Nene Leakes on Glee and Her Week in L.A.

Nene Leakes takes some time to party before Filming Glee

I’m getting a lot of questions about my EXCLUSIVE! (I feel so MediatakeOut, lol)  story on Nene Leakes being cast for an upcoming episode of Glee. So here is the full recap of Nene’s trip to the west coast.
Nene flew out to L.A. last Saturday saying she was going to work for the week in L.A. and told us she would let us in on the secret later. Nene was SO UPBEAT on her tweets from the moment she got there. On Sunday she tweeted:

NeNe Leakes
Working out here n LA! I’m So glad I get 2 work n a positive environment oppose 2 the negative 1
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Nene grabbed this post from
and posted it on her twitter feed
This of course fuels the rumors she is growing weary of playing the villain on RHOA and enjoying a more friendly work environment. Everybody knows that a hostile workplace can make even the sweetest person turn into an ogre so you have to give Nene a bit of slack about her behavior on RHOA. She is working on a set in Atlanta where no one wants to film with her except Cynthia. 
On Saturday Nene went to Kyle Richard’s house for a Christmas party with lots of the Beverly Hills and Orange County Housewives.  Oh and Patti Stanger was there.
On Sunday, Nene worked with acting coach Leigh Kilton-Smith to prepare for her comedic role as Roz Washington, synchronized  swim coach. (Later that night Leigh Kilton-Smith ended up in the ER at Cedars Sinai because her husband was having serious back pain). Leigh sends her a supportive tweet Tuesday morning.
On Monday, Nene posted her Bravo blog and may have visited the Glee set. She did her primary filming on Tuesday and Wednesday by Thursday evening west coast time she was already on a plane back to Atlanta.  Also on Wednesday she took some time to appear on The Talk where she made no mention of being in town to film Glee because the episode is under wraps until filming ends.
As for the episode itself,  Chord Overstreet’s character, Sam joins a synchronized swim team as part of some hair-brained scheme to get him in a speedo win back Mercedes’ affection. Nene’s character, Roz Washington is a smack-talking funny coach to the team.  During filming, Nene wore LOTS of dark body and face makeup which was obvious when she appeared on The Talk. You could see her shoulders were very dark but there was a tanksuit area on her upper body that was not as darkened. It looked like she was wearing body makeup for a swim team type swimsuit. Since she was filming Glee around The Talk, that would make sense. Her choosing to wear one of her numerous strapless tops did not. It just looked weird. It does seem to indicate that she did film in a swim suit on Wednesday instead of the tracksuit she wore on Tuesday’s filming.

Despite the fact that Glee’s ratings are falling, this will be a very popular episode of Glee since Gleeks have been wanting an episode with songs from Grease for a long time.  The episode is said to be scheduled to air on January 17, 2012.
So that’s the tea y’all. Nene has been really quiet on twitter since she got home.  Glee is a hard and long filming project so I bet she is worn out!  Leave me a comment.


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8 responses to “Nene Leakes on Glee and Her Week in L.A.

  1. I can't wait to see this episode and not just for Chord Overstreets abs!

  2. Next to Patti – Nene doesn't look so mooselike!And as much as I find Nene abrasive and rude, I have to give her credit for trying to branch out and trying to do some different things instead of sitting back and hoping the Bravo train never ends.WD

  3. Hey! Wasn't Patti at Kim's wedding? Traitor.

  4. LOL at the whole "Next to Patti" comment, WD.Also yes she was at Kim's Wedding. She loves cameras.

  5. This post is getting lots of views and few comments… I predict we will be seeing it at MediaFakeOut soon as and EXCLUSIVE! LOL.You heard it hear first. The story and the prediction about MediaFakeOut.

  6. heh. look what just popped up with regard to this page.Internet Explorer's Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Filter can help prevent one website from adding script code to another website. XSS Filter watches how websites interact, and when it recognizes a potential attack, it will automatically block script code from running. When this happens, you will see a message in the Information bar letting you know that the webpage was modified to help protect your privacy and security.

  7. Hoping the Bravo Train never ends though???? Pahlease! It's the other women on the show hoping that! I give NeNe BIG props for standing on her own and not having her hand out from a man like KIM and Sherray. NeNe has been the same since the show began! Loud and all….but always REAL!!! The ladies on that show are only friends with whomever they can benefit from! NeNe on the other hand doesn't need them so she doesn't have a problem getting away from them! Tired of everyone making NeNe out to be the enemy when she's moving on up SOLO!

  8. Again, you would benefit from a reading comprehension course. Try reading that comment again. No one said Nene was sitting around waiting for the Bravo train to end. In fact, the commenter stated quite the opposite.

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