It’s Story Time With Sheree Whitfield

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I don’t usually blog about the RHOA blogs here, because I find blogging about another blog kind of strange, but sense it is where the housewives get to respond to us, and the episodes, sometimes it is necessary. This is one of those times. Sheree has not blogged in several episodes. Finally, we find out what has kept her so busy. Apparently, she has been busy reading my blog. I know that Nene Leakes was thrilled by my Chateau Sheree post that as been reblogged all over the Internet. Apparently, Sheree was not.  Let’s look at what she says.

My apologies to you all for not blogging over the last few weeks. I have been extremely busy with the construction of my new home and numerous other business opportunities. I’m in the process of working on some really great things that you all will love. The home building process requires a huge amount patience, planning, meetings, and self-control. People warned me that building a new home would be not only a huge headache but a slow detailed process, because contractors like to move at their own pace. To clear things up, Andrew is not my builder. He is someone that did some work for me in my clothing boutique years ago. We ran into each other when I began this project. I hired him to oversee the day to day progress when I am out of reach. Another story that I will go into later! 

So he was a handyman at your clothing boutique? According to your divorce documents, your own attorneys stated that you managed a clothing store, Bella Azu, that failed under your management and went out of business.  What exactly does a fake architect do on a commercial rental property for a small clothing store?  Where did you happen to just run into such a gem of  guy just in time for this project? I can’t wait to hear more stories. I love a good Bravo made-up for TV story.
See that blue link below that says there is way more tea after the jump? Click on that FOR THE REST OF THE STORY CLASS…
Sheree is still mad at Nene. She sort of has a reason to be, but kettle, please stop calling the pot African-American.  Check what she says about Nene.

The Miami scene seemed strange to me. The house they toured was beautiful and in an ideal location. Miami is a pleasant place when the weather is nice. It would be a pleasure to have NeNe relocate there, but let’s wait and see if a purchase is made in the end. If so, I hope she remembers to put some furniture in there, art work on the walls, and books on the shelves, because she forgot to do that in the place she currently rents. This woman is delirious.

Yes, Sheree. One could be considered delusional if they thought that they were buying a nine million dollar home in Miami on a Bravo paycheck. But building a house with a skating rink and a “liberry” while your wages are being garnished and you have the worst credit rating known to man is also delusional.
Sheree goes on to say she loves Kim (and Kroy) and Phaedra and her funny one-liners. Her comments about Kandi are a bit odd about her “dealing with turning 35 and not having a man”. REALLY  Sheree?  How old are you? And where is that cross-eyed guy you decided to marry these days? And then, finally Cynthia.  She has A LOT to say about Cynthia.

She stated that the only thing she knows about me is that, “I lost a house, I lost a car, and I lost a man.” Well let me educate you, darling, because obviously ignorance is bliss. I have never, ever lost a house, nor was I repeatedly evicted from several houses (that was your girl).

Yes, yes you were dear. You remember when it was all over the local news that not only did you get evicted but you stole all the light fixtures and appliances and then filed a police report on your “friend”.

Cynthia said you lost your car. You did lose your car. You took money that was owed to your lawyers and private investigators  BECAUSE YOU FOUGHT YOUR DIVORCE ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPREME COURT OF GEORGIA  and chose to go spend it on a car you could not afford. So the car was taken from you. It’s a good thing for your KIDS that you still have the 2006 Range Rover because you couldn’t really cart them around in the Aston Martin even if it had not been seized by the courts to pay your bills. How delusional can you be, Sheree?

Lastly, losing a man? (snipped for brevity)  Now fortunately for me, I know my self-worth! I know what I deserve and what I will and will not put up with. And because of this, I left a man! Let’s get it straight. I decided to seek a divorce because I refuse to be in an unhealthy relationship. I believe in myself, my kids, and our happiness, and we deserved much better. Besides, being in an unhealthy relationship can lead to really dark eye circles, large bags, balding, and not to mention extreme low self-esteem. Honey, I don’t have time for any of that!

Oh, Sheree. Not only did Butt Head Bob divorce you. You kicked and screamed for YEARS trying to stop the divorce.  You even refused to move out of the home, so Butt Head Bob let the house go into foreclosure rather than continue to pay for the house against the terms of the divorce. Never in the history of divorce has one woman held on to one cross-eyed man as long as you did.  I suggest you ask whoever helps you write your blog  to assist you in looking up ‘self-worth’ and ‘self-esteem’.  I don’t think those words mean what you think they do, bless your heart.

