Guess What Nene Leakes is Filming?

It’s a rainy day in Georgia so I was lazing around a bit before sorting through the tea this morning. But boy was that a bad idea. I have the scoop on what Nene Leakes is up to out in LA and y’all are not going to believe this! She is shooting an episode of…….

Photo Credit: GSI/Barcroft Media

Glee! Nene will be playing Roz Washington, a swim coach! It seems that Chord Overstreet’s character, Sam, joins a synchronized swim team to try and get Mercedes back. But really we all know the real point is to get Chord Overstreet in a speedo. Nene will be wearing a track suit for her appearances which are rather substantial. Nene is reportedly getting along well with everyone on the set but spends most of her time with Chris Colfer.

Also, this episode of Glee is rumored to be the much awaited Grease episode. The guys were seen recreating the famous bleacher scene yesterday.

Wow, if this is true, that is a HUGE deal for Nene. Congratulations Miss Leakes!  How is that for some early morning, tea!


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24 responses to “Guess What Nene Leakes is Filming?

  1. Pam

    Congrats to NeNe! She has that star potential and I hope it makes her Rich! Well, Richer.

  2. vp

    Whoa! That is a big GET! Way to go!

  3. Ugh, I was hoping she's fall into obscurity at some point. Oh well, I'll continue to dream.

  4. at least substantial appearances will be true to life

  5. Maybe DJ Tracy could give her some pointers for this role.

  6. Ok, I could have done without this tib bit of news.

  7. This could be the episode Glee jumps the shark :)

  8. good. I don't watch Glee anyway.

  9. I think the episode is called – Titanic II

  10. I am looking forward to seeing Nene in Glee. She is a very talented. I hope she does well and this experience leads to many more opportunities for her

  11. Where precisely has Nene showcased these… talents of hers? If said talent was being rude, loud, in your face? Yeah, Nene's got that on lock, but acting talent? Am I missing something?

  12. seems some angry and upset readers that this woman keeps getting a job. Keep talking about NENE as she is continuing to get paid

  13. I'm sure she'll turn something into a fight scene/shouting match :Dfpf

  14. LMAO. It seems Phaedra is busy posting away.All them years in school and still playing second fiddle. Maybe one day you will pay them loans off girl

  15. I don't watch Glee, good place for her.

  16. I don't like NeNe but I do respect her hustle. It's pretty interesting that NeNe was able to get a role on a popular show but Sheree (the one who wanted to become an actress) has yet to do anything besides that bit part on The Game last year.

  17. I'm all for reality stars going "legit". Beats embarassing yourself on tv every week!

  18. Good Job NeNe. I know now why those haters on the RHOA are so jealous of your success. Kim and Sheree are the most envious. I love you and I'll be watching anything that is NeNe. My whole family's a big fan even my mom, who hates everyone but she say's she can really relate to you the most were from chicago so we know what's real.

  19. I am usually a Nene "hater' but if the girl managed to get cast on Glee? I have newfound respect. I must say. That is HUGE! So many stars offer to work on Glee for free and get turned down.I got to give her props for this. Plus word is she is behaving on the set and getting along well with the cast! Imagine that!

  20. If the character is a loud, pushy, rude woman – Nene will do great. Good for her for makin' bank on her unique (cough) personality. I hope you remind us when to tune in since I'm not a 'Glee' person.WD

  21. Read it and weep you NeNe haters. Once again whaat God has in store for you man can't take it away. NeNe if they are not taking about you, you AINT doing nothing girl. Your CHARACTER as a so called in your face "loud mouth" is paying dividends. You did it well and a lot of these fools took it as real. Now that's acting, go get paid. I'll be watching hope it is true the role might be permanent.

  22. Ivy

    Are you expecting us to believe that in "real life," Nene Leakes is a fragile, demure, waif-like little flower? That she's Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's," which seems to be the image she's been desperately trying to push lately? Well, okey-doke, then.

  23. Ivy

    So she should be off RHOA very soon, right? 😀

    • Patti R.

      I know Nene is shaking in her boots/hooker shoes. Assuredly there will be others who outshine her. And, of course, she will be jealous once again. She will be ticked off at someone soon. That loud mouth and attitude she has will eventually show up once again. I was a fan of Nene’s, but, no longer. I wouldn’t want anyone around me that has stolen anything, allegedly. Bring me “clean” people to surround me. Of course she seems to feel entitled.

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