Nene Leakes Still Shooting Glee

Before heading off to shoot Glee today, Nene stopped by The Talk.  Nene talked about how very nice she is and about how very rich she is and seemed to upset Sharon with her admission that she called Latoya Jackson “Casper” while on Celebrity Apprentice.  I have never seen anyone milk a “celebrity” appearance as much as Nene milks her stint on Celebrity Apprentice.  But what doesn’t show up in this picture as much is Nene’s skin tone. I don’t know if she was already in makeup for the Glee shots but she was a weird dark color not found in nature. Also he teeth we SO VERY WHITE. I dunno maybe it was my TV.

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Today’s shots for Glee were all indoors at a pool with a closed set so my source didn’t get to see much. From what I hear, Nene has been very well-behaved on the site and not causing any problems. People on set seem to genuinely like her. This morning WHEN MY INTERNET WAS ACTUALLY WORKING the skeevy website was linking to this picture. That link has been removed which MIGHT mean that someone actually snapped a shot. This morning I figured it was their ususal crap. BUT see how dark she is here? And don’t those look like the same earrings from The Talk?
Since Nene’s character, Roz Washington, is a synchronized swimming coach, (inset racial stereotype here) I am not sure how much more info will be forthcoming. I do know that Nene auditioned for the role which was advertised as a role for a “well-known comedic actress in her 30s-40s”.  I can only imagine how many people she beat out for this role. What I don’t get is how this all fits into the Grease theme. I’ve heard that Mercedes and Sam sing
Maybe I AM being sold up the river. But for some reason, I really believe it. Look at that picture, I mean have you ever seen Nene in flats let alone sneakers?  I am suspect about her getting along with the cast. Maybe she is my source! lol.

A huge shout out to they contacted me today asking for verification of the story and for permission to link. I love a website that tries their best to verify facts and give credit to sources.

In other news, this site  decide to just post my post as their own. please go let them know what you think about that.

So what do you think? Do I have the biggest scoop EVER! Or will I have to post an embarrassed retraction soon?


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  1. Hi, stumbled across your site the other day. Love it and wanted to share a suggestion for how you might better protect yourself against poachers. I noticed you do not have a disclaimer on your site that you own the material. Also just as an FYI disabling the right click function on pictures doesn't stop someone from copying them anyway. Windows 7 can capture a screen shot of anything and can convert to any file extension for editing purposes. Suggest you use a water mark like you did on other pictures but make it a watermark that distinctly shows your site name. Tag the photo in spot that no one would want to crop out. This way for those who continue to steal your photos will have no choice but to "advertise" your site name. Here is some suggested wording you might use to better protect yourself. Obviously feel free to listen to my advice or not and make any changes to comments below should you choose to go in that direction. Good luck and I will spread the word about your blog to my reality tv buddies.Be advised that all content including but not limited to all posts, pictures, videos, commentary and interviews etc. to this site ad infinitum are the exclusive property of “TamaraTattles™” and its owner. Do not reproduce or use content for any purpose without the explicit permission of TamaraTattles™.©2011 TamaraTattles™

  2. Thanks, there has always been a legal statement here. I do plan to take action against even though their WORLD EXCLUSIVE was my last week's news. Their attitude just irks me. Not only did they jack my post they then said that if anyone else posted the info they must be credited. Are you kidding me? I am bored and have a legal team. I'm just saying.

  3. Ivy

    Regarding NeNe's skin color, I've noticed this, too. She's getting lighter, and furthermore the tone is suspiciously EVEN. Almost as though it's been spray-painted on. :]

  4. Nene's RICH enough to have a decent stylist. However, apparently…she does not. Didn't I read somewhere that she prefers to do her own makeup? Would make sense – girl doesn't have a lick of style about her.WD

  5. What does NeNe's skin color have to do with the price of tea in China?

  6. If you watch her on The Talk you will see that she was suddenly some weird funky color. It looked like someone had taken Old English furniture polish and rubbed her down with it. She was a lot darker than her natural color. I assume this is for the Glee episode.

  7. Ivy

    When someone's skin color jumps from mahogany brown to medium beige, like it or not, it's going to attract some attention. It's like getting a nose job and hoping no one will notice.

  8. Ivy

    Oh, by the way, Tamara, I love your blog. :)

  9. I saw her on The Talk yesterday. She didn't mention anything about being on Glee. The conversation was mainly about RHoA and herself.

  10. I saw that on mediatakeout. Me no likey.

  11. Nene is back home in Atlanta and very quiet. The Glee filming schedule is usually pretty brutal so I bet she is worn out!


  13. I am all for anyone making it in such a brutal backstabbing industry. If you don't believe in yourself-Who will? Go NENE!!!

  14. I don't get it! The same old crab-syndrom. Kim gets a spin-off for what? All the sisters ponce on NeNe while the only white women on the black show is rewarded. Once NeNe is gone the show ends.

  15. I agree. Go get yours NeNe Leaks…Worry not about them hatin Atlanta housewives and congratulations, you didn't have to latch onto someone to get yours, you went out and got it for yourself. Now I ain't sayin she's a golddigger….

  16. oh well she is another woman trying to make a living. even if she leaves rhoa thats good. she does not make the show. she is quite stupid on the show.america loves stupdity,so therefore shes loved. the other women will carry the show sheree is stepping up to the next stupid role. watch and see. shes a clown too.

  17. what would we be in store for with the other women? Group sex or maybe Kandi with a dildo up Phadra's donkey a**. The show will be the Freaky Atlanta Housewives.

  18. With everyone blogging nowadays… does it really matter who stole what from where.. IT'S GOSSIP… I mean… if you had an exclusive, then that would be very different… IJS I felt that some of your comments are a little one-sided… like you're judging NeNe.. and kind of hating a lil bit… TEAM NENE.. she's the only REAL HW on the show.. so… and furthermore.. the only reason why i clicked on this blog is because her name was tagged… sounds like there is some slight hatorade sipping goin' on here… Hiyah Hater… in my NeNe Leakes voice.. hahahahaha

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