Can y’all believe Sheree has the nerve to keep on blogging about her lies? Wouldn’t you think she would just say that things with the house were not working out?  Clearly she is reading my blog though and knows that we know that ole Andrew is just another  scammer that she is such a magnet for. 
Leave me some comments!

Photo Credit: Bravotv

 I did have a car that was paid in full seized, which probably cost the amount of your home. Please don’t get that confused with a repossession (again that was your girl). However, luckily for me, I had another car I could fall back on. Don’t you and Peter share a car? I would hate to have to drop someone off or wait for someone to be done to move forward with their day. I love my independence and my freedom to move about, thank God for my other car.


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47 responses to “It’s Story Time With Sheree Whitfield

  1. I love reading your posts Tamara, this Sheree broad needs to get a damn job and keep it moving.

  2. Cynthia talking about loaning Peter $40,000 but they share a car? Blasphemous!!

  3. Sheree should just change her name to delusional. Baby girl, the only reason the car was paid in full was because YOU DIDN'T PAY YOUR ATTORNEYS!!! An attorneys lien, mortgages, posessory liens, and mechanics liens take precedence over EVERYTHING including the Federal Government – heck if I stopped paying my mortgage I could probably afford a lot more too.Great post as usual Tamara…..I've been hooked on this site for about 3 weeks now…I've enjoyed my stay thus far.

  4. I heard that Sheree' & her kids share a bus pass. At the rate she is spending money she doesn't have, she will soon be living in #OccupyAtlanta. NJB

  5. Sheree is always talking about/ always in someone's business. So what Peter and Cynthia share a car. So what Phaedra married a VERY fine excon. Didn't you, Sheree Fuller, went to jail too? Back home? Faker than a $3 bill.

  6. I wonder why Sheree's house is such as big deal to you Tamara? Who does it hurt and do you care so much? Sheree is still raking in her 6 figures a season to do this show while everyone else is in her business for free….Personally, I think she's doing well.

  7. OMG, Sheree is that you above me?? ^^^^^^^^^^Girl hush…

  8. I love getting the "scoop" or in this case the TRUTH! I heard about from a friend and bookmarked it (read here daily with my first cup of coffee.) Thank you for this AHSUM blog and . . . I'll go back to lurking.

  9. I realize this blog has been heavy on the Sheree Whitfied drama lately, and it is nothing personal about Sheree. It's more about trying to get the truth about Atlanta, and these women who are supposed to be representing the city out there. It appears every single storyline about Sheree is fake and that is why she gets the brunt of it. I started out airing some stuff about Nene, since then, Nene has done some really cool stuff that is a joy to report on, so she is getting more positive press here. The truth is the truth and serving up the true tea is what I do. Sorry, Sheree. But thanks for mention my blog tea on your Bravo blog! That was awesome!

  10. I too have been lurking for couple weeks and actually find myself getting upset when Tamara takes too long to post a new blog.. But anyhoo on to Ms Sheree as someone else mentioned so what if Cyn and Peter share a car? That's why Bob left her behind too superficial.

  11. I like to criticize these gals as much as the next, but why do people always say XXX housewife needs to get a job! This IS their job! They make six figures and you're watching it. Say what you will about the woman, but she WORKS. Hello? What do you think you're watching? Charity?

  12. vp

    Forgot to sign above vp as well….OH and I like to give Sheree a little bit more credit about being a money grubber now that I know she hasn't raised a stink about not receiving child support in 4 years and hasn't put Bob in jail. That counts for something. She has a heart. How do y'all explain the golddiggin' theory after learning all that?

  13. She could try to get child support….but just like he let the house go into foreclosure he would claim that he was broke…she would have to prove it…that takes money, PI's and lawyers….She didn't even pay her divorce attorney….what lawyer was gonna take her child support case after that?

