Or his "lemme-get-a-guy-to-sing-for-you-and-then-cry-while-you-wonder-who-the-hell-this-dude-is" trick.Dude is the worst actor I've ever seen. WAY worse than Sheree.

  19. They met thru the Donald and Celeb Apprentice.

  20. Maybe his wife can advise him the super-greasy slicked back hair thing looked AWESOME on Fonzie. On the Armenian/Albanian (probably spelled wrong bec I'm lazy) – not so much.WD

  21. According to the family, they left Albania for Italy in 1969. Father died there. Mother came to US with 5 kids the next year. Lived in the Bronx. Started the pizza restaurant in 1986. (Shepresa does seem to be related to the same John.)

  22. I think john may have really like nene. It couks be real. Not to mension i saw him in forever21 on 42nd st about a month ago with another african american woman. He can like who he wants.

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