  14. And just to add to the comment I made at 4:28..most normal people go and get another part time job if their main job can't sustain the lifestyle to which they are accustomed..or they downsize.Not only that, but most really successful celebrities don't do just one thing…….they have other business ventures and make smart investments like Jay Z or Will Smith…the ones who paint themselves in a corner and only sing without writing or producing their own songs, or act without becoming a director of executive producer will take longer to make the big bucks or will be more likely to file bankruptcy ala Toni Braxton. I'm not counting her money, but if she wants an 8,000 sq ft Chateau with all of the amenities she said she wanted then just being on Bravo isn't gonna cut it. Ms Sheree be smart and find something to do THAT YOU ARE GOOD AT… don't have the know how to start a clothing line nor the capital to bring somebody reputable in to help. P Diddy isn't a designer, but he's worth $500 million dollars – he can hire the right people.And my rant is officially over :-)

  15. Again Tamara, who made you the God of "exposing Sheree" and others in ATL that are fake? So what? If her storyline is fake, Bravo seems to like it and are paying her over 300K a year to be fake – chile I'd be fake as a $3 bill for that salary – all day, every day. Like I said we're the ones judging and watching this mess and aren't being paid and Sheree and the other girls are, so with that being said continue to dwell on Sheree's fakeness while she rakes in her 6 figures a year, plus free trips courtesy of Bravo.

  16. re·al·i·ty   [ree-al-i-tee] Show IPAnoun, plural re·al·i·ties for 3, 5–7.1.the state or quality of being real.2.resemblance to what is real.3.a real thing or fact.4.real things, facts, or events taken as a whole; state of affairs: the reality of the business world; vacationing to escape reality.5.Philosophy .a.something that exists independently of ideas concerning it.b.something that exists independently of all other things and from which all other things derive.

  17. Color me clueless, but isn't "exposing the truth" and "dishing dirt" what one does on a gossip blog? I mean the name of the website is Tamara Tattles…what else is she supposed to do? Do you really expect to come to this blog to see something other than what you see?

  18. Sheree gets 10K an episode. There were 18 this season which is two more than usual plus two reunion shows. Which brings her salary up this year to 200K. That's before taxes. Also some creditors are still trying to garnish her wages for debt they are owed. In Addition,the rent that Bravo pays for her to have a place to live is also deducted. The way she spends she doesn't have two dimes to rub together.

  19. She's fighting with NeNe so I like her. I don't care if she can pay her bills.

  20. Sheree claims she left Bob because he wasn't treating her right…but weren't they together for like 12 years before they even got married? What happened? He treated her like a queen all that time and then all of the sudden he starts doing her wrong? Yeah right. And anyone who thinks Sheree is making bank from this show is just as delusional as she is. $200k might be a lot to you and me, but it's not enough to keep up the lifestyle she's trying to live.

  21. Sheree is correct. Andrew is not the "builder" but his firm's name is clearly on the blue print as the designer. The blue print does show the house being designed as "Whitfield Residence".And, according to the builder. The house is being built to be sold. The seller to contact being Thelma.

  22. Truly amazing that soooooo many people have nothing else to do but research the ins and outs of Sheree Whitfield's life, husband, divorce settlement, Bravo salary, house, car, rent situation, business endeavors, etc. and not ever really supplying proof to back up their claims… It is RUMORED that bravo pays her rent. RUMORED that she only gets paid 10k an episode because according to other blogs they get paid 300k a season. Sure her divorce settlement is public info and her judgement on her car is too – and so what her house is being built in her mother's name? The chick has other property that she won in her settlement….but at the end of the day why does HER life offend so many nobodys???? Why don't you give us some inside production info instead of telling us shit about Sheree that doesn't even matter? Because at the end of the day she's on the show and getting paid while all these lame people continue to talk about her – FOR FREE!

  23. Welcome back Sheree! Thanks for being a loyal reader. Did you hear Nene is on GLEE? Have fun at your party in Houston tomorrow. Tweet me the inside scoop!

  24. Will do my dear Tamara – getting paid while you and your lame readers continue to write about me and what you THINK you know— FOR FREE!!!!!

  25. Hilarious! Sheree is on here wildin' out!! Thin skinned much? If you can't take the heat, get outta Bravo's kitchen you shallow wreck of a woman!

  26. The lengths some people will go through. Sheree actually believes this ish she writes. She is a mess as are most of them but she's different. I think she really believes she is better than others. If I had the issues some of these women have or had, damn if I would be throwing stones.

  27. I stumbled upon this blog, when reading reality tea. It is really hilarious to me that Sheree is taking time out of her day to respond,There must be some truth to the reports?I actually like your character on the show,but I would like to see you have a better storyline next year.. I really think you should focus on the fitness-weight loss industry, I honestly think you would be sucessful.There is so much money in the weight loss industry.No shade Sheree, I'm just saying it like I mean it.

  28. Pam

    The bloop bloop made me RL lol. Thank you, whoever you are.

  29. LOL Hey Nene. I am really starting to… um…this is hard for me so admit… like your black ass. :) Thanks for stopping by.I actually have another bit of gossip about what you are up to in the works and it's good too! I'm glad you are able to able to fly above as Kandi's song says. It says a lot that everyone is talking about "characters on a show" with regard to the Housewives. I really wasn't trying to hurt Sheree. There are lots of famous people with no education and nothing spectacular about them that get 15 minutes of fame. That was Andy Warhol's whole point. Nene, as much as I hate to admit it has something and Bravo gave her the launching point, and Glee gave her the chance to operate out from under a character that makes her the villain. I wish her the best in her blossoming career.

  30. I am LOVING this. Thanks Tamara, Sheree and Nene!

  31. Good good good, we need a show on bravo…..The Real Tea

  32. Holy crap, Tamara. I'm just stopping by to read your stuff. I don't even watch RHWOA or whatever it's called. I DID love Nene on The Apprentice, though. P.S. This is Lillian, your birthday buddy.

  33. I think Sheree is kind of pathetic. Shes fake. Shes jealous and obsessed with Nene. She said she was a grown woman, but what grown woman gets into an argument and focuses on stuff like the person had to get dental work and they used to not be able to afford name brand clothes. What was Sherees income before she married Bob for his money?

  34. First, I love this blog. Second, I love RHOA. I don't live in ATL, but don't live too too far away. My friends in ATL are more Junior League than HW….but I LOVE this show and I LOVE Nene. It's clear to anyone with 2 brain cells that most of this stuff is fake…..the fakest of all is Sheree. Almost feel sad for her….but hey, she's getting a Bravo check….but fake story lines like hers are tiresome.

  35. Tamara, how long have you been blogging? This is GOOD because it is ON POINT. You must know someone in the know. LMAO at Sheree's frontin ass coming on here pretending to be someone else and then actually admitting it was actually her. Now if she would just admit that Bob actually has his kids more than she does instead of running that same tired ass "he doesn't spend time with them/ he doesn't act like a father to them" lie into the ground. It is simply not true. I don't think he pays child support but is probably pissed because she messed up so much money refusing to leave a million dollar home as he watched it go into foreclosure. She is a damn fool and is really too old to be out here living beyond her means. RHOA will not go on forever. And although she has a nice body, her face is aging and captain save a hoe doesn't strike twice.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Found your site recently and find it to be very enjoyable. I just love the good dirt you dig up on the Housewives when they are fronting. I am aware that you are concerned about other bloggers just feeling free to steal your copy and not give you credit.I think you can stop that or at least minimize it with a bigger more detailed disclaimer prominently placed on every page of your posts. Information is in the public domain and you need to be in copywrite mode to protect it.You might want to do something like this on your site to protect your content (love your putting a watermark on your photos, continue to do it but make the watermark more legible and clear and have it state your blog name on it. This way anyone who choses to steal it has to give you the credit since your name is plasted, this is very common."Be advised that all content including but not limited to all posts, pictures, videos, commentary and interviews etc. to this site ad infinitum are the exclusive property of “TamaraTattles™” and its owner. Do not reproduce or use content for any purpose without the explicit permission of TamaraTattles™.©2011 TamaraTattles™"

  38. I gotta give Sheree some credit – she is raising those kids mostly by herself because cockeyed Bob is a deadbeat. It seems to me he is not involved emotionally or financially with his children. I can relate to Sheree because I was in the same situation and worked my butt off to raise my two sons. So I cant go hard on Sheree, I gotta give her a pass.

  39. Tamara….I'm waiting for your to mention a few things we got to see in tonights episode – uh, on the Sheree train, that is. Particularly, how she seems to think that Phaedra (or whomever represents her) is not only an attorney but a magician; why Sheree decided to buy a new Porsche just before appearing in court; how in three seasons she went from a huge home, to a modest townhouse, to what appears to be a very small apartment. Oh OH OH, and lest we forget how Phaedra's staff had to chase Sheree around town to get paid!!!! (These Housewives are my guilty pleasure!!!)

  40. ^^^ LMAO Phaedra wore her out when she knocked on her door "WHO'S CAR IS THAT?" With Sheree lyin ass..You're in an apartment (and your son sleeps on the floor) but you buy a Porsche? and you expect anyone to believe that it's yours? You wear this same Birkin every time smh…her priorities are fucked….so its stupid of her either way…If she rented the car, she looks stupid. If she actually bought the car, she looks even more stupid.

  41. That's not a birkin. Real birkin's don't slouched like hers was looking all sad on the floor. #imjustsayin